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Best Electric Guitar For Beginners 2024: YEP – We Found It!

Is an electric guitar good for beginner? What guitar is easiest to start with? We reveal all...

Saying an instrument is the best electric guitar for beginners, is a bit like saying “as an instrument it’s good… but you won’t catch the pro using it.”

And there’s good reason for that. See, beginner electric guitars are a whole different breed. So while professional guitars are specifically designed to let you harness every ounce of your tone, beginner guitars… aren’t. If anything, they’re more of a tool. One that designed to help you master the basics for a fraction of the £$€, so that when you do go pro, you can get the very best out of your more pricey electrifying choice.

To dispel the myth – unless you don’t want to take up strumming professionally, then electric guitars for beginners are NOT a ‘forever instrument’. And that’s exactly why they’re so great! They’re the guitar that allows you to be rough & really ‘find’ your style of play. Heck, beginner electrics may even be the one to show you that guitar isn’t the instrument for you after all. A not-so expensive lesson if you take our advice.

So with that in mind, is a classic Fender Stratocaster good for a beginner? Or are electric guitars themselves really suited to beginners? Would acoustic be a wiser pick? We reveal all this & more.

After something specific about the type of electric guitar a beginner should use? Or just curious what we deem to be the best electric guitar for beginners? Use the menu below to get all the answers you need FAST…

beginner holding their first electric guitar

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SPOILER: No 2 electric guitars for beginners are the same.

So while they not only do they vary in size & weight, there’s also wood type, string quality & playability to take into account too. What’s more, with beginner electrics, you can also come across some slightly more ‘underground’ brands, many of which you haven’t heard of before. Then go on to team that with how each beginner learns at a different pace + has different preferences, & it soon becomes apparent that choosing the best electric guitar for a beginner isn’t wise being left to a luck dip.

Thankfully though, that’s a scenario you can directly avoid – we’ve done 90% of the work for you! Read on & we’ll reveal what we deem to be some of the best electric guitars for beginners for sale today…


1: Ibanez RGA 42FM Blue Lagoon

2: Yamaha SLG200S TBS

3: Donner DSJ-100 guitar (incl. amp)

4: Ibanez GRG 131DXBKF

5: Squier Classic Vibe

6: Ibanez GRG 7221QATKS (7 string)

7: Squier by Fender Mini Stratocaster

8: Ibanez RG Genesis Collection

9: LyxPro electric guitar starter kit

Just like guitars, not all beginners are the same size.

So naturally, kids or anyone with a slightly more ‘petit’ stature is going to prefer to learn on a different size of guitar; instrument size is essential to how you play. So naturally, by taking the time to select the right size of guitar, you stand a FAR better chance of picking up guitar faster & having more fun throughout the whole learning process. Everyone loves a competitive advantage!!

So to help you get just that, here’s what we consider to be the best compact electric guitar for beginners…

10: Loog Pro Electric VI (+ built-in amp & lessons!)

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Being a leftie is tough.

Aside from the fact that the majority of guitars are made for the right handed, with beginner guitars being aimed at a mass market, the chances of finding a wide selection is slim. To the point that shopping for a beginner electric really becomes more a pain than a pleasure. Hardly what you need when you’re an eager beginner!

Hence why we’ve saved you the job of trolling through endless instrument retailers & brought our pick to you. Here’s what we consider to be the best left handed electric guitar for beginners…

11: Squier by Fender Mini Strat (left-handed)

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Or if you’ve still trying to decide what is the best electric guitar for beginners, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

Indeed, Fender electric guitars unquestionably have a variety of characteristics that are ideal for beginners. For effect presets, most modern Fender digital guitars have LCD screens. It’s a terrific method to sound more like your favorite music and is very helpful for beginners to alter their tone with amps and modifications.

For us, the CD-60S from Fender is the ideal entry-level acoustic guitar. This excellent entry-level acoustic provides everything you might need for starting, and it’s all available for a very low price. This guitar has a sturdy design, a wonderful sound, and is simple to play. Additionally, the Fender emblem on the headstock gives the instrument a more formal appearance.

Learning to play the electric guitar might take anywhere between a few months to just a few years. Depending on what you want to play on the guitar, how frequently you learn, and how well you will determine how much time it will take.

When mastering an electric guitar from the beginning, you can quickly reach your objective of being able to play a few chords to complement your singing. On the other hand, if your aim is to be ripping through challenging solos and rhythmic portions, you must study and master a variety of approaches and abilities. It will undoubtedly require much more time than simply plucking a few chords.

Used electric guitars are generally not the best choice for beginners because doing so increases the possibility that the instrument may be defective. You might need to make repairs or alterations after buying it due to wear and tear or mechanical issues concealed from view. Hence, your best bet would be to grab a new electric guitar within your budget or on sale!

The Player series Stratocaster is considered one of Fender’s most adaptable starter instruments because it blends a classic design with modern features like a Contemporary C-shaped neck and a separate bridge pickup controller. It is significantly simpler to perform with the classic Fender body style than other versions. 

In contrast to the other models, which are heavier and have flat bodies, it is lighter and has a curved shape. This indicates that standing and sitting are certainly easier with this electric guitar. So, if you’re starting, you should choose a Stratocaster without a second thought!

A great electrical guitar for a novice should cost around $200 – $800. This also varies from person to person depending on resources, prior knowledge, and level of dedication to learning. Anything less will deteriorate before you even take it from the shop to your house. 

You might be tempted to get your first guitar for as little as $100 – $150, but you shouldn’t do so since, at this price point, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your guitar will be made of low-quality parts like wood frets, pickups, and knobs. Because of this, you will undoubtedly have trouble learning challenging skills as a novice.

Well, speaking digitally, the Stratocaster and Telecaster are pretty similar. Both instruments have a master volume control. However, the Stratocaster includes separate tone controls for the center and bridge pickups, whereas the Telecaster has one. 

In contrast to the Telecaster, which has a single cutaway body style, the Stratocaster has a double cutaway body that allows access to the neck from both sides of the fingerboard. They have different body shapes as well. The Telecaster has a flat top and back, whereas the Stratocaster has a curved body with a scoop in the rear.

But that’s not all. Although through-the-body string designs are prevalent on both guitars, Stratocasters frequently have a tremolo mechanism, whereas the Telecaster does not. These are the two guitars’ main distinctions from one another. 

Due to its three-pickup configuration, the Stratocaster offers a greater variety of tones than the Telecaster. Additionally, you will hear that playing the Stratocaster might be more pleasant, particularly while seated. However, all of this is based purely on a user’s personal tastes.

It is possible to play an electric guitar without an amplifier. If they are not plugged in, they would not, however, transmit as much sound. Any musician will tell you that an amplifier plays a key role in any setup using an electric guitar. 

The sound can be made louder and with more punch by doing this. However, as a novice, you might be hesitant to purchase an electric guitar and an amplifier simultaneously. If you’re strapped for finances, you can decide to get a guitar first and an amplifier afterward.

Yes, inexpensive electric guitars may provide excellent sounds. Everything depends on how skilled and capable you are at performing it. Cheap electric guitars don’t sound particularly cheap. You may significantly improve the tone of your guitar without paying a lot of money. 

So, if you’re a beginner, the simplest way to enhance the sound of a cheap electric guitar is to add thicker strings to increase sustain and ensure that it is set up properly, such as by paying attention to the truss rod position and bridge height. Additionally, pedal effects like overdrive, reverb, and distortion can enhance your overall tone.