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Best Drumsticks 2024: 13 Sticks For Any Ability/ Playing Style!!

Which drumstick brand is the best? How to spot the most durable drumstick?

LET’S CLEAR SOMETHING UP: The best drumsticks are a whole lot more than just fancy sticks of wood.

Put any pro drummer under the spotlight, & they’ll hammer home to you the sheer importance of drumsticks. And that’s because they’re pretty much like a pick to a guitarist; brandishing a drumstick increases the level of connection between you & your kit. All of which allows you to play with more expression, as well as be more precise – i.e. drumsticks are a key component of any drummer’s sound.

Team this with the fact that a drummer’s full-time job is to keep a band in rhythm, which in essence makes them the backbone of every song, & yep – to simply ‘make do’ with any old drumsticks would be a major schoolboy error!! Really think about it & these small pieces of wood could even be the difference between your band charting or obtaining a major record deal (mind blown).

Without them, drummers would have no other choice to morph into a djembe player. Not exactly what you’d call ‘Rock N Roll’. So with that rather stark thought in mind, which is better – 5A or 7A drumsticks? And which drumsticks do the pros use? Read on to find out.

After something specific about which drumstick brand is best? Or just curious what we consider to be the best drumsticks? Use the menu below to find all the info you need in 1 click…

drummer holding their drumsticks tightly

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Choosing the right drumsticks isn’t always easy, especially when there’s a lot of small differences that (on the surface at least) might not even be apparent.

Wood type, stick size, overall weight + the girth & finish are just a few of the variables that you need to take into account. Wood type for instance, can dramatically impact the durability & overall impact on your sound. Much as the actual shape of the stick & its weight, can influence just how easy it is to use. Just like selecting an instrument, no 2 drumsticks are the same – not that you need to be worried though.

If anything, you can breathe a sigh of relief… we’ve done 90% of the work for you, & reviewed over 20+ types of drumsticks to bring you a rundown of what consider to be the best drumsticks for sale today…

1: Vic Firth American Classic 5A drumsticks

2: Zildjian 5A Nylon-Dipped drumsticks

man striking a cymbal with a pair of Zildijan drumsticks

3: Rayzm 5A Drumsticks

4: ProMark Classic 5A drumsticks (FireGrain Finish!)

5: Zildjian Travis Barker Artist Series drumsticks

vic firth drumsticks review

6: Vic Firth American Classic 7A drumsticks

7: ProMark ActiveGrip Rebound 5A drumsticks (acorn tip!)

8: Vic Firth Corpsmaster Signature Snare, by Ralph Hardimon

small child striking a drum with small drumsticks

In the case you’re after drumsticks for kids then you may need to opt for something slightly different.

See, with kids (A) not being as strong as us adults & (B) having shorter arms, for them to experience drumming at its best, they’d likely benefit from specific kids’ drumsticks. These being drumsticks that are not only shorter to make them more agile for playing, but also lighter too. That way you avoid risking your child concluding that drumming isn’t for them, simply because it tires them out or that they find it hard to play accurately. Plus, kids drumsticks usually make less noise too – a golden perk for any parent ;)

So we’ll waste no more time about it – here’s what we believe to be the best drumsticks for kids…

9: Vic Firth Kidsticks (ideal for 3-6 year olds)

If you’re a beginner when it comes to drumming, then for you, a drumstick likely needs to be a LOT of things.

Quality aside, your first ever stick is arguably the most important of the lot – it has a serious amount of weight on its shoulders. That’s because this stick has the grand job of persuading you that you’ve got what it takes to be credible drummer. In other words, it has to be the perfect all-rounder that gives you the best shot at achieving your potential. A tough gig!

Although saying that, we think we’ve found it. A drumstick that isn’t the ‘best-of-best’, but for most beginners would be the ideal starting point. This beginner drumstick is…

10: Donner 5A Classic Maple drumsticks (with protective pouch)

drummer getting ready for a live show

Not every drummer wants to interact with their kit in the same way.

What’s more, with some drums there’s additional ways to create sound using sticks. Brushes for instance, are also another popular form of eeeking new sounds out of your drums, as are dowels & mallets. So in the case you’re looking to play your drums in a slightly less ‘conventional’ manner, switching out your 5A/ 7A sticks may not actually be a bad idea. Hence why we’ve also extended our search to include other types of drumsticks too.

Speaking of which, here’s our picks for the best slightly less conventional drumsticks to vary-up & elevate your sound…

11: Meinl SB 202 bamboo dowels (for cajon drums)

12: Meinl 5A drum mallets (medium-soft felt)

13: Meinl SB 301 retractable wire brush

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close up of a pair of solid wood drumsticks

Or, if you’re here purely to learn more about drumsticks, keep reading & we’ll answer even more of your burning questions…

As a drum player, you’re probably curious about the pair of drumsticks you should buy. It is important to understand that choosing the proper drumsticks is considerably more crucial than most people realise. We have listed five drumsticks, ranging from inexpensive but good to expensive and exceptional so that you can find the perfect one. 

  •  Vic Firth American Classic – To begin with, these American-made drumsticks are considered masterpieces in the eyes of a lot of drummers. Can you believe they are 5A drumsticks with wood tips manufactured entirely of hickory? Hickory is quite strong and resilient, making these tools less likely to get damaged or break quickly.
  • CooperGroove Performance – The other best option to get your hands on is this set of drumsticks, as these 5B drumsticks have an additional amount of good grip that will keep your hands ergonomic and dry. This is very helpful because while playing, you don’t have to stress about dropping the drumsticks; this way, you can apply the perfect techniques without holding them tightly. 
  • Vater VH5AW Wood Tip – The next best pair of drumsticks are great for how reasonably priced they are. They measure 5As, and the cherry on top is they possess wood tips. As you know, the thicker the ends or tips of the drumsticks are, the more perfectly balanced it is. They come in various colours so that you can match them against your drum kit. The manufacturers used the finest hickory to make these drumsticks.
  • Vater VHFN Fusion Nylon Tip – The above drumsticks are made for the users who loved the third drumsticks on the list but wanted them to have nylon tips. These sticks have a similar size, range from size 5A to 5B, and are also constructed of hickory. But you can say that this variant is stronger and would last greater than the one with wood tips, thanks to the nylon tips.
  • Personalized Laser Engraved Wooden – Presents that are unique and customised have always been appreciated. You can surprise a drummer with these nice, distinctive drumsticks as a cool gift. But just to let you know, these drumsticks are not as impressive at performing as the other items mentioned on the list previously, so they might only be best for decorations. 

It is no secret that it is a dream to own drumsticks that popular drummers use. A fascinating fact for you is most rock drummers use the American 5B Classic. They use this because it is substantial enough to deliver a powerful punch as you play, yet it doesn’t restrict the movement like certain very hefty drumsticks. 

This implies that you can play rapid tunes and challenging drum fills without worrying about appearing sluggish. If you ask any professional, they will likely recommend choosing this set of drumsticks. 

In addition, another feature that appeals to many users is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially when considering the quality.

We’ve all had our fair share of drumstick breakages. However, one of the best things about drumsticks these days is that they are made to be strong, so even if the average sticks are played using good technique, they cannot be damaged easily. Overall, drumsticks made of oak are the most durable and can endure more aggressive playing methods. 

Depending on your budget and how you like to play, we’ve also handpicked drumstick options for you:

  1. AHEAD Classic Series 7A
  2. AHEAD Rock
  3. Vic Firth Titan Carbon Fiber

If you have seen Dave Grohl play, you must have seen his tattoos. To our surprise, Growl’s well-known tattoos on each of his arms are displayed on the ZASDG Zildjian Grohl Dave Artist Edition. These drumstick editions have huge dimensions for added reach and power. 

The height for each of these is 16 3/4 inches and a width of 0.600″. Another amazing feature is the acorn tip which produces a satisfactory and clear tone every time it’s tapped. Its general design is particularly well suited in rock situations when rebound, power, and longevity are crucial. 

Anyone and everyone who knows John Bonham wants to know about the drumsticks he uses on stage. Unfortunately for us, he prefers to keep his retired drumsticks confidential. The good news is that he has come up with his own drumstick set. Jason Bonham designed the SD531W Promark drumsticks. 

These drumsticks are ideal for rock rhythms thanks to their easy 5B gripping, stretched 16-3/4 inches length, maple rock construction, and rapid tapers in the ends. They provide a powerful upward reaction for use in a live setting. 

If you’re unsure where to begin, one can never go wrong with Vic firth drumsticks; a 5A type stick is a safe bet. Even though the 5A is most frequently associated with rock drummers, you may use it for various musical forms and playing techniques. 

The Vic American Firth Classic 5A is what we consider to be the ultimate 5A stick. They are incredibly sturdy and comfortable to grasp, and the teardrop end packs a powerful punch.

Ringo came up with his own drumstick collection to cater to his fans’ curiosity. You can find the High-quality hickory Zildjian drumsticks in the Starr Ringo Artist Collection. These iconic drumsticks have a flawless appearance, a purple DIP finish adorned with Ringo’s autograph, and a distinctive star. These drumsticks are perfect if you want power and balance. 

So basically, 7A drumsticks are usually employed in marching bands, jazz, or other settings with lighter musical styles. The 7AN and 7BN are 7A drumsticks and 7B drumsticks with a nylon end rather than a wooden tip.

Drumsticks for the use of electronic drummers are typically created from specific types of woods, such as maple or hickory. Electronic drumsticks are carefully crafted to form a precise tip. These sticks come in various sizes (5A drumsticks or 7A drumsticks).