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We're Music Nerds Of Another Kind!

🎶 Here at ML, we’re specialists in music 🎶 

So much so that we practically live and breathe the stuff. And we’re not bias either. Just as we’re hardcore Hip Hop and Rock fans, we’re also nutty about orchestral arrangements and occasionally indulge in the high-pitched symphonies of Pavarotti.

As a business then, our mission is simple. Serve you the finest, most accurate & well-researched music advice on the internet (with the odd opinion thrown in here and there). Hence why on ML, we focus intently on music from every angle, right from Instruments & Production Tech to the Inner Workings Of The Industry.

Meet Team ML



Instruments Editor



Industry Editor



Production Editor

We’re not shy either…

We enjoy a good chat. So if you want to know more about our background, experience & attitude towards music, jump into the FAQs below…

Let’s be fair, we all have our differences… & arguments. However, despite the age gap, this is the one thing we all agree on.

All 3 of us – from young – aspired to be part of the music industry in one way or another; it’s in our blood.

Trixy spent her childhood playing instruments, only to become obsessed with how they work. Jay spent his teenage years obsessed with movies & now produces soundtracks. And I (Roland) grew up listening to 80s Hip Hop, dreaming of working alongside my favourite artists. Management & A&R was my calling.

So while we’re all fascinated by different areas of music, it turns out we were all turned on by the same thing.

In 1 word – misinformation.

With all our extensive industry experience (over 40 years combined), we know what the truth looks like, & the trouble is when we browse the web, we just don’t see it. Everyone’s trying to sell you something by reciting little more than surface details. There’s a real lack of depth out there.

So really, the purpose of Music Lowdown is to fill that void – & become the most reliable, well-researched & insightful source of music advice on the internet. In other words, the ONLY website you need to visit to better yourself musically, be that to do with instruments, production or the industry itself.

That’s right – before writing for ML, I was an A&R for an international label.

Easily one of my best career moves, as it enabled me to build steadfast relationships with some of the most influential figures in the industry, as well as gain an insight into all parts of the music creation process.

Everything from production & marketing to finances & legal matters, I’ve seen (& dealt with) first hand. & it’s this juicy insider knowledge that allows me to give you clear accurate advice, as well as open your eyes to how the industry works… from the inside.

Read my articles & you should have the know-how to: (A) avoid the majority of industry traps, (B) safeguard your IP, (C) spend your budget wisely & (D) negotiate the best possible deal.

After I graduated Berklee (over 8 years ago), I launched my career as a music teacher & ever since, I’ve never looked back.

As an open & easygoing person with a love for music, teaching just felt right. My first experience as a tutor was working with a local infant school to teach recorder; a couple of years after, I was head of music & later transferred to be a freelance tutor at a specialist school for the arts.

It’s at institutions like these that you realise just how different each student is! & that’s what I like about writing for ML. It gives me another opportunity to tutor another entirely new audience & spread what I know, to the masses.

Something that in today’s highly-computerised world we SO desperately need.

Movies… 100%

Growing up in the 90s (the Era of Dolby Digital) action films were a HUGE part of my childhood. So while other kids were going cycling or playing field sports, I was curled up in-front of the DVD player or necking popcorn at the local cinema.

It was only when I graduated film school & started as a runner for a movie studio, that I realised it was music that’d kept me on the edge of my seat all those years. Rob your favourite movie of its soundtrack & I guarantee you’ll get what I mean. Cinematic music says so much!

Hence why I’m now writing for ML, alongside forging a career as a music producer for film.

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