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Best Drum Throne 2022? It’s Not What You’d Think! (Full Review)

What type of drum throne is best? Here's how to choose a drum throne in a couple of minutes...

Hunting down the best drum throne is no easy task.

And yet, this is 1 decision that’s essential to your capabilities as a drummer. Believe us, to ‘wing’ your choice of drum throne, you’d be downright daft! We says so because with a troublesome drum chair, you’ll never be able to perform at 100% (even if you try). Let’s just say that discomfort doubles as quite the distraction.

And then of course there’s drum thrones themselves. A music accessory that you’d assume would be a pretty easy purchase – after all, it’s just a seat, right? Well, not exactly. See, no two drum thrones are alike. In fact, aside from the difference in shape & materials, drum thrones are also made for specific types of players too. Hence why there’s drum thrones for big guys, & more supportive options for those with a bad back. So, before you swipe your card, read on & we’ll reveal what we consider to be the best drum thrones currently on sale today.

Curious about how to choose a drum throne? Or just wondering which type of drum throne is best? Use the menu below to get the answers you need in 1 click…

The best drum thrones @ a glance…

12 of the best drum thrones you can buy

Drum thrones are all different in their own right.

So to assess each one individually before making a purchase, is just common sense. Hence why that’s exactly what we’ve done. Keep reading & we’ll dissect each of our picks for the title of the ‘best drum throne’ + drop some handy hints about what players they’d suit. In other words, give you all the info you need to make a fair comparison.

You can thank us later…

1: Donner adjustable drum throne

2: Yamaha DS-950 heavyweight drum throne

3: Drum Workshop 9000 Series Heavy Duty drum seat

4: Roc-n-Soc Original drum throne (black)

5: Gibraltar 9608MB bike-style drum throne (+ backrest)

6: Drum Workshop 3000 Series

7: Mapex T770 double braced throne

8: Starfavor height adjustable drum throne

9: Gibraltar 9608RW2T Oversized throne (with web top)

Josh Dun’s drum throne is… (drumroll please)

10: Gibraltar 9608JD drum throne

Best drum throne for bad back: a drum throne with a backrest!!

11: Tama 1st Chair Ergo-Rider

Best drum throne for big guys…

12: Gibraltar Pro oversized drum throne

Here’s the best cheap drum throne (ideal for beginners)…

13: Pearl D930 drummers’ seat

What is the best drum throne to buy? Our editor’s choice…

Putting a finger on the ‘best’ drum throne is pretty much impossible.

There’s that many different styles, shapes & types of drum throne – many of which are aimed @ different players – it would be a silly to conclude that just 1 is ‘the best’. Hence why we’ve decided to whittle down drum thrones to our 2 best picks in relation to budget & overall value.

In which case, if you’re after a good all-rounder, then we’d say you can’t go far wrong with the…

Latest Price!

One of the first reasons that made us instantly gravitate towards the DW 9000 is comfort factor. This drum throne really does deliver in that department, with a nice thick cushion that even under the pressure of a heavyweight, does a good job at adapting to your posterior.

That aside, it’s sturdy too & comes with a really impressive set of feet that excel at keeping it stable & level even during more erratic play. Yes, it may not be the most portable drum throne on the planet – it’s curb weight isn’t small – but as far as comfort & durability goes, it’s hard to put a finger on something better.

However, in the case you are after a piece of featherweight travel kit, that’s pretty light on £$€, then the 9000 may well be overkill. And instead, this may well be the best drum throne for you…

Latest Price!

If cost is a BIG thing to you, then relax, as Donner pretty much have you covered.

This drum throne really is something special & for the price, is a downright steal. Compare this drum throne to its rivals, & it’s the clear choice. The Donner seat is thick, well padded & doesn’t (like most cheap drum thrones) feel unstable at the first sign of weight. This throne is seriously strong! Perks of the doubled-bracing you find on the legs.

Neither does it feel like a cheap drum throne either. All the joints feel solid & (as far as we could tell) there’s no ‘rough’ edges to its design. We genuinely struggled to find a part of this throne where it felt like corners had been cut. In that respect, it even puts some of the more premium drum thrones to shame, which can (depending on the manufacturer) have some questionable build quality… wobbly seats, loose screws etc.

And yet, despite all the perks & rugged build, this drum seat is not actually that heavy. Around 5kgs to be precise, which makes it (hands down) the ideal accessory for touring. You’d be seriously hard pushed to find a drum seat in this price range that packs as much functionality into such a lightweight package. All of which means that for touring there’s few better options.

Yes, it may not be the mots ‘glamorous’ drum stool out there, but as far as functionality & figures go, we’d say it wears the crown.

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Or, if you’re here purely to read up on Drum thrones, press on & we’ll answer even more of your burning questions…

The lowdown on drum thrones, seats and stools…

To fathom which type of drum throne is the best, you understand which best fits your needs. So here’s a rundown of the 5 main types of drum seats…

  • Drum chairs with backs – Typically, these will be those thrones aimed at posture & offer good support to the lower back. 9 times out of 10 they’ll come with a backrest 7 be focused very much around comfort.
  • Drum seats without backs – If you’re after a seat that’s bit more ‘free’, then this is likely the stool for you. As that’s in essence, what it is – a stool, with no backrest to get in the way of your arms or prevent you from leaning back when you get really into what you’re play.
  • Cheap drum thrones – As you’d expect, these are stools designed to cater for those drummers on a budget. So while they perhaps don’t offer the same functionality or pack the build of more premium models, they generally ‘do the job’. For a short-term stool, they’re usually your best bet.
  • Premium drum seats – Much like you’d think, these are the drum seats that’re usually a ‘forever stool’. Their build is up there with the best, as is their comfort – these seats often offer the most adjustability. Although they do cost the most too. With that being said though, because they last so long, they usually end up being the cheapest option in the long run.
  • On the go’ drum seats – If you’re after something lightweight, but sturdy, then keep your eye out for one of these. A drum stool that is essentially geared towards touring & offers a good balance of practicality & quality, although they they may not be the most comfortable. Just a word of warning.

Choosing a drum seat is no easy task, but if you ask us, there are a couple of things to keep your eyes on when tracking down the best drum throne for you. Here’s just a few to consider…

  • Size – Don’t be fooled – drum thrones aren’t just a ‘one size fits all’ affair. Far from it! So it’s worth paying attention to not only the size of the seat but also the expanse of the legs & it’s footprint when folded up. Useful to know if you’re a regular on tour!
  • Durability – Because not all drum thrones are made out of the same material (or the same grade of materials), their durability can differ quite substantially. Combine that with the fact that most will be made in different factories under different operating standards, & you can see why it’s important to bear this in mind. Gibraltar drum gear for instance, is made in California, whereas other manufacturers are (pardon the cliche) made in China.
  • Comfort – The more premium you go, the more comfort you’ll likely get; the plushest drum chairs boast real leather cushions & all-important memory foam! Not to mention attachable backrest too, as well as maybe hydraulic lift! Something to consider if comfort is a ‘must’ for you!
  • Value – Drum thrones aren’t all priced the same. Some offer a cheaper price at the sacrifice of less features or a poorer build, & vice versa. Although, there are some incredibly high-quality low-priced models out there if you really hunt. We’d say the drum seat by Donner is 1 of them.

Yes – quite substantially.

Put it this way, if drum chairs didn’t make a difference you’d be able to pick them up for peanuts… not the several £100 most set you back today! And that’s because being comfortable is for a drummer highly important.

A drummer is discomfort cannot (no matter how hard they try) put in their best performance, be that they’re sat too low or just have back/ posture issues. And that’s because all the pain does is serve as a distraction. Something you really do NOT want, especially if you’re doing a long stint at a live gig.

Plus, if you’re on tour without a drum throne that offers you the adjustability you need, then half way through it’s likely going to get very painful & potentially even take the ‘fun’ out of what you do.

Moral of the story: Don’t underestimate your posture! Drum thrones are not just for image.

Drum chairs are thought to be called a throne for a couple of reasons.

However the largest & most popular being the role that the drummer plays. In essence, he’s the core soul of the band, who governs the timing of every other band member. So really in that respect, he is a ruler. Someone with a LOT of responsibility on his shoulders, especially when performing live.

All the more reason to (as a drummer) buy the best drum throne you can, as it could well impact your overall ability to perform.

Let’s dispel a myth – Gibraltar make really good drum thrones!

Not only are they made of high-quality premium materials & built to last, but they also (crucially) are not made in China. So while a Gibraltar stool may be slightly more costly, we’d say they’re 100% worth it purely based on the fact they’re built in America – California to be precise.

Perhaps why you see a lot of famous faces making use of Gibraltar drum kit?

Plus, all of this means that Gibraltar drum thrones function especially well for big guys too. A perk you’re less likely to get with a weaker & more mass-produced stand that’s produced in China. out of all the variations, we’re particular fans of their hydraulic drum thrones.