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Best Accordion Straps 2022? 13 To Keep Your Accordion Safe!!

How do I choose an accordion strap? Which accordion strap is longer? We reveal all...

Any serious accordion players need to be aware of the best accordion straps. No ‘ifs’ – no ‘buts’!

We say so because your while on the surface your accordion straps may seem like an extravagant accessory, they’re actually anything but.

Play your accordion on the move & these straps will be essential to how steady you can keep it. Something that could easily affect how well you play – important! Combine that with how accordion straps allow you to take your music on the move, & you begin to see just how crucial these so called ‘accessories’ really are. Not to mention the fact that they’re under a LOT of pressure.

And by that we don’t mean that accordions are heavy. They are, but they’re also not cheap! With accordions being such a specialist instrument, their RRP is anything but small. So (as you can probably imagine) suspending a top of the line accordion around your neck with some sub-par accordion straps, is really just asking for trouble.

Not that you have to fall victim to it though. Read on & we’ll divulge the best accordion straps for sale today + give you pointers on which to buy.

After somethings specific about accordion strap brands? Or just find yourself asking: “How do I choose an accordion strap?” Use the menu below to find all the info you need at pace…


The best accordion straps @ a glance…

13 of the best accordion straps you can buy

1: Neotech Original accordion harness (black)

2: Hohner ACC11 accordion harness (red)

3: Ubrand Soft PU Leather accordion straps (brown)

4: D’Luca Padded Accordion Shoulder Straps (black)

5: Neotech Deluxe Accordion Harness (black)

6: Nzxvse Adjustable Accordion Straps (black)

7: Music First accordion straps (black)

8: Hohner ACC4 accordion straps (black)

9: Geesatis accordion shoulder straps (black)

10: D’Luca Accordion Shoulder Straps (black/ white)

Best accordion straps for kids…

11: Neotech Junior Deluxe Harness (black)

Got a weighty accordion? Here’s the best heavyweight accordion strap…

12: D’Luca nylon accordion straps (black)

Cheap accordion straps that’re ideal for beginners…

13: BQLZR Soft PU Leather Accordion Strap (black)

Which accordion straps are the best? Our editor’s choice 

When it comes to the best accordion straps, (for us) there is 1 clear winner. And that’s…

Latest Price!

Reason we say so is because these straps pretty much tick every box.

Aside from being the product of a reliable & well known brand, they’re also incredibly comfy (perks of the Delxue model). That’s because unlike a lot of cheaper accordion straps , the Neotech Deluxe do NOT (as far as we’ve experienced) dig into the tops of your shoulders, even when attached to heavy accordions.

What’s more, being neoprene opposed to PU leather, there’s little risk of them cracking & becoming unsightly too. The most you’d probably have to do in regards to maintenance is stuff them in a pillow case & put them in the wash. Then consider that while they are that bit more expensive than other PU straps, they’re not worlds away either.

At the time of writing this blog, there’s only about a £10-£20 difference between these & a PU alternative. A difference that we’d be very happy to pay, especially considering that these straps are likely to be some of the most long-lasting on this list. Really, it’s no wonder that these straps have a LOT of positive reviews.

As far as the balance of practicality, strength & value, they’re pretty much on the money.

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Or if you’ve still trying to decide what accordion straps are bets for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

The lowdown on everything accordion straps

When searching for the best accordion strap, look for the size, toughness, and comfort of the strap. You would want your strap to be comfortable during those long practice sessions and be strong enough to hold the instrument’s weight and the pressure of the instrument playing. 

You would also want to look for adjustable straps to change the length whenever you need to. If you are also conscious about how the strap will appear, you should consider the style and design. Finally, for the best experience with accordion playing, see if you can get your hands on one that is padded to guarantee comfort. 

Want to learn more about choosing an accordion strap? Check out this article.

If you want to replace your old strap and want the measurement for the new one, then take one end as the loose end to get the complete straight length. Once measured, replace the strap with one that is 1/8 of an inch shorter. Accordion straps should be adjustable in the range of 23 to 49 inches. 

Your accordion straps are of different lengths! The right shoulder strap is usually longer than the left one. The difference in length is because you are using your right hand to play the instrument. If the strap is longer, you can freely move your hand along the keyboard. 

The left strap is shorter and tighter. This is because the accordion can be kept steady as you play the instrument and move the bellows from side to side. 

The straps come in two halves – a top and a bottom half. The top half is the padded half. You can use an adjustable buckle to connect the two halves. 

The lower half is pulled through the buckle, and the top half’s buckle is placed into the strap hole. You can fit it as per your choice. 

To get a detailed step-by-step visual, you can look up tutorials on YouTube. 

Your straps should be sufficiently tight to avoid shifting around the instrument and consequently audible impedance of the music. However, it shouldn’t be so tight and hinder your reach to the bass side. You should be able to reach all the buttons easily. It should be adjusted so that it touches slightly on the left leg and does not hang loosely from your body. 

You do need straps if you are playing accordion and want to do it with stability and grace. Also, whether you are standing or seated, you will need the straps to maintain the correct position of the instrument.