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Best Electric Ukulele 2024: 9+ Ukes With Electrifying Tone!!

Who makes the best electric ukulele? Do electric ukuleles exist? We investigate...

The ‘best electric ukulele’ – it’s a statement that’s actually quite hard to pin on one certain instrument.

Because – spoiler alert – electric ukuleles are a whole different beast. Say electric ukes are simply their acoustic cousins with a pickup stuck on the side, & you’re completely missing the point!! Going electric opens your sound to an entire new avenue of tone, timbre & even has the ability to change how you play. To make the leap to electric is a BIG jump!

But not one that we’d discourage. See, the main advantage of an electric ukes is the way they open up how you play; playing an electric uke goes way beyond the classic strum around the campfire. Just like with an electric guitar, when hooked up to an amp, electric ukes make for the perfect gigstrument! There’s few better instruments for the road.

Plus, factor in how you can also use Guitar Pedals to shape the sound of an electric uke, & there’s a real strong argument to suggest they’re the most custom stringed instrument you can buy. AKA a stringed instrument nerd’s idea of heaven! Question is though, what is the best electric ukulele? And how do you choose the best electric uke for you? All that & more, coming up…

After something specific about what is the best electric ukulele brand? Or just curious what we deem to be the best electric ukulele you can buy? Dive into the menu below to get all the answers you need in 1 click…

buy an electric ukulele online

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Choosing the best electric ukulele is anything but a walk in the park.

Much like when choosing an acoustic, there’s a dozen pitfalls to consider regarding build & playability + the (rather awkward) question of which brand makes the best electric ukulele. In other words, would a cheap ukulele suffice? Or would you be better off spending that bit extra to get yourself a uke that’s played by the pros?

Go on to factor in that each uke also comes with its own unique sound & suddenly this whole ‘finding the best’ lark seems quite the task. BUT with that being said, you do stand a good chance of doing so… providing you read on of course.

Here’s our rundown of what we consider to be the best electric ukuleles for sale today…

1: Kala Teak Tri-Top concert acoustic-electric ukulele

a ukulele player hooking up their instrument to an amp

2: Fender Billie Eilish Signature acoustic-electric ukulele

3: Aklot tenor electric ukulele

4: Ortega Guitars custom double neck tenor acoustic-electric ukulele

crowd gathered around a brand new electric ukulele

5: Kala solid bamboo electric U-BASS

6: Cordoba 24T-CE acoustic-electric cutaway tenor uke

7: Ortega Guitars Earth Series electro-acoustic concert uke

8: Caramel CT904 ebony tenor electric uke kit

caramel electric ukulele being used on stage to entertain a large audience

9: Lotkey 23″ silent electric ukulele

Electric ukes are expensive!!

Not to mention that ukuleles themselves take a good amount of getting used to, especially if your first stringed instrument. Those who’ve mastered guitar can likely avoid this type of uke & skip straight to something more pro-grade. BUT for those complete beginners with 0% experience with stringed instruments, who’re also out to fathom whether the uke is even for them, we’d say you need to take a step back. Exactly where this uke comes in…

The uke that (after rigorous testing) we’ve decided to label as our choice for the best electric ukulele for beginners…

10: Vangoa tenor electro-acoustic ukulele

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famous musician bringing out an electric ukulele midway through their tour

Or if you’ve still trying to decide what electric ukulele is best for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

There are many reasons as to why the Acoustic VS Electric Ukulele Debate exists.

Even professional musicians prefer electric ukes to acoustics. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find that ukes are excellent initial instruments due to their simplicity and lightness. And now, some individuals even go as far as to give their ukulele a little extra projection. The electric ukulele is ideal for adding extra pop and punch to your sound compared to acoustics. 

If you want to clip in and rock out, you need an electric uke. The choice between an acoustic and electric ukulele is one of the most important because many fantastic electric ukuleles are available today. Each has advantages and disadvantages; what fits one individual may not mean it will work for another. Other than that, electric ukes are better than acoustics because at a concert, sing-along, or simply for fun, you can take them out and play them perfectly without charging them in.

If you’ve ever looked for a new ukulele, you’ve seen the vast array of manufacturers who sell this specific instrument. There are companies you may check out that are just a few years old, brands you should avoid, and even brands with a long history. This question covers the top ukulele manufacturers and identifies some of their latest models.

Although best electric ukuleles have been around for a while, they seem to be becoming increasingly popular. Since the substantial body of the instrument generates minimal noise when unplugged, if you like peaceful practice, you might also be intrigued by these brands. 

  • Lanikai Ukuleles.
  • Cordoba.
  • Oscar Schmidt.
  • Martin
  • Luna Guitars

Yes, it can. The secret to a decent acoustic-electric ukulele, often known as an electro-acoustic uke or just an electric ukulele, is its capacity to keep its acoustic tone as natural as possible when connected. 

The ukulele’s vacuous body and conventional design are combined with an electronic microphone in an acoustic-electric model so that you can play the instrument from an amplifier or data means. The versatility of an electric uke allows many players to get more use out of their equipment.

They do because electric ukes are so loud that you do not have to worry about being drowned by the loud noises in their surroundings. With electric ukuleles, you can play anywhere, no matter how loud, without worrying about being overpowered by a raucous audience. Just wait till you get an electric ukulele if you feel comfy with the small size of an acoustic one! 

In general, amplified acoustic-electric ukuleles sound better than they do unamplified. The most expensive ukuleles are renowned for their sound and intrigue many players for their great tone. Vocalists, groups, and live performers in huge stadiums that seek maximum sound augmentation, longer survival, and high output settings even without feedback problems with acoustic-electric ukuleles are big fans of electric and acoustic-electric ukuleles because of their sound quality.

Many ukuleles are available in the market today. But which option is best for you when so many alternatives are available, and you don’t really know what to look for before investing in one? Here are the three features you need to look into!

While most guitars range in price from $500 to $2,000, it will be challenging to locate an electric ukulele for less than $250, even though that would be incredible! For this reason, we believe it’s crucial to strike the perfect balance between your electric ukulele’s price and quality. 

Although ukuleles are among the musical instruments that fit most pleasantly on the market, you should still consider the device’s convenience and size. 

The last thing you should consider essential to look at when buying an electric uke is accessories. What kind of musical accessories do you want your electric uke to carry? These are detrimental to the sound you want to play. 

Yes, you can. Nothing will be damaged if you do this. On the other hand, guitar amplifiers are often made for acoustic guitars, which have distinct sound and insertion loss from an acoustic-electric ukulele. This implies that when you put it in a ukulele, the EQ effect of a guitar amp frequently seems thin. 

The ukulele’s tone will almost always be more accurately reproduced by an amp designed for acoustics. We have had some luck connecting our ukulele to acoustic guitar tube amps. It’s not as natural-sounding as we often want our ukulele to sound, but it’s also not as thin and wispy as most solid-state amplifiers.

Yes, many professional musicians use electric ukuleles. The versatility of an electric ukulele allows many players to get more use out of their equipment. In general, EQ is a need for any ukulele player who plans to perform their instrument live with an amplifier, join a band, or utilise effects pedals. It has a single, solid body, which makes it slimmer, more compact, and less likely to get squished. 

The majority of solid body electric ukes in the soprano and concert sizes may perfectly accommodate a piece of carry-on luggage without needing an additional case, making these the most space-efficient choice for regular travellers. And because of these many reasons, pros opt for electric ukes.

Despite being a relatively young ukulele manufacturer, Kala Ukuleles has had a significant effect. They are a fantastic option for anyone looking for a well-built, high-quality ukulele at a fair price. 

They are especially beneficial for those beginning to take their ukulele playing more seriously and need a high-quality instrument without breaking the wallet. Before you even play a note, it will grab a lot of attention and remarks. Once you start playing, you’ll notice that it produces a rather good sound.