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Best Concert Ukulele 2024: 14 Ukes That’re Worth The £$€!!

What is the best concert ukulele brand? Which has the best sound? We reveal all...

SPOILER: Finding the best concert ukulele is NO walk in the park.

So much so that if you even want hope of tracking it down, you need to first understand what you’re looking for – i.e. have a clear picture of what you value in a ukulele. After all, no 2 musicians are the same, so think there’s one ‘best’ concert uke would be a bit… narrow-minded.

It’d also mean that you’d never be asking this question, because there’d only be one concert uke on sale. The rest would have been drowned out by its ‘perfectness’… only they haven’t. In fact, concert ukuleles are not only some of the most popular & diverse ukes on sale today. Perhaps because of their tone & scale? Or their use by the likes of Billie Eilish & Grace Vanderwaal?

Either way, concert ukuleles are a tough cookie to crack – or at least, they were. See, if you find yourself wondering which is the best concert ukulele brand? And which are the best concert ukes for beginners & pros, be sure to read on. Do so & we’ll reveal all.

After something specific about the best concert ukulele? Or just curious what is the best concert ukulele for professionals? Use the menu below to find all your answers in 1 click…

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Buying a concert ukulele is a lot harder than it sounds.

Apart from the fact that more ukulele brands get added to the mix each year (many of whom make a concert uke), there’s also a LOT of factors to consider. Aside from size, there’s also details like: wood type, string length, tuning, the contents of a uke bundle & much much more to consider.

Especially when you consider that virtually all of the fore-mentioned in some way effects your tone or how playable a uke becomes. So to help you whittle down what’s the best concert ukulele for your situation, here’s the ukes that’ve earned our seal of approval…


1: Kala Watercolor Meranti Collection

2: Kala Bamboo Collection

3: Fender Fullterton Tele

4: Enya Nova U carbon fibre uke

5: Luna Henna Dragon mahogany ukulele

6: Kala KA-C mahogany uke (satin finish!)

7: Cordoba Guitars 15CM

8: Donner DCF-100 carbon fibre uke

9: Luna Tattoo ukulele (mahogany/ satin finish)

10: Fender Grace Vanderwaal Signature

11: Cordoba 20CM

12: Fender Billie Eilish Signature (acoustic-electric uke)

13: Oscar Schmidt OU5K-A

Being a beginner at playing any instrument is very rarely a walk in the park – & ukes are no exception.

Buy the wrong one & you could find yourself (A) finding it a LOT harder to master the basics & (B) pay a good chunk more £$€ for the privilege. In other words, you’re hindering yourself!! Playability aside, as a beginner you also need to look for a uke with decent tone, a good amount of accessories & (most importantly) one which doesn’t boast a 3 figure price tag. Unless you’re super well-off of course.

So to help you find the right uke fast, here’s what we consider to be the best concert ukulele for beginners…

14: Donner DUC 320 (beginner set)

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Or if your heart’s set on a tenor uke, keep reading, to discover even more about why this compact instrument is a must for any budding musician…

They say the best concert ukuleles create a humming sound that almost sounds unearthly. Even for newbies, this instrument’s vast scale width makes it simple to play and understand. It can play a variety of vocal ranges; the most common are tenor, concert, and soprano. 

Another thing that makes this piece so great is the size. The scale length of the concert uke is roughly an inch larger than the soprano’s, and the size of the neck is also slightly larger. There might be more frets with greater spaces between them because of the added length. 

The concert uke is a little bigger than the soprano and has a richer sound and softer tone. People often compare it to the soprano, but it is far more semi-range than the soprano. Additionally, concerts project more clear tone than sopranos, raising the total loudness slightly. The concert size uke is tuned to the industry standard of G/C/E/A.

YES – it really is!!

The wider frets on this ukulele make it easier to perform and manage even though it is bulkier.

A concert uke has longer and thicker strings, making it noisier. The same goes for every subsequent ukulele size category compared with the earlier ones. This quality intrigues many beginners. This kind of ukulele is appropriate for both adults and youngsters over the age of six.

Any musician can benefit from the concert size, although those with bigger palms and fingers might find it comfier.

Well, it depends on you. When comparing the dimensions of a soprano and concert uke beside each other, those who are new to ukuleles may question if there is a significant distinction between them. The soprano is more frequently used and accessible, making it less expensive than a concert. 

The soprano’s smaller frame implies that it has a smaller echoing surface, which causes the pitch to be louder. The concert would have greater resonance if it were a little bigger, broader, and deeper. 

It would help if you gave each of them a try to understand how it feels in your hands when you stroke the chords and play melodies. Just ensure the ukulele is high quality, so you won’t have to worry about it going out of tune frequently.

In the end, the difference is small, but makes a substantial impact on how you play.

Those looking for the finest concert uke know how special the device is. This instrument not only creates incredible music but is also smaller and more lightweight than the guitar.

Finding the finest concert ukulele is fun, irrespective of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player. When examining the Best Concert Ukulele, we listed several reliable ukulele manufacturers to identify the ideal one to invest in.

Some ukulele brands to keep an eye out for are…

  • Luna – Ukes by Luna pride themselves on design. If you’re after a uke that plays the part as well as loosk the part, then you must consider at least 1 Luna uke.
  • Martin – these ukuleles have a real resonance to their tone. It’s bright, but not overly tinny. A pretty upbeat ‘ukeish’ tone if you ask us.
  • Kala – Made in California (not China) by a bunch of ukulele specialists, virtually anything with the Kala brand on it is at the very least worth a look. They haven’t established a reputation as one of the best ukulele brands purely by chance.

The answer is yes!

It is a great device with great features and intrigues a lot of musicians in the industry. It has excellent detail-orientedness. We tried it ourselves and are truly pleased with its quality and performance, especially when you compare it against the price of this ukulele. The device is also incredibly light, which is advantageous for acoustic instruments. 

Poorer quality ukuleles are sometimes vigorously made, frequently producing a weak, lifeless tone. A ukulele with a lighter construction resonates more freely, producing a louder, richer tone. We also enjoy the sound of our Donner ukulele because it boasts a good bass end and a robust, rich tone. It serves great presentation for a concert. Both when strumming and playing patterns, it sounds wonderful.

Absolutely! Fender admirers love the Fender Billie Eilish Signature Concert Uke. It is a piece of exceptionally well-made equipment with excellent comfort and playing. It also appears and sounds brilliant. 

Despite being rather pricey, it is unquestionably worthwhile. It is pleasant to play and has no issues with buzzing chords or sharp frets. Without question, Fender did an excellent job with this version. The tiger maple wood Billie Eilish Signature Ukulele has a ‘concert size’ and is constructed well. As a result, it’s the ideal instrument to commence your musical career with.

It’s so popular because of the greatest inexpensive concert ukulele. Its fingerboard and base are made of solid mahogany, making it dependable and long-lasting. Someone who is just a newbie in their musical career will be amazed by its sound quality. 

The audio quality is just excellent. One of the top affordable concert ukuleles available is the Kala MK-C. It has a hardwood top, backrest, and laminated sides. Mahogany also makes up the neck, while hardwood is used for the fingerboard and bridge of this ukulele. 

It offers a pleasant sound quality for a beginner ukulele player. There are 18 brass frets on this device, which are visible from a distance.

Each of the ukuleles listed below is appropriate for musicians of a professional caliber.

Each ukulele’s special characteristics and qualities enhance its utility in creating a rich, lovely tone. The ukuleles discussed here are both easy to use, especially for people with little or no experience playing one, and have the potential to create the high-quality tones that professional-level players desire. 

Most significantly, music soothes the spirit and aids in talent development. The equipment you purchase is meaningless if it does not calm your spirit. The incorrect ukulele might also give you and those around you the impression that you are a poor musician. 

But the ideal uke would shield you from every embarrassment and frustration. If you are having trouble deciding between one of the ukuleles listed below, you may focus your search by evaluating each one’s longevity, sound quality, portability, and other attributes.

Really as a professional ukulele player you know yourself & playing style better than we do, so deciding on the best uke is pretty much all up-to you.