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Best Cheap Acoustic Guitar 2024: Here’s 9 That DON’T Suck!!

Can cheap acoustic guitar sound good? Which brand acoustic guitar is best for beginners?

The ‘best cheap acoustic guitar’ – it’s not a phrase you hear discussed very often. Let alone something that you’d hear slip from the mouth of a pro guitarist.

But with that being said, cheap acoustic guitars are in many ways better than they ever have been. They’re no longer the worthless gimmick they once were; approach us about budget guitars 10 years ago, & we’d tell you to avoid them like the plague. But now… we’re not so sure.

With the technological boost of the past decade, budget instruments have actually become quite good (shock-horror). To the point that more specialist high-end manufacturers have seriously had to consider ways in which they can still justify a higher price. Cheap instruments now more than ever, offer a vast selection when it comes to wood type, string quality and even the tone of the instrument itself!

To the point that you really need to ask yourself the question… are budget-friendly acoustic guitars actually worth the £$€? Or are they still overpriced junk? We investigate.

After something specific about the best cheap acoustic guitars? Or just curious which we think is the best brand of acoustic guitars for beginners? Jump into the menu below to get all the answers you need a rapid pace…

cheap acoustic guitars for sale online

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Choosing the best cheap acoustic guitar is no laughing matter!

In fact it’s actually quite a tricky situation. Because aside from there being more acoustic guitar brands than ever before, you’ve also got material type as well as the sound of the strings, to take into consideration. Team that with how each budget acoustic has its own distinct tone, & the task of picking just one (especially for a beginner) becomes pretty near impossible!

Thankfully though, that’s not the case anymore. See, we’ve done 90% of the work for you & whittled down + reviewed what we consider to be the best cheap acoustic guitars for sale today. All you have to do is read on… #ThankUsLater

1: Fender FA-15 3/4 acoustic guitar

budget acoustic guitar next to a pro grade guitar

2: Ovation Applause AE44-7S acoustic-electric guitar

3: Hohner HAG 250P acoustic guitar

4: Yamaha GL1 Mini guitalele

child using a cheap guitar to learn basic chords

5: Enya Nova Go 1/2 size carbon fibre acoustic guitar

6: Jasmine S34C NEX acoustic guitar

7: Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Thinline acoustic-electric guitar

sun shining on a budget yamaha guitar

While virtually all acoustic guitars on this list are beginner friendly, some manage to do it that bit better. 

Point being that, for beginners, there’s a specific set of criteria that an acoustic needs to hit. It’s one thing for a guitar to be capable, but another thing entirely for it to work with you when it comes to learning theory/ taking lessons. Don’t believe us? Ask your guitar teacher – while SO many cheap acoustics manage to be very much ‘pick up & play’, certain ones manage to function that bit better as a platform for learning practical & theory.

So with that in mind, here’s what we consider to be the best beginner friendly acoustic guitar for sale today…

8: Yamaha F370 full-size acoustic guitar

Parents, listen up!

In the case you’re shopping for a smaller someone, then you may want to check out a guitar that’s made specifically for small fingers. 

Do so & you’ll soon realise that just like the scale of the guitar, the $£€ is significantly smaller too. So what would be considered ‘cheap’ when buying a full-sized guitar, may actually get you a pretty premium guitar for a small child. Most likely the best option if they’re around 3 to 5 years old & have just started learning. However, with that being said, we’d urge you NOT the judge quality by £$€.

We pitched this guitar below against other kids guitars that retailed for 2 (in a few cases even 3) times the £$€, & were incredibly impressed by its performance. Hence why it’s our pick for the best cheap acoustic guitar for kids…

9: First Act 30″ acoustic guitar

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do you need an expensive guitar to make music

Or if you’ve still trying to decide what acoustic electric guitar is best for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

All guitar players have different priorities when purchasing an instrument, and it can be challenging to set money away from such purchases. An acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a folk guitar, a bass guitar, or a mandolin will require you to spend some money. The cost of guitars varies depending on several factors.

Your expectations will change depending on whether you’re a novice, moderate, or experienced enthusiast. So occasionally, you might discover a way to purchase a guitar for less money than you anticipated. They exist, and you don’t have to forgo playability, pickup reliability, or the fretboard to obtain a guitar that you like at a fair price.

You can discover the guitar of your desires that fits your needs and your budget based on what you want and how you acquire it. To choose a guitar model worth purchasing, it’s critical to understand oneself thoroughly and the purpose you wish to serve with it. Don’t exaggerate your abilities, and be truthful with yourself. The opposite is also accurate. If a guitar is less priced than you desire, don’t buy it. Don’t rush; selecting a guitar takes patience.

Since they have fewer finishing touches and occasionally fewer selections, starter guitars are typically less priced. Seasoned players’ guitars, however, are a little harder to get but a little more durable. They are more of an investment for the future. Your instrument will also need an amp if you plan to perform live. Therefore, the best budget guitar would be one with all the bells and whistles necessary for your playing style.

Whatever you decide, seek professional guidance to direct you toward the greatest option for you by asking for their advice. You may, for instance, talk to your guitar instructor or a specialist retailer.

A basic acoustic guitar will run you between $100 and $200. Professional-level acoustic guitars frequently cost many thousand dollars, although intermediate-level guitars range in price from $300 to 800. 

The primary determinants of price are the place of origin, manufacturer, body shape, and wood. The Yamaha F335 is difficult not to endorse for its stunning affordability. This elegant-looking dreadnought guitar boasts all the features you’d anticipate from a Yamaha instrument, including an incredibly playable neck, excellent build quality, and a rich, sophisticated tone—all for an affordable price.

Expensive guitars are typically made with better materials than cheaper ones. This indicates that, even with a lesser action, fret buzz is less likely to occur on these guitars. As a result, it may be simpler to hold a note and less demanding on your fingers. 

Additionally, more expensive guitars typically sound better, giving the impression that they are simpler to play. After manufacturing, expensive guitars generally need special attention to ensure that they are easy to play on a show floor. In conclusion, more expensive guitars are built with better materials, better structure, and higher levels of craftsmanship, making them simpler to play.

Yes, most budget-friendly acoustic and electric guitars are built in China and Indonesia. In contrast, most of the best-sounding and most costly guitars are created in Japan and the United States. However, there is a widespread misunderstanding that all Chinese-made guitars are of low to average standard. 

This may have been the case previously, but today’s Chinese factories and workforce are a powerful factor in high-quality manufacturing. Their prices are certainly low, but it in no way implies that the quality is also inferior.

Getting a cheap instrument when you first begin playing one can be tempting to avoid devoting too much effort to the hobby. This is particularly true for aspiring guitarists, who frequently give up the instrument while just starting. It’s also crucial to remember that inexpensive guitars can be more difficult to play because of manufacturing problems. 

High action, pointed frets, and warped bodies are typical issues that may make playing these models uncomfortable. It can be challenging to understand how to play the guitar if you use a cheap instrument. Making the extra effort to ensure that your guitar is in playable shape will help you greatly as you progress as a guitarist.

If you’re considering getting an acoustic guitar for your musical endeavours, you should budget at least $150 and spend no more than $250. However, this can vary for each person depending on their financial situation, prior knowledge, and level of dedication to learning. 

An acoustic guitar with steel strings is the best option for you if your main musical interests are folk, rural, or popular songs!

No one wants to overpay for a guitar. We all desire musical instruments that sound wonderful and are of high quality. Can we combine the best of the two in some way? The answer is yes! Some truly incredible, reasonably priced guitars would make excellent first guitars for dedicated beginners and perhaps even benefit more experienced players. Yamaha, Ibanez, Cordoba, Jackson, Schecter, Fender, Epiphone, Dean, and other well-known brands are some of those currently ruling the market and making the best guitars that are affordable and cheap.

There are many affordable guitars available on the market right now. They are produced by manufacturers using automated methods, and they are affordably priced. But do inexpensive guitars hold their value? The majority of inexpensive guitars don’t arrive with a good setup. However, they can function effectively with the right modification.

Making the setup yourself would be the most economical and affordable option, but you can always ask a shop for a fair price that wouldn’t be more expensive than an instrument of a better standard. Only with a solid setup are inexpensive guitars suitable for beginners. They cannot put it up themselves, so they might consider paying for it at the shop.

The tone and playability are the factors that matter most to a player and are impacted by cheap guitars’ poor setup. They have many flaws, including the high action, issues with the truss rod, or intonation resulting from low-quality standards. But the low cost is rather alluring. People frequently choose to purchase them despite these flaws. And certainly, buying a cheap guitar is worthwhile if the total cost of the instrument and setup does not surpass the cost of an instrument with superior characteristics and a suitable configuration.

However, we advise you to be cautious and invest only in the greatest playing instruments for your musical endeavours. Going pro is usually worthwhile because expert players frequently use price to gauge guitar quality and think that pricy instruments are preferable to purchase.