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Best DJ Laser Lights 2024: 11 DJ Lights For A Post-Covid Rave!!

Here's the best party laser lights!! We reveal why disco laser lights are SO essential...

To have the best DJ laser lights is just common sense – something that if you’re a seasoned pro behind the decks, you should already know. And that’s because when it comes to DJing, your ability is usually only half the equation.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s major kudos if you have a slick line-up, as well as an ear for creating a infectious vibe. That’s a real skill! But, if you can’t match that visually then there’s a good chance you’ll have your business opp ousted by another DJ. In other words, you loose out on the gig, all because some other DJ invested in some cheap DJ lights, and perhaps a fog machine!

Hardly the ideal scenario, especially when you’re a pro, who’s just been duped out of business by a complete newbie. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to invest £1000s in theatre-grade lighting to compete – you don’t! These days cheap DJ lights are more than often all you need. So with that in mind then, what are the best DJ laser lights in 2024? And are they actually worth the money? All this & more coming up.

After something specific about best party laser lights? Or just curious about what we’d say is the best DJ lighting for beginners? Use the menu below to get the answers you need in one click…

laser lights shining across a dancefloor

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When it comes to DJ laser lights you have a lot of options!

So many in fact that deciding what to buy and why, can turn into quite a task. More than often it’ll have you lost in a whirlwind of questions like: “what lights do DJs use? What’s the best DJ lighting for beginners?” And, “are DJ lights safe?” Thankfully though, we’ve got to the bottom of this, so to help in your search for cheap DJ lights, here’s what we think are the 10 best DJ laser lights you can buy in 2024…

1: Betopper Professional 54 LED Stage/ Event Strobes

If brightness is at the top of your shopping list, then these strobes with 54 RGB LEDs could well be the best DJ lights for you! Yes, they’re not your conventional laser lights, however their sheer brightness does offer a somewhat laser-like affect. In fact, these strobes are so bright that you may only need 1 (2 at the most) to light up a 30-40 square meter hall!

So as you can imagine, they’re ideal for weddings, functions, parties – virtually any small to medium sized celebration that you can throw at them. Buy more than one and you can even daisy chain them together (via XLR), so they move in tandem. How cool is that?! Not to mention the fact that offer modes such as Jumping, Hopping and are dimmable too – an added bonus.

Aside from which they also boast Auto, Sound Activated, DMX and Master-Slave modes. We’re particular fans of the Sound Activated mode, which in our experience works more or less perfectly in sync. You don’t get the delay that you do with some systems. The only real snag we found was with the mounting brackets, which don’t feel as heavy duty as others we’ve tested. Then again, these DJ lights are insanely cheap for what they are, so to be honest, you can’t really complain.

Why is this ‘must have’ DJ lighting equipment?

  • The brightness of these lights is just insane – we needed sunglasses!
  • That 1 year warranty & lifetime tehcnical support!!
  • They run with no hassle between -20 & 40 degrees C – perks of a cooling fan!
  • Hard to find more LEDs for the price!
a DJ rigging up their lighting equipment

2: U`King RGB Stage Light (8x 360 degree beams)

If you’re wanting to transform an entire space with just one laser light, then U`King have you covered. With 8 beams and 360 degree projection, you can adapt this DJ laser light to practically any space you desire. And if that isn’t enough, this light also comes with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different modes: Voice, Auto, Master-slave config and DMX.

Oh and did we mention that aside from the outstanding brightness, these lights also consume very little energy too? A perk of which is that they can last up to 10,000 hours! But with that being said, why these are in contention to be the best DJ laser lights, really all comes down to the way they’re mounted.

Unlike a lot of disco lights that depend on either a tripod, stand or can only face a certain direction, this light with it’s snug convex shape, is made to mount flush to the ceiling of any venue. Because the unit only weighs 2kg, all you need is a mounting hook or a fastening clamp and you’re good to go. Superb!

Why could this U’King be the best DJ light?

  • The 8 beams look sensational when cutting through haze & fog!!
  • The people rate it! When writing this blog, these lights have a solid 5-star rating.
  • You can achieve an insane amount of light patterns & effects all via the remote.
  • 360 degree projection makes this light super versatile!

3: Betopper Moving Head Disco/ Stage Lights

This beauty by Betopper is one of the best party laser lights out there if you’re after top of line the DJ lighting and aren’t so much limited by price. Even though on the face of it, you may question how, as there’s other (cheaper) lights that pack far more LEDs. But believe us, that doesn’t matter – this DJ light is a classic case of quality over quantity.

We found these lights have more intensity and to be more concentrated than the 54 LED Betoppers mentioned above. They’re also far more premium to touch – weighty too, at over 4.5kg each! Reason being that aside from 36 LEDs, these lights are also equipped with top of the line Stepper motors, that really do make these lights smooth and responsive.

Speaking of which, much like the Betoppers above, where these lights really shine is their sound mode. Aside from which they also feature Auto, Master-Slave and DMX modes too. All of which we assume look ace when hung from a truss – we say ‘assume’ because we managed to get fantastic results simply by resting it on a table. A bit of a D.I.Y approach, but nevertheless proof of just how versatile these Betoppers are.

Why is this ‘must have’ DJ lighting equipment?

  • These lights are proper intense – the LEDs make budget alternatives look dim!
  • Quality, Quality, Quality – this light is built like a tank!
  • Sound detection is second to none.
  • Those Stepper motors really do their job… this light moves really smooth!
dj lighting rig

4: Max Portable LED Party Bar DJ Lights

While theatre-grade lighting isn’t essential, we simply couldn’t not give these LED Party Bars a mention. And that’s because (price aside), they are hands-down some of ‘the’ best DJ lights you can pickup, especially if you’re a regular at festivals or high-end wedding venues. Compare them to the majority of DJ lights out there and they offer so much in the way of flexibility.

Aside from boasting DMX, Auto, Sound-Activated and even Infrared settings, you also get an extensive set of 4-in-1 LEDs, including 2 Jelly Moon fixtures, as well as strobes and even UVs – like WOW! But what makes these LEDs so attractive is their colour spectrum and the fact they’re colour mixing too. So, while you may only look to have 4 light heads, you’ve actually got a plethora of hues at your disposal: Red, Green, Ultra Violet, Blue and more.

And yet, despite them being high-intensity LEDs, they boast a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours! What’s more, unlike a lot of DJ lights that are theatre-grade, with these Party Bars there’s no complex setup – it’s merely plug-in-and-play. In fact, the only real drawback we’d say is the price (obviously). However, with that being said, you do get a darn nice tripod as part of the bundle, so you could say that makes up for it. Either way, if you want to look the part, then you can’t really go wrong with a Party Bar.

Reasons to buy these DJ lights…

  • Yes, they’re pricy, but those LEDs are rated for up to 50,000 hours!
  • Got any other Party Bar lights? These will work with them (via DMX).
  • The 2-year warranty – major kudos for that!!
  • Each LED can turn multiple colours – so much flexibility with these DJ lights!

5: Spooboola Party Laser Lights

If cheap laser lights are what you’re after then keep reading, as this laser light from Spooboola is more or less exactly that. In fact, this laser light is so affordable, we’re pretty sure most junior school kids could buy it with their pocket money, let alone a fully-grown adult DJ. So if you’re a complete beginner reading this and not sure whether DJ laser lights are right for you, at the very least give this a try.

And that’s because despite the bargain-basement price, this party light boasts a surprising amount of features. For starters there’s not 10, not 20, not 30, but 60 light patterns that it can make – our favourite is the pink speckled setting, which reminds us of how the sky’d be on Mars. But there’s more, as this laser light also comes equipped with audio sensors, so just like the 3 figure laser lights, it too varies its output depending on your music.

Setup is hardly rocket science either, as it controlling this light, as it also comes coupled with a remote, which you can use to cycle through the various colours and functions. Plus, the aluminium alloy shell is a nice surprise too, especially the fact that it works to disperse heat + protect the light’s built-in cooling fan. The only real drawback of these lasers is their light output. With them being incredibly fine, you’ll need a fair few to stand a chance of lighting up a room. That being said, if you’re simply after cheap laser lights, you can’t really go wrong with this lightweight party laser.

Why are these the best party laser lights?

  • The sheer value – easily some of the best DJ lighting for beginners!
  • 60 patterns is a lot – majority of similar lights only offer 10/20.
  • One of the most laser-like lights we could find – very thin beams!
  • Extremely light at just 290g!!
a dancefloor lit up with DJ lights

6: U`King 40W Moving Head Spot Stage Light

The best DJ laser lights focus on movement, and that’s something this spotlight fromU`King delivers… by the bucket load. With a whopping 540° pan and 270° tilt, it’s safe to say that events with these spots are anything but dull. In fact, we’d say they’re a ‘must-have’ if you’re want some serious movement in your lighting setup.

What’s more, all this movement comes at the click of a button, thanks to the mini remote, which aside from operating the one spot, can also function like a DMX controller – i.e. operate multiple lights at once. A huge potent6al cost saving! Plus, as with most theatre-grade lights, there’s also a whole host of modes avilable, including Auto, Master-Slave, Sound Activated and more!

The DJ lights also come with 8 gobos, so changing the colour takes very little effort, be that from yellow to red, green to purple or blue to white. As for mounting options, this pro stage light comes with a robust mounting bracket and weighs in at just under 2.5kg. Hardly a lot for the sheer amount of gadgetry you get here!!

What makes the UKing one of the best DJ lights?

  • It’s professional grade (not Mickey Mouse gear) – a step up from laser lights if you ask us!
  • Out of all the lights we tested, this was one of the easiest to mount.
  • It can really tilt – few DJ lights are as flexible.
  • Remote can operate multiple heads – likely not to need a DMX controller!

7: Nipeeco Moving Head DJ Stage Light

If you’re a casual DJ, then one light head may be all you need. In which case this DJ light from Nipeeco could well be a solid choice. Unlike your cheaper LEDs, this light is equipped with a free axis rotating head, that can achieve all sorts of angles – the head’s smooth and rotates at 540 degrees on the X axis and 270 on the Y. Therefore, it’s more than enough to give a dancefloor variance and colour.

Like many high-end DJ lights on this list, the Nipeeco features Auto, Sound, DMX and Master-slave modes. DMX meaning that you can actually use this light in tandem with others in your setup. At just over 1.6kg, it’s reasonably light too (get it?), which means it’s straight forward and stress-free to mount. No wonder at the time of writing this blog, it’s boasting a 5 star rating!

However, if you were to ask us, this light’s USP is the fact it can multitask – as well as a solo light, it can also be used as part of a sound-bar, which is ideal if you’re just after a new addition to your rig, opposed to an entire new setup. Another perk being that unlike a lot of disco lights, it uses convection cooling technology to aid heat dissipation and performance in the long-term. Reassuring to know, especially when a light like this doesn’t come cheap!

Perks of this DJ light are…

  • The Strobes on this DJ light are proper intense!
  • The rotation is really smooth – we love the sound mode.
  • Runs really cool, which makes it ideal for a sweaty nightclub or steamy concert!!
  • At 1.61kg it’s light – the ideal addition to a light bar!
people dancing at a nightclub

8: U`King RGBY Disco Party Lights

With 100 patterns and 300 effects for every lamp, it’s safe to say that these professional disco lights by U`King give you options – and lots of them! So don’t be fooled by their RGBY spec, as these lights have a serious party trick. It’s called ‘sound-activated mode’, and essentially what it means is that you can set the colours and effects to change in relation to your music. How rad is that!!

In short then, this is as much a DJ light, as a workflow god-send! What’s more, it’s easy to set up too. All we had to do was plug the unit in and turn it on. And it’s pretty much the same with programming it. Thanks to the built-in DMX system, this light unit can even communicate with other equipment in your setup, so yet again, achieving your desired affect is actually pretty simple. Talk about user-friendly!

As for the build, at 3.2kg these are by no means the most portable DJ party lights around, however they do come with a travel handle, which also doubles as a mount. More to the point, everything about these lights feels really solid – the outer is all-metal and the shades for the lights are made of glass. Therefore, for anyone after long-lasting and vibrant DJ laser lights, these are ideal and the perfect accompaniment to any concert, nightclub or rave.

What’s so good about these disco lights?

  • That 1 year warranty, which is reassuring!
  • The sound-activated mode literally does all the hard work for you!!
  • A clever DMX system allows them to talk to the rest of your equipment too.
  • This is one of the best DJ laser lights for beam range that we tested – these beams go far!

While you could class the above as the best DJ lights, that’s not to say they’re the best DJ lighting for beginners. And you see, that’s because when it comes down to knowing what you want from a light, pros tend to be more clued up. If you’re one of these, chances are you have certain priorities and in many cases know what you want down to the T. However if you’re a beginner, this is the complete reverse.

While seasoned pros are keen to put their money where their mouth is, all you beginners are slightly more ‘on the fence’. When it comes to knowing what you’re after, you’re not entirely sure, neither are you willing to pay 3 figures only to find that DJ lights aren’t actually the way forward to you. In which case, you’re hunting for something affordable, high quality and that will work with pretty much any occasion.

But don’t despair – we think we’ve found just the disco lights you’re after. Here’s what we deem to be the best DJ lighting for beginners in 2024…

9: Delibang 36 LED Strobe Disco Lights (4 Pack)

The one thing about the best DJ lighting for beginners, is that it focuses on value. And that’s exactly what you get with this 4 pack of DJ lights from Delibang – essentially a whole setup for less than three figures! That’s over 140 LEDs!! Yet, it’s not like to do so, they’ve cut any corners.

All 4 of these lights feel really well put together and manage to pack a lot of functionality into what is quite a small package. For instance, these lights have seven modes that range from DMX and strobe, right up to Fade, static and Automatic. Plus, the lighting speed is adjustable too, all through a handy remote – buy these singularly and this remote is a perk you don’t get.

And yet by buying in bulk, you actually save money, and a good chunk of it too. At the time of writing this blog, the price difference between a 4-pack and buying 4 of these singularly is over £40! Couple this with their dual handles, lightweight construction and the fact they work in virtually any setting, and it’s kind of hard to pick fault. Hence why we didn’t, and chose to conclude that these are what we consider to be the best DJ lighting for beginners.

Why’s this 4-pack the best DJ lighting for beginners?

  • You get over 140 LEDs for less than £100 – that has to be some sort of record!
  • They’re versatile – 7 modes mean these DJ lights work in virtually any setting.
  • Dual handles make these super easy to mount or hang!!
  • They’re so light – one unit only weighs 780g!
set of DJ lights being rigged up by engineers

For outdoor applications, your typical laser lights may not be up to the job. So by that we mean they might not be waterproof or have enough power to generate seriously long length light. Exactly the type of lightning you need if you’re touring with a major recording artist, launching a stage show or even hosting a festival. As let’s face it, the weather in the UK isn’t all that great – i.e. wet.

Plus,m if you want your lights to show up outdoors during daylight then hardcore outdoor DJ lights with a bit more grunt, may be your only option. But that’s not to say that these lights are hard to find. In fact, read on and we’ll share with you what we feel is the best outdoor DJ light for sale in 2024…

10: Wecan Outodoor LED Par Light

Now, when it comes to external DJ lighting, you can’t afford to mess about. Safe to say that a £30 laser with a 4m beamlength, just isn’t going to be up to scratch. Instead, you’ll need something like this – a purpose-made outdoor stage light, which is fully waterproof and housed in aluminium.

A body that doesn’t just look space age, but is also orientated around practicality. The blade-style design is actually done on purpose, as it increases the external surface area of the light’s housing, which allows for more heat dissipation at a faster pace. Therefore, this light shouldn’t let you down on both cold days, or the hot one either. It’s multipurpose! So much so that according to the manufacturer it can even be used as part of a water feature, thanks to the high quality sealant used around virtually every part of the light.

A safety feature we really liked is the addition of explosion-proof glass. Something you can actually brag about to the venue, to show that you take safety seriously. Something they’ll be trilled to hear, as it’ll do wonders for their insurance. In fact the only real downfall of all this ingenious engineering is weight, as at over 7.5kg, this light is hardly what you’d call portable. But with that being said, if you’re after outdoor DJ lighting then build quality and safety should be far higher concerns.

What makes this one of the best outdoor DJ lights?

  • It’s safety conscious – the lens is explosion-proof to protect you in the case of a blowout!!
  • Blade design helps it perform even in direct sunlight.
  • Those seals work! We experienced no lens fog whatsoever.
  • This product is built to last 10 years, not 10 minutes!!
outdoor dj lights flashing at a concert

Yes, DJ laser lights need to be beginner friendly, but they also need to be portable too. Fact remains that hauling around a huge light fixture from venue to venue isn’t exactly what you’d call ideal. Safe to say if you’re having to hoist up and fit these lights on a ladder, the last thing you want is something bulky, heavy and cumbersome.

Therefore, if this is you and you’re after DJ laser lights that are a bit more slimline, then here’s what we think is one of the best DJ laser lights for portability…

11: U`King 8x LED Disco Light Bar

If portability’s what you’re after, then separate lights fixtures just won’t do – you need one DJ light that does it all. Hence why we’ve made our best portable pick this RGBW light bar.

At just over 2.5kg, the unit is not what you’d call a featherweight. It’s sturdy, made of ABS + alloy and includes all the bells and whistles including DMX control, sound mode and much more. However if you consider that it’s 8 lights are the equivalent to at least 4 independent stage lights in a small/ medium sized venue, the tables suddenly turn. Judge DJ lights on a light-for-light basis and it’s actually one of ‘the’ most portable and lightweight products on this list.

And what with it all being one unit, there’s far less mounting work involved too. A useful perk, especially if you’re not the most ‘on time’ of DJs. Yet despite all this practicality, this light bar doesn’t scrimp when it comes to performance. In fact, the LEDs can emit as much as 25 flashes per second! Nor are you restricted in terms of movement – all 8 of the LEDs move too.

To be honest, we found it hard to pick fault with this light bar. But if we had to, we’d say some more colours would be nice. Although that’s just us being picky. Something we can’t really be as the lights have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours… hardly bad value for money.

Why could these be the best DJ lights?

  • 8 beams of light, yet it’s roughly the same weight as 1 stage light!
  • We love theHigh Speed Flash, Pulse and Strobe Effects!
  • The life of the product is 100,000 hours!!
  • Boasts dimmable brightness (0-100%) – ideal for more delicate atmospheres.
buy dj lights online

Okay – putting our finger on the best laser light was actually quite a task.

And that’s because while there’s lots of options out there, whittling it down to ‘best-of-the-best’ really all depends on your situation. High school DJs for instance, are going to have their eyes on completely different lighting kit, than someone who’s been commissioned to host a rave or takeover the decks at a nightclub.

Therefore, when we say the ‘best DJ laser lights’, we’re really referring to the best all-rounder. That set of lights that we feel is built well, offers good functionality as well as gimmicks too, but also crucially, is suited to a wide range of applications. Basically, a light that’s fit for purpose in the majority of situations. So really something that’s dependable and what we would class as a ‘go-to’. Hence why we feel that the best DJ laser light is the…

U`King RGB Stage Light with 8x 360 degree beams = Best Overall DJ Laser Light

Now granted, we have mentioned brighter ways to light up a space, however if a flexible set of lasers is what you’re after, then you can’t really 1up this light. We love how it packs so much in the way of colours and patterns into such a small package. A package that may we add isn’t overly heavy and yet feels really well built and solid. It’s easy to install too! Then stop and just consider the amount of technology you’re getting with one of these DJ lights, and you have to admit that this is insane value for money!

A great addition to a pro setup, but also some of the best DJ lighting for beginners too.

Enjoyed discovering the best DJ party lights, or found this blog useful? Be sure to check out the rest of our articles on DJ Equipment, as well as Music Production Gear. If you’re a DJ, you may also enjoy our overview of Popular Rack Mount Mixers + another on the Best 25 Key Midi Controllers, which may also be a good read.

a DJ performing behind their decks

Or if you’ve still got a burning question about DJ laser lights, keep reading to discover why these kooky pieces of kit deserve a place in your DJ setup…

Yes, DJ lasers are perfectly safe, just like every other beam of light.

The only real instance where you should be cautious is exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time. In 99% of cases, looking into a party laser will not harm your eye, although we would not advise you do it. If it did then we’re pretty sure that DJ laser lights (like the ones above) wouldn’t have passed health & safety testing, be so popular or even be on sale today.

Fact remains that laser lights are used across everything these days, from concerts and clubs to social events and even birthday parties, so providing you’re sensible and not pressing your eye up against the laser, your eyes should be just fine.

Unless blasted straight into your eyes, laser beams are virtually undetectable, especially when they’re moving as fast as they do on the lights above. Take our word for it – there’s nothing to be scared about with a light show.

Reason being that how much of a laser you can actually see, comes down to one of 3 things:

  • The laser’s frequency
  • It’s strength
  • The amount of dust/ mist particles in the air

Without some sort of dust or mist, the human eye won’t even be able to see a laser at all, as it’s these particles which reflect the light. Hence why fog/ haze machines are so popular with nightclubs and events, as they really do create a unique visual affect.

But that doesn’t mean that the lasers are any more dangerous – it just means that you can see them. Fact remains that unless you shine a DJ laser light directly in your eye, you’ve virtually nothing to worry about

Professional DJs typically factor a range of party lights into their setup, including lasers, strobes, spots and many others. Hence why we haven’t just exclusively mentioned laser lights above.

Each of which also comes with its own set of functions and modes, which can be used to give each light a set role in the lighting setup and go as far as to adjust the mood to fit certain songs or moments in the evening. Our favourite of these effects is the Sound Mode, as it’s such a hands-off solution to lighting that to anyone watching, comes across as professional and rather complex.

What’s more, colour and brightness are also major aspects of DJ lights too. Some are RGB or RGBW, whereas others come as set colours or interchangeable gobos. All of which gives each light its own character, helps to add depth to a light show as well as variance too.

While not all DJs have lights, we would say that in the 21st century they’re definitely a ‘must-have’. And that’s because if you have DJ lights and someone else who’s competing for the same gig doesn’t, then you’re already 1up on them from the start!

What’s more, parties, concerts and clubs are all about atmosphere, which is something that a good pair of DJ lights can very easily create, especially if teamed with a fog machine. Choose your lights wisely and you’ll likely even attract elderly clientele too – fact that a pair of disco lights can very easily spice up rather vanilla church hall or conference. Not only that but they’re also serve as entertainment for kids as well.

And with DJ laser lights now being more affordable than ever thanks to the tech boom and streamlined production methods we have these days, laser lighting is pretty much the cheapest way for you to distinguish yourself as a DJ. So not to use it, would be more or less shooting yourself in the foot – hardly ideal!

Using a stage lighting laser is actually pretty simple – so simple that even for most beginners it’s a walk in the park.

Obviously you first need to choose and buy a laser light that suits your needs. Then unbox it and familiarise yourself with how it works. Some may even tell you how to use a stage lighting laser on the instructions.

But as for instillation, this really all depends on the size of your space. Now obviously the larger the space the better, although the main thing you need to bear in mind with lasers is height. Hence the reason why our top pick is specifically designed to mount on the ceiling. Unlike other forms of lighting, which can be mounted practically anywhere, it’s always advised that you mount your laser somewhere high up.

Reason being that while laser lights are safe, this prevents them from being in someone’s line of sight or at ground level. Remember, the beam of a laser isn’t what you want to be showcasing, it’s the pattern or affect that it creates. Therefore, mounting a laser up high just makes sense. If you do want lights at eye level or on the floor, we’d advise switching lasers for strobes or spots instead.

Want to learn more about the technicalities of mounting a laser light? Take a listen to this pro, as he walks you through the testing process…

YouTube video

Yes, there’s no getting around the fact that lasers (just like any other flashing lights) can cause Photosensitive Epilepsy.

However, it’s not as common as you might think. More frequent causes of epileptic fits include a lack of sleep, missed medication, alcohol, stress and even menstruation. But that’s no excuse. If you’re using DJ lasers lights (and a lot of them), be sure to let all attendees know, so that you can minimise the risk of your light show being brought to a halt because of someone having an epileptic fit.

Really it’s just being professional and using a bit of common sense.