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Best Fog Machine 2024: 10 Indoor/ Outdoor Foggers For DJs!!

The best fog machine for outdoor use? What's the best fog machine for sale today?

The best fog machine creates atmosphere – something that’s essential whether you’re hosting a concert, wedding, theatre show or just kitting out a new nightclub. And that’s because it’s atmosphere that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary.

Put it this way, concert goers don’t go to see their favourite musicians perform live for a studio quality recordings – they go for the atmosphere. Much the same reason why nightclubbers favour certain clubs and couples spend thousands on their wedding day. Atmosphere is at the heart of every event! Hence why if you ask us, you’d be crazy not to consider a good fog machine.

Not only do they spice up the dance-floor at a wedding, but they also keep the party vibes alive in a nightclub and give live performances that extra ‘wow’ factor. Exactly why being aware of the best fog machines money can buy isn’t just a good idea – it’s a must! So to help you fathom what is the best fog machine in 2023, we’ve compiled a list of what are (in our opinion) good fog machines.

Find yourself wondering, “Are fog machines expensive?” Or just curious to know what we consider to be the best fog machines in 2024? Use the menu below to get the answers you need in one click…

DJ using fog machine at wedding

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Searching for the best fog machine out there is quite a task.

Shop around online and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of different alternatives. Some machines creating their fog in one way, while others go down a completely different route. Not to mention that some are more portable, powerful, pricy and even include LED lights. All of which really does turn choosing a fog machine into bit of a mind-bender.

Thankfully though, you can relax as we’ve scoured the depths of the internet to bring you the 10 best fog machines for the money in 2024… (you can thank us later)

1: U’King 1200W Fog Machine (very powerful)

If you’re after a fog machine with serious power, then this 1200 watt beast from U’King would certainly tick the boxes. Not only do them 1200 watts allow you to shoot fog up to 8 metres across your dance floor or part space, but it also means that you can you get a really good volume of fog out of each tank. In fact, the tank is one of the largest on this list, with a whopping 1 litre capacity! Ideal for the large dance spaces you’ll find in a stately home, or for setting up in the wings of a theatre or concert venue.

What’s more, this fog machine feels well made too. Granted, it is 4.2kg, which doesn’t make it the most portable fog machine you’ll find, but that extra weight does mean that it’s rugged enough to withstand a bit of a beating. The robust aluminium finish looks premium too, and also works to dissipate heat. But arguably this fog machine’s party piece are its 6 RGB LEDs, which aside from spicing up the party, can also be operated via remote control. In fact, so can the entire fog machine. Something that makes the U’King ideal if you want your bursts of fog to be precise and activated from a distance. Call it a DJ’s or presenter’s secret weapon.

What makes this U’King the best fog machine?

  • Being 1200 watts, it’s incredibly powerful – ideal for live performances!
  • Because that aluminium case dissipates heat, it’s safe to use around children!
  • Ideal outdoor fog machine, especially thanks to that wireless remote.
  • 8 metres is an incredible distance to be able to shoot fog! Very versatile indeed.
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2: Beamz ICE1800 MKII Ice Fogger Machine

Looking to coat your floor in a cloud of foggy mist? Then the ICE1800 is virtually all you need. As a fog machine specifically designed to create ground fog, the 1800 will have fog oozing over the edge of a stage or spilling across your dancefloor in a matter of minutes.

What makes this machine different is that unlike the majority of fog machines on this list, it can create fog using either ice or fog fluid. A party trick few fog machines can boast and the reason why it can create such thick fog – this machine is designed specifically to replicate the dry ice effect.

And with 1800 watts of power behind it, as well as a 2.5l ice tank, that’s something it can continue to do for a long time. It’s built to last, as you’d expect when it comes in at just over 20kg! What’s more, thanks to this machine coming with the added bonus on DMX control, you can actually use it in tandem with other machines too! All of which make it the ideal accessory for music concerts, nightclubs and wedding DJs.

Here’s why this is the best fogger you can buy…

  • At 1800 watts it’s one of the most powerful fog machines on this list!
  • It does a really good job of coating the floor in a carpet of mist.
  • The fact it can create fog with both ice and fluid is nice!
  • DMX control makes this arguably the best fog machine for anyone in showbiz!

3: BrightFootBook Co2 Fog Gun

For those who want to make their experience with fog a bit more playful, this fog machine gun may be just the ticket. Reason being that aside from being able to be mounted to a rig, this fog machine can also be handheld (our preference). So in theory, if you were to get more than one of these fog machines, you could actually stage a fog battle.

And it’s not like you’d be hampered by the size of your stage either. These fog guns can shoot fog up to 8 metres and include a built-in temperature control system, so there’s little risk of them overheating. They also look the part too, with the barrel being illuminated by coloured LEDs. Some of them even spray confetti!! In fact, the only real downside to holding one of these that we could find is their weight. At 3kg each, not long into our battle we were breaking a sweat.

But that being said, you can’t fault the build quality. They actually feel like real guns… not that we’d know (shhhsh). But seriously, they’re ideal for adding a playful twist to any club, outdoor concert or music rave and definitely a form of fog machine that you can’t afford to overlook.

What’s so special about this fog gun?

  • It’s such a playful take on the fog machine!!
  • Thanks to their LED illumination, these really do shine in dark environments.
  • Being powered by Co2, they can fire fog upto a whopping 8 metres!
  • They feel really well built & worlds away from a toy!
couple deciding on which is the best fog machine for them

4: AZfiner Bazooka Bubble Machine Gun (Child-Friendly Fog Machine)

AZfiner have really nailed children’s parties with this slightly more junior style ‘fog’ machine. So instead of actual fog, this machine gun produces a reasonably thick cloud of bubbles, which create much a similar affect only without the use of fog fluid – a good alternative if you’re a bit wary about using fog fluid around young children.

And yet, with this bubble machine we wouldn’t say you actually sacrifice a great deal. We were really impressed by the sheer volume of bubbles that’re produced, especially considering the fact it’s such a bazooka. The whole thing only weighs in at under 0.5g too + it comes in multiple different colours. All of which makes it a real hit with kids. Plus, with the bazooka being battery powered (no warm up time required), so there’s little delay in getting the bubbles started.

Couple that with the fact that these guns are reasonably priced, & you can pretty much host an entire bubble battle for the price of one high-end fog machine. Makes a lot of sense, especially when right now (as we write this blog) there’s a discount for multiple/ bulk orders!!

What makes this the best fog machine alternative?

  • It’s battery powered, which means you can make bubbles virtually wherever – no plug socket needed!
  • For parents who want a fog-type affect without the fog, it’s ideal.
  • There’s a whopping 64 holes on the front for bubbles to escape!!
  • At less than 0.5kg, it’s lightweight & portable!

5: HAKUTA Fog Machine

This is one funky fog machine. Aside from the fact it’s white (not the usual black), the AGPtEK stands out from the crowd, simply due to its sheer amount of features. So much so that we’d even be tempted not even to call this a fog machine at all, but more of an all-round party essential.

As you’d expect, it’s main party piece is the fog itself, which is pretty dense to say the least, especially when you hold the fog button down for a long while. Another quirk we liked about this machine was a setting called Autofog, which much as it sounds, distributes short bursts of fog at low levels without any intervention from you. Doing so, a full tank of fog fluid lasted us over 1 hour! Ideal if you’re a busy host or DJ who’s got 10,000 other things to think about besides timing your next burst of fog.

Then there’s those lights, which come with a separate controller just to manage all the colours – there’s so many! The lights themselves also have various different modes including fade, strobe, flash etc. and can be used independently to the fog. In fact, the only downer that we could find with this machine is that fog fluid isn’t included. Apart from that though, it’s genuinely hard to pick fault. Well done Hakuta!

What makes this the best fog machine out there?

  • The automatic spray function is a nice hands-off approach to fog!
  • Fog & light effects can be operated separately – it’s practically a 2 in 1.
  • Projects around 2-3 metres of fog – not too shabby!
  • Still can’t quite get over how many coloured lights you’ve got to choose from
Fogger being used onstage

6: Beamz RAGE 1000 Fog Machine

Arguably one of the best fog machines in 2024 is the Beamz Rage 1000. Why? Because that’s all it focuses on – being the best fog machine that it can be, and that’s it. So while you won’t find LED party lights integrated into the 1000, what you will find is a heavy focus on build quality, practicality and even some eco-frinedly touches too!

This fog machine has a whopping 2 litre capacity! In fact, the reservoir on this fog machine is the biggest out of all those we tested… it’s a mammoth! Plus, it’s also backlit by LED lighting, meaning you can be confident about your fuel levels whatever the lighting. Being 1000 watts, it’s powerful too, yet it doesn’t guzzle nowhere near as much electricity as you’d think, thanks to its energy saving temperature control.

Something that along with its thermostatically controlled heating element means heat-up time for the 1000 is small too, so there’s very little delay in-between setup and creating clouds of thick fog. All perks that you tend not to find on cheaper models, especially those retailing for double figures. And if that isn’t enough, the RAGE 1000 also comes with a 2-year warranty!

What makes this the best fog machine for the money?

  • Feels really sturdy & well built – then again, it should if it’s metal & weighs 4.1kg!
  • That 2-year warranty is reassuring to have.
  • We love all the energy-saving measures on this.
  • Having very little warm up time is ideal for getting the party started fast!

7: Gejrio 500w Fog Machine

When it comes to being compact and durable, the FM-03 doesn’t fail to impress, especially considering it’s a budget fog machine! You really wouldn’t expect a fog machine of this price to be made of aluminium. Neither would you expect it to pack so many features, into what’s actually quite a portable package.

On the surface, the Crenova is a 500 watt fog machine, which might not sound like much, but we found its flow of fog to be more than satisfactory. Yes, it’s not one to spew out jets of fog like you get at a live concert, but it’s certainly enough umph to provide a steady flow of fog over a dance-floor or stage at a social function. Its metal outer also dissipates heat really well, making it child friendly, as do those 10 LED lights, which come in a ream of different colours!

Clocking in at 2kg it’s also portable too, and can even be mounted to a lighting rig thanks to its chunky mount, which also doubles as a handle. The only real drawback of this machine is its fog fuel capacity, which when compared to other machines isn’t that great – 250ml is all you get. Then again, if you’re not trying to fill a room with smoke and just need something for light affects, the FM-03 could work well. Plus, check the price + consider the fact it comes with a guarantee and you can’t really complain.

Reasons why this may well be the best fog machine…

  • It can spray 2000cfm fog up to around 4/5 metres!
  • At just over 2kg it’s one of the most portable fog machines on this list!
  • There’s not one, but two remote controls!
  • It can be used with any fog fluid – cooled or not.
a cloud of haze from a fogger

8: QTX Umbra 1200 Stage Effect Fog Machine

Okay so while this isn’t what you’d call portable at 25kg, if you’re on the hunt for high-intensity fog and lots of it, this is 100% the best fog machine for the money! Reason being that unlike the majority of foggers on this list, this machine can actually create a dry ice effect. And yet to do so, it doesn’t use ice or Co2 – just your standard fog fluid.

All of which we think makes it the perfect solution for concert and stage effects, even in an outdoor environment. We’re particular fans of the removable control panel, which prevents you from having to crouch down next to the machine in order to control it. And while it does weigh in at substantially more than any other fog machines on this list, it does make up for it (if you ask us) by being on wheels and coming with a full flight case, so it doesn’t get damaged on tour.

Safe to say that if you’re after the full fog effect, then this is the way to go.

What makes this the best fog machine for the money?

  • Ideal for stage shows & outdoor use!
  • It creates a dry ice effect, yet doesn’t use dry ice!
  • You cannot complain at build quality – at 25kgs it’s substantial.
  • The tank on this fog machine is huge!

If you’re a beginner who’s looking to get into performance or DJing, then buying your first fog machine is a really big deal.

So big in fact, that you could say it’s one of the largest decisions you’ll ever make! After all, this (your first experience with a fog machine) can pretty much influence how likely you are to use one again in the future. No pressure then! We jest…

Therefore, to make sure you invest your £$€ wisely first time round, here’s what we think is the best cheap fog machine for the money…

9: Beamz Compact S500 Fog Machine

Portable smoke machines don’t get much more affordable than the Beamz S500. At 500 watts this smoke machine isn’t the most powerful you can find, but does have more than enough grunt for small spaces. For giving a wedding isle a foggy haze or creating light fog on-stage, this fog machine would be great!

Due to its plastic design, it’s also lightweight too, tipping the scales at under 1.5kg. All of which makes it ideal accessory for mobile DJs, who’re after fog that’s playful but not overwhelming. For a family orientated event like a wedding, this fog machine would be perfect.

Being not the most powerful it’s also kind on fog juice, drinking just 250ml at a time. And speaking of fluid, this machine can also be used with scented fluid too, to give your occasion an extra poof of fragrance. An nice touch if you ask us… much like its affordable price tag and 2-year warranty.

What makes this the best budget fog machine?

  • The fact it supports fragranced fluids is good to know, especially for weddings!
  • That 2-year warranty + it’s incredibly reasonable price!
  • Despite its all-plastic construction, it doesn’t feel cheap. Durable if anything!
  • It’s very Economical on fog fluid, especially considering the amount of fog output.
people stood watching a DJ

Be you a party fanatic or a popular mobile DJ, having a fog machine that’s portable is vital. Reason being that as great as larger pieces of kit perform, if when it comes to travel you find it hard to transport, it can very quickly loose its appeal. So much so that having a fog machine that’s portable is for many of us these days, a ‘must’. So with that in mind then, here’s what we consider to be the best portable fog machine you can buy in 2024…

 10: RockJam SM-AC-1 Lightshow Fog Machine

Not bothered with the technicalities and just want something that can fill a room with fog in minutes? If so, then the RockJam SM-AC-1 could well be all you need. As far as fog machines go, it’s lightweight – so light in fact that it weighs in at less than 1kg & overall is a solid all-round fog machine.

Although don’t mistake the RockJam for a pro-specced piece of kit. Ask us and it’s more a casual fog machine that’s designed to be fun, opposed to be used in a more professional setting. For instance, the build is good don’t get us wrong, but it’s not why you’d buy this fog machine. You’d buy it because of its usability fun-factor and value.

For the price, this really is a lot of fog machine for the money! Aside from the 400 watts of fog-pushing power, it’s also got a clever LED system that can be set to respond to music that’s been played. We blasted a heavy Hip Hop track using this fog machine and the LEDs went crazy. Like we say, this ain’t the most pro piece of kit, but if you judge a fog machine on smiles and fun-factor, then it’s certainly the one to buy.

Why it’s the best budget fogger…

  • It comes with 1 litre of fog liquid – very generous!
  • Tipping the scales at less than 1kg, this fog machine is portable.
  • LED lights that respond to music is rare!
  • You can’t really complain at the price…!

No putting a finger on the best fog machine in 2024, is a tricky one, so naturally we found ourselves stuck between two. The first being the…

U’King 1200W fogger = Best Professional Grade Fog Machine

A fogger that really does deliver in terms of volume. For anyone after serious levels of fog, thi sis the way to go. Aside from the staggering levels of output, the is also second to none too! And while there are some machines that offer more in the way of gimmicks and wattage, we feel the U’King gets the balance of functionality and price just right.

Besides, if you’re a professional, you probably already have funky laser lights, so paying for them as part of a fog machine really makes little sense. You may as well put that money into the performance of the machine, opposed to paying for extravagant, but albeit quite quirky gimmicks. But that’s not to say that we don’t love a good gimmick – we do.

In fact, that’s what our other favourite fog machine is; we have a soft spot for the…

BrightFootBook Co2 Fog Gun = Best Fog Machine Overall

And yet that’s exactly why we’re fans of it – it’s not trying to be both serious & gimmicky. Instead, it’s 100% invested in being a gimmick, as that’s what it’s made to be. A fogger that doesn’t take itself too seriously and instead strives to take the concept of a fogger one step further. Something that we can’t help but feel it does rather well. Find a more exhilarating use of fog than firing it at your best mate like it’s a laser and we’d be prepared to reconsider.

But as it stands, that’s our verdict. If you’re a seasoned professional then the best fog machine you can buy is the U’King 1200 watt. Whereas if you’re just want to use fog as a means to have some fun, then a BrightFoot Book Co2 fog gun is really all you need.

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jets of fog spurting into the air

Or if your heart’s set on a smoke machine, keep reading to discover even more about why fog machines are the ideal gadget for DJs…

When it comes to pricing, fog machines can vary.

Usually a fog machine will be anywhere in-between £30 & £100, however that does depend a lot on how it’s specced out. So for instance, the amount of wattage, the brand, build quality, how far it can shoot fog etc. However if you’re after the creme de la creme of fog machines, you’ll be looking further into the hundreds.

How pricy of a fog machine you get though, really all depends on your circumstances. If you’re a family hosting a kid’s party then a £30 budget option should do just fine. Wedding DJs and nightclubs would probably require the next step up. It’d only be in showbiz or in the theatre where a proper pricy fog machine would make sense.

99% of fog machines nowadays operate using fog fluid – you’ll come across very few that use Co2 or dry ice.

This fog fluid is essentially a mix of water and glycol, which is heated by the machine to produce vapour. After which it’s then blasted out of a nozzle at high pressure, during which it’s combined with cold air and creates your fog. Virtually every fluid-based machine operates this way and relies on much the same in the way of components. It’s only when you progress to a dry ice fog machine that things change.

You see, how this machine creates its mixture of foggy swirls and waves is a bit more complex. A dry ice fog machine is very often a large enclosed barrel, which has a water heating source built in, or some sort of vent-like exit with an exhaust fan. It’s also got a mechanism that drops a specific quantity of dry ice into the liquid. After which the fog is funnelled out through a series of large hoses that are very often used in theatres or musical performances to create an atmospheric low-lying fog.

Fog machines are available in a variety of wattage levels, spanning from 400 to 1000 watts. As you’d expect, smaller wattage machines will typically produce less fog than bigger wattage machines, however that can depend on other aspects including the fog fuel and overall build quality.

When using a fog machine it’s vital that you consider the size of your space and how your fog will work. Always do a test run! Too little and you risk your fog being a disappointment. Too much and you risk making the event so foggy that the fun factor sort of disappears. Plus, having a fog machine that’s too small for your space and you may have to use it more than you’d expected and in turn use more electricity.

Hardly ideal if you’re outside and relying on a generator!

How long fog from a fog machine lasts really all depends on where you are.

If you’re outside, the fog is likely to disappear in a matter of seconds, providing of course your machine isn’t industrial quality and pump out thick coats of fog in a matter of seconds. In that case you could get away with 10-20 seconds. However if you’re indoors the affect should be a lot more intense and last longer too.

Use a fog machine inside and you can expect the fog to last at least 30 seconds to a minute – if not longer. Typically your smaller fog machines tend to be the most economical when it comes to fog juice consumption, as their output tends to be a lot less. Therefore, some 400 watt machines can last as long as 6 hours!

Let’s make something clear – fog liquids are non toxic!

According to white-coats, they have no direct effects on the respiratory system. Now of course we wouldn’t advise you to stand around fog machines all day every day, but really it’s juts like with anything like smoking, junk food or alcohol – once in a blue moon isn’t going to do you any harm. Probably the only fog machines we’d advise you tread carefully around would be those powered by liquid nitrogen.

Also if you’re known to have any respiratory condition (asthma for instance), then being wise about how much fog you get caught up in would be wise. Although really, if you have one of these conditions you probably have enough common sense to do that anyway.

Fluid-based fog machines can leave a slick residue on flooring, as well as other surfaces, depending on the surrounding environment. Although to be honest, it’s not all that common.

If there’s a lot of air circulating in a space, you shouldn’t have this issue. In fact, the only real place where this could become a concern is nightclubs, due to how confined they are, not to mention hot and sweaty.

Okay, so the here’s what you need to know…

  • The particles created by fog machines will trigger ionisation smoke detectors. However, because sprinkler systems are normally activated by heat, the fog should not ignite them.
  • Fog machine particles cannot set off fire sprinklers. Think about it – they’re moisture, just like what’d come out of the sprinklers. So why would they?

The only real difference between an indoor and outdoor fog machine is the amount of weatherproofing that goes into the design. But apart from that, there’s not much else.

Fog machines are practically interchangeable in-between indoors and outdoors. The question to ask is what fog machines are best for use indoors and outdoors? And much as you’d imagine, when it comes to outdoor use, the bigger the wattage, the better. While your 400 watt smoke machines can function outside, for the best effect your really need to opt for something with high wattage.

For on-stage use, dry ice effect machines are ideal.

Really how much fog liquid you need all depends of the type of fog machine that you buy.

Opt for a thirsty 1200 watt model and chances are you’ll need at least some sort of a backup supply. Reason being that due to their large power and capacity to project fog, these machines typically require more fog liquid and go through it faster too. Although to be fair to them, the majority of good fog machines do usually come with a fairly large tank, so you won’t have to refill them every 2 minutes.

But with that being said, a 400 watt fog machine may be more economical (i.e. use less fog liquid). Yes, it may not produce the levels of fog you need for outdoors, but if you’re indoors and want to save on fog fluid, downsizing to a lower wattage may actually be the way to go!