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Best Audio Mixer 2024? Here’s 10+ Ways To Master Your Mix!!

Do mixers affect audio quality? How do you choose an audio mixer? We reveal all...

Getting your hands on the best audio mixer couldn’t be lesser than a blessing, folks! When recording audio that can include melody, sound effects, and spoken words picked up by a mic, an audio mixer is a tool that you can use to alter and mix sound input. 

This phrase is frequently used to refer to software that you may utilise similarly and hardware that is employed in sound recording and mixing. If you seldom record from more than one or two sources of sound, a specialised mixer may not be necessary. The audio recorder, however, is a different matter. This gadget is a must-have if you desire high-quality audio.

Even systematic model mixers may inspire a more hands-on and imaginative approach as you interact directly with your audio files, bouncing portions down while riding faders and EQs. Additionally, many mixers allow users to record straight to an internal disc, doing away with the DAW completely. 

A mixer frequently enables home studio users to manage a bigger volume of recording inputs than a similarly-priced audio interface from a simple cost vs. connectivity viewpoint. So here, we’ll address questions on the top analogue and audio mixers and mixing desks to let you record numerous sources simultaneously. Some people like conventional simplicity, while others use clever techniques to maximize the capabilities of your equipment.

After something specific about the best audio mixer? Or just curious what to look for when buying an audio mixer? Use the menu below to find the answers you need fast…

using a mixer to get possible audio quality

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Tracking down the best audio mixer can prove itself (scratch that) used to prove itself to be quite the task.

Because what with new mixing consoles being introduced every year, it’s often hard to work out where to start. Go on to factor in the recent rise of digital mixers over the past decade, & you’d be forgiven for throwing your head in your hands & giving up.

Not that you should though, because we’ve done 90% of the work for you. All you have to do is read on & we’ll reveal what we consider to be the best audio mixers on sale today…

1: Yamaha MG06X stereo mixer (with effects)

2: G-Mark Professional Audio Mixer

using a mixer to work extra volume into vocals

3: Alesis MultiMix 8 compact audio mixer

4: Mackie Mix8 compact mixer

5: Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB audio mixer

best audio mixer reviews

6: Mackie ProFXv3 professional audio mixer

7: TC Helicon GoXLR 

8: AVerMedia Live Streamer AX310 touch screen mixer

buy an audio mixer

9: Phenyx Pro PTX-15

10: Allen & Heath QU-16C (rack mountable mixer)

11: Pyle Professional audio mixer console

producer with their hand on a audio mixer adjusting their levels of a recording artist

In the case you’re simply seeking a mixer to adjust your levels & fine tune your audio during podcasting, then some audio mixers may actually be overkill! In other words, a small compact mixer with a few master controls & next to no complexities may be all you need.

Good news if so, because in most cases, it makes the process of buying an professional quality audio mixer a whole lot more affordable. Take this podcasting mixer for instance…

12: TC Helicon GoXLR MINI Online Broadcast Mixer

If you’re wanting to mix across various devices or just prefer working with software, then analogue mixers may seem a ‘old hat’ – i.e. restrictive. And it’s in this situation where digital mixers come into their own!

Call them the 21st century answer to audio mixing if you will. The type of mixers that today’s Gen Z producers are likely to gravitate towards + for many, become another way to streamline production. If you’re at all bothered about workflow, then you need to at least consider this – what we consider to be the best digital mixer…

13: Zoom LiveTrak L-20R digital audio mixer 

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the inputs & outputs on an audio mixer

Or, if you’re here purely to learn more about audio mixers, continue reading & we’ll answer even more of your burning questions…

The professional audio mixer, or recording console as it is often known, is a piece of machinery you may use in many settings. Both live events and recording studios employ it. Many mixers are available for us, some of which come from well-known brands. So let’s look at a few top audio mixers available today.

  • Mackie Profx8v2 8-Channel Compact Mixer
  • Allen & Heath Zed-12fx 12-Channel Mixer
  • Yamaha Emx5014c 14-Input Powered Mixer
  • PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2AI Active Integration Digital Mixer

Most of the time, home videos frequently have audio issues. When there is an issue, you often hear sound. Passing your audio via a mixer may instantly fix many of your sound issues, whether it’s distortion brought on by excessively high stereo audio levels or background noises like passing traffic or crowding out conversations. 

You have more control over the sound of your production when you use a mixer in the field or during post-production. You’ll discover that you may significantly improve the audio quality of your video projects by treating your soundtrack the same way you treat your film.

From reviews, Behringer’s reliability was a terrible experience for many individuals. To find a Behringer console that would function for recording this contrast, many people have done investigations. And from our experience, this is consistent with the existing knowledge and observations from witnessing Behringer equipment operating in friends’ homes, workplaces, churches, and schools. 

On the other hand, Mackie has a fantastic reputation for quality and dependability. Every day, a lot of rental properties rely on Mackie for events all over the world. The XLR mic level preamps on the mixer have less noise with the Behringer Xenyx Q1202 USB, but almost all other specifications and features are superior on the Mackie.

A mixer with a DAW might be helpful if you often route audio through external devices or need to increase the audio interface’s I/O capacity. Although, a physical mixer is often not essential when utilizing a DAW. 

You might try mixing on a mechanical mixer if your input has a bunch of additional outputs simply for the tactile feel, but it’s not strictly essential. For a while, we tried utilising a few different mixers using our DAW; however, after upgrading our audio interface to acquire additional I/O, the mixer lost meaning.

Since powered dynamic speakers are available, DJs do not need to worry about owning an amplifier. Each speaker has volume control and is wired up to the mixer. Powered speakers offer a comprehensive option. The inbuilt amplifier power of a powered speaker is indicated by its wattage rating. The inbuilt amplifier power of a driven speaker is indicated by its wattage rating. 

Typically, DJs could go through 400 dancing teenagers at a senior prom with a pair of 500-watt JBL speakers. Powered speakers are wonderful since the volume of each speaker can be adjusted independently of the others, and the DJ doesn’t have to keep an eye on their amplifier the entire time.

In addition to being an essential component of audio recording, mixers are also very costly. You may be wondering how long these problems persist. To be honest, it’s impossible to say how long your setup will survive. 

There are a lot of variables to consider, but with a few simple ideas, you could keep your mixer working for five to 10 years. People frequently forget to maintain their audio equipment. It would be excellent if you had a few cooling fans in your studio because heat is the number one enemy of electronics. If not, your mixer won’t last too long.

The field of audio mixing is enormous and quite interesting. To produce the finest music imaginable, the best musicians worldwide require access to the best engineers and mixers. You’ll need the greatest equipment in your command center, whether utilising a mixer for sound reinforcement or digital mixing. Yamaha and zoom are top competitors when it comes to audio mixers. 

A good audio mixer for on-the-go performances and quick home recordings is the Yamaha MG10XU. It is exceptional in terms of audio quality and the variety of options it provides for audio mixers. Built-in preamps provide mixers with the best possible possibilities of sparkling clean highs and unrestricted low frequencies. Yamaha is no doubt the better option when it comes to quality and features.

You generally don’t need an audio mixer for streaming if you don’t have several audio inputs. An audio recorder is an alternative. An audio mixer can assist you in managing your sound if you want to host a Livestream or present an event with multiple audio sources. Streaming software smoothly integrates with audio mixers. 

You do not need to acquire additional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software if you’re a streamer because those users are more likely to be podcasters and artists. You can simultaneously manage several inputs using an audio mixer. You can adjust the sound and vibrations from your laptop, mobile device, and microphone by plugging them all in.

Want t o know more about how audio mixers can enhance your streaming setup? Jump into this short video…

YouTube video

So how do you pick the best mixer for you from a large number of mixers available? Make a list of your settings to start. Making a checklist will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the possibilities at the last minute. When selecting an audio mixer, ensure it has enough audio inlet and outlet connectors to meet your demands. 

In addition to connectors to recording devices, this can also contain common audio connectors that you can utilise with various musical devices and microphones. Consider an audio mixer including one or more universal serial bus (USB) connections for quick connection to a computer if you want to utilise your mixer with a computer and software. A bundle containing mixer hardware and software is another option you might want to consider.