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Best Accordion Straps 2024? 10+ To Keep Your Accordion Safe!!

How do I choose an accordion strap? Which accordion strap is longer? We reveal all...

Any serious accordion players need to be aware of the best accordion straps. No ‘ifs’ – no ‘buts’!

We say so because your while on the surface your accordion straps may seem like an extravagant accessory, they’re actually anything but.

Play your accordion on the move & these straps will be essential to how steady you can keep it. Something that could easily affect how well you play – important! Combine that with how accordion straps allow you to take your music on the move, & you begin to see just how crucial these so called ‘accessories’ really are. Not to mention the fact that they’re under a LOT of pressure.

And by that we don’t mean that accordions are heavy. They are, but they’re also not cheap! With accordions being such a specialist instrument, their RRP is anything but small. So (as you can probably imagine) suspending a top of the line accordion around your neck with some sub-par accordion straps, is really just asking for trouble. So to help you ensure your accordion is safe & secure, we’ve reviewed the best accordion straps we could find, to make the whole process of buying accordion straps FAR less of a lucky dip!

After somethings specific about accordion strap brands? Or just find yourself asking: “How do I choose an accordion strap?” Use the menu below to find all the info you need at pace…

accordion player walking around playing his instrument

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Having an accordion that’s swinging around your midriff uncontrollably is never a good look.

Besides, when playing accordion both stood up & sat down, you need some form of solid support. Otherwise keying in the right notes & achieving the right pressure is going to be exceedingly hard. So much so that you career as an accordionist may be over before it’s even begun – that’s if you don’t purchase a good set of accordion straps.

Thankfully for you though, you don’t have to spend hours upon end scrolling through websites & buying straps online that you’re not 100% certain about, because we’ve done the legwork for you. All you have to do is read on & we’ll reveal our picks for the best accordion straps that you can buy today…

1: Neotech Original accordion harness (black)

2: Hohner ACC11 accordion harness (red)

accordion straps for sale

3: Ubrand Soft PU Leather accordion straps (brown)

4: D’Luca Padded Accordion Shoulder Straps (black)

5: Neotech Deluxe Accordion Harness (black)

accordion straps being reviewed by a professional

6: Nzxvse Adjustable Accordion Straps (black)

7: Music First accordion straps (black)

8: Hohner ACC4 accordion straps (black)

group of musicians making a song with their percussion instruments

9: Geesatis accordion shoulder straps (black)

10: D’Luca Accordion Shoulder Straps (black/ white)

Give a kid an accordion with standard straps & chances are, it won’t end well.

To ensure the safety of both the accordion & the comfort/ back health of your child, opting for a specific set of child-specific straps is always a good idea. Not only that, but it also make accordions a whole heap easier to play too. The last thing they want when trying the learn the basics, is the instrument swinging around around their midriff.

Exactly why we’d say that treating your little one to a pair of these – the best accordion straps for kids – is never a bad idea…

11: Neotech Junior Deluxe Harness (black)

person pushing in the bellows of an accordion

Not all accordions are the same, so if yours is slightly more hefty than average, upping your strap game may be a wise idea.

Besides, accordions aren’t exactly cheap; the last thing you want is your instrument CRASHing to the floor just because of a snapped strap. And the great thing is, getting this extra strength in an accordion strap doesn’t cost the earth – in fact, for what you get, the upgrade is pretty cheap.

So if you’re in the market for some heavy duty accordion straps, we’d suggest going all out & treating your accordion to a set of these…

12: D’Luca nylon accordion straps (black)

Not everyone has the budget to splash mega £$€ on a pair of accordion straps.

Especially if you’re just starting out as an accordion player & aren’t sure whether you’re going to be taking the instrument up to pro-grade levels. And while you do have to make some sacrifices with cheaper accordion straps, if you’re just looking for a pair to get a feel for what straps are like, then going cheaper shouldn’t be much of an issue.

With that in mind, here’s what we consider to be the best budget accordion straps for beginners…

13: BQLZR Soft PU Leather Accordion Strap (black)

a lady's hands on the keys of an accordion

When it comes to the best accordion straps, (for us) there is 1 clear winner. And that’s…

Neotech Deluxe Accordion Harness – Best Accordion Straps

Reason we say so is because these straps pretty much tick every box.

Aside from being the product of a reliable & well known brand, they’re also incredibly comfy (perks of the Delxue model). That’s because unlike a lot of cheaper accordion straps , the Neotech Deluxe do NOT (as far as we’ve experienced) dig into the tops of your shoulders, even when attached to heavy accordions.

What’s more, being neoprene opposed to PU leather, there’s little risk of them cracking & becoming unsightly too. The most you’d probably have to do in regards to maintenance is stuff them in a pillow case & put them in the wash. Then consider that while they are that bit more expensive than other PU straps, they’re not worlds away either.

At the time of writing this blog, there’s only about a £10-£20 difference between these & a PU alternative. A difference that we’d be very happy to pay, especially considering that these straps are likely to be some of the most long-lasting on this list. Really, it’s no wonder that these straps have a LOT of positive reviews.

As far as the balance of practicality, strength & value, they’re pretty much on the money.

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accordion player adjusting their straps

Or if you’ve still trying to decide what accordion straps are bets for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

When searching for the best accordion strap, the main thing to look out for is a good balance of toughness & comfort.

The last thing you want is a strap that isn’t tough enough & doesn’t feel good to use!! Because not only then do you risk your accordion crashing to the floor (an expensive mistake), but you also have to endure the pain of the strap digging into your shoulders all through practice. A distraction that could very easily hamper your potential to play!

To prevent this, keep an eye on the amount of padding you find on each strap + the level of adjustability they give you over your accordion placement. Besides, the more adjustability you have in the strap, the more flexible you can be when playing your accordion.

Want to learn more about choosing an accordion strap? Check out this article.

Generally, accordion straps are measured in inches, with the average strap-range being between 23 & 49 inches.

However, as anyone who’s played accordion will know, the two straps are both different lengths. So while the left might be 40 inches, the right strap may only be 34. In most cases (because the majority of players are right handed) the left strap tends to be the longest. Although it’s worth noting that for any lefties, this size difference would be reversed.

The right accordion strap is usually the longest – for left handed accordion players this would be the reverse.

The reason behind this simply comes back to playability & the positioning of the accordion. With a shorter straps, you have more room to freely move your hand up & down the keyboard. What’s more, this shorter strap helps you to get the accordion at the right angle so that it’s comfortable (& feels more natural to play.

Have both straps the same length & playing the accordion would be a bit stiff. With the accordion level in front of you, your arms would be stiff & keying in the right notes would be considerably harder as your hand & the accordion’s key would be at right angles… hardly comfy!

Typically, accordion straps come with buckles (much like a belt) which you can adjust to alter the tension & positioning of the accordion.

These are connected to the accordion via small anchoring points, which you should find along the sides of your accordion. When wearing the strap, the padded area usually goes up over your shoulders & stretches down your back. It’s also worth noting that some accordion straps may come in 2 parts for added adjustability!

To learn more about how to fit accordion straps, jump into this useful tutorial…

YouTube video

The tightness of your accordion straps really all comes down to a combination of comfort & stability.

Ask us & you’re after the perfect in between. A setup that enables the accordion to remain stable & allows you to easily key-in notes, while at the same time, doesn’t cut off your blood supply & make the accordion painful to play.

If you’re after optimum comfort then we’d suggest opting for a 2-part strap, as that should enable you maximum adjustability when it comes to positioning. Although at the same time, it’s really up to you when it comes to comfort. Before using a pair of straps, break them in & be sure to try them out in all different positions before deciding on your regular setup.

PRO TIP: Should you buy an accordion strap made of leather, then if you really want the strap that bit tighter, you may even be able to use a belt hole-punching tool to get a slightly more custom fit.

While you can hand-hold an accordion we wouldn’t advise it.

Because not only do straps ensure your (rather expensive) accordion remains safe, but they also give you more control over how you play. Let’s face it, if playing the accordion is a bit of balancing act, your movements are going to be that bit less precise. What’s more, having accordion straps enables you to play comfortably whilst standing. Something you’d seriously struggle to do with no straps at all.

FUN FACT: Accordions aren’t exactly lightweight either, so should you choose not to invest in the best accordion straps, then you could find your arms getting tired very quickly!