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Best Banjo Cases 2024: We Found 10+ For Ultimate Protection!!

Which is the best banjo case? Do you need one? Are cheap banjo cases worth it?

SPOILER: There’s banjo cases & then there’s the best banjo cases.

A technicality that on the surface may seem pretty minor, yet the more you look at it, can actually make quite the substantial difference. For any fanatical banjo nut or professional player, a solid case that safeguards the instrument from harm is just common sense. If anything, it’s a necessity.

We say so because just like virtually all stringed instruments, banjos are delicate. Not to mention considerably rarer than your average guitar or ukulele. Something that all translates into a higher RRP, as well as more expensive repair costs. So to ding, chip or just let the condition of your banjo decline due to a lack of protection is just plain irresponsible. Hence why in our eyes a case for a banjo is more of an investment than an expense.

So with that in mind, what should you look for in a banjo case? Are cheap banjo cases any good? We reveal all.

After something specific about how to choose a banjo case? Or just curious what we deem to be the best banjo case you can buy? Dive into the menu below to find all the info you need in a single click…

cases for banjos lined up

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Choosing a banjo case is no laughing matter.

In fact, there’s that many different variations of banjo cases out there that culling them down to just one can turn into quite the task. Something that’s especially true when there’s pros & cons to both gig bags & professional hard-cases. Not that it’s impossible though. 

See we’ve done 90% of the legwork for you & put together a rundown of what we consider to be the best banjo cases on sale today,,,

1: Music First full-size padded banjo case/ gig bag

2: Kala Bnj-C banjo hardcase

man putting a banjo back into its case to keep it protected

3: Moon Embassy 600D water-resistant oxford cloth banjo backpack

4: Deviser padded banjolele case (incl. thick ABS handles)

5: Superior C-267 Trailpak II openback banjo gig bag

the velvet lining of a high quality banjo case

6: Fazley BC-120MC wooden banjo case (mocca coffee)

7: Ashbury standard tenor banjo case

8: TGI 1990 tenor wooden hard-case for banjo

music critics reviewing a selection of the best banjos cases

9: Gator Deluxe moulded ABS banjo case

Not everyone has 3 figures (£$€) to splash on a new banjo case, especially if they’re a learner.

Saying that though, even for a complete beginner a good quality banjo case isn’t off the cards. As surprising as it may sound, not all cheap banjo cases are bad shock-horror). So while they may lack some of the perks you find with more lux cases, they still do a decent job at safeguarding your instrument from damage. 

Speaking of which, here’s what we consider to be the best cheap banjo case for beginners…

10: Stone Case Company STBag-5BJ banjo gig bag

If you’re a complete novice to playing the banjo, then buying a case separately may not actually make much sense.

See, when you buy a banjo these days, a LOT already come with a case included. Now, just to be clear, these types of cases do tend to be of ‘questionable’ quality – hence why the majority of banjo players look to upgrade. However, not all banjos fall into this category. In fact, we think we’ve found a starter banjo that ticks pretty much all the boxes (including coming with a pretty kick-ass case).

So without further ado, here’s the starter banjo that we’d suggest if you’re looking for a decent case to be included as standard…

11: Vangoa 5 string open back banjo beginner kit

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high quality banjo cases that can be strapped to your back

Or if you’ve still trying to decide which is the best banjo case for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

A banjo case should be designed so that when you place an instrument inside it, it is completely secured in its place. The best banjo cases will not be too tight or too loose. Cases with a tight strap will make it difficult for you to secure your instrument. 

Also, loose straps or a case bigger than your banjo’s size will not firmly hold the instrument. If the case makes your banjo wobble, it is not a good fit. When buying the case, you will have to see that the instrument can easily lie inside it without any inconveniences and that you can easily tighten the straps around it.

Some musicians consider going with a banjo case with a universal fit. It may sound convenient, but it’s better to go with a case that has a custom fit to hold your instrument steadily.

Deering banjos do not come in a case. You will have to buy one for yourself. On the Deering website, you will find various hard shell banjo cases and gig bag options. The best option for musicians is a Deering gig bag. 

This bag comes with around 20mm padding, modular sizing pads, and adjustable padded backup straps. The modular sizing pads help accommodate smaller resonators. It will also help you take the instrument with you while traveling.

The top three banjo brands that have made a great name for themselves in the field of genuine musical instruments are:

  • Deering Banjo Company – This brand doesn’t need any introduction. It’s a giant in its field and is famous for selling premium and high-quality banjos. Its basic value line is named Goodtime Banjos. It is a good choice for musicians just starting to learn banjo. Those up for splurging will find the brand’s premium collection great. Its premium lines like the Private Collection, Artist, and Eagle are at the heights of popularity.
  • Gold Tone Banjos – People who want an immaculately built banjo that comes with high-quality sound and an affordable price tag will stop their search at a Gold Tone Banjos shop. The company has been in the business of trading banjo since 1993. Its years of experience are reflected in its craft and the attention to detail it employs while manufacturing the instrument. Its vintage designs make the instrument stand out among the rest. It has a wide range of products for both beginners and advanced players.
  • Recording King – A brand liked by famous musicians and stars like John Fahey, Recording King is a league of its own. Its vintage-style banjo products are heaven for both beginner and experienced players. Its well-crafted products are affordable for beginners to practice their skills with a high-quality instrument. The company produces great instruments for all levels of musicians.

When you’re looking to choose a good banjo case, it’s important that you have a clear idea of what such a thing looks like. After all, if you’re not aware of how to spot a good case when you see it, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up making a ‘not-so-wise’ decision. So to help you get on the right track, here’s 3 characteristics to look for when searching for the best banjo cases…

  • Match with the Size of the Banjo – When buying a banjo case for yourself, ensure that it’s the right fit for your banjo. Its size should be sufficient enough to hold the banjo securely. The case shouldn’t be too big, making your instrument wobble inside it. Neither should it be too tight, making it difficult for you to wrap the straps around the instrument perfectly.
  • Durability – The next thing to see is the quality of the fabric used to make the case. For those musicians who travel frequently, it’s best to have a sturdy case that can withstand the bumps and other roughness of traveling.
  • Affordability – Banjo cases come in great variety. It is good to have a premium product, but spending a lot of money on the cases is not wise if your use is limited. Bear in mind your use & whether you can justify the price.

A banjo may look similar to a guitar, but its design and shape are completely different from the latter. The banjo may not sit well inside a guitar case and wobble if the bag has unoccupied space. It is better to get a case that matches the size of the banjo.

Many US-based, UK-based, and Canadian airlines allow musicians to carry their instruments on an aeroplane if passengers have booked tickets that allow overhead baggage. If there is no space in the plane’s overhead compartment, the airline staff will allow you to keep the bag in the first-class cabin closet. However, for this privilege, you will have to arrive at the airport early to discuss the matter with the airline’s ground staff.

Eagle Music banjo cases come in great variety. They use the best fabric and raw materials to create affordable and sturdy cases that keep the instrument safe and protected. 

The choice between a hard and soft banjo case depends on your use. You should buy a hard case if someone travels a lot with their instrument. This is because such a case will protect the instrument against the bumps and crashes experienced during traveling. It will also keep the instrument safe in case of accidental drops. If you are traveling by plane or bus, your banjo should be stored in a hard case.

The other option is a soft case. While gig bags are famous for the space they provide for multiple accessories, they are only best for short traveling – going to a theatre two blocks away.

People who usually play at home may consider buying a separate banjo case unnecessary. After all, the instrument is at home and not subject to harsh outside conditions. However, many experts recommend that all instruments should be stored safely. Buying a banjo case is a good option for your instrument’s protection and portability. Even if you are someone who plays at home, you should keep the instrument protected against dust and other pollutants in the air.