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Best Guitar Stands 2024: 10+ To Display Your Guitar In Style!!

Is it better to hang or stand a guitar? Should I store my guitar in a case? We investigate...

The best guitar stands don’t just display your guitar – they protect it.

See, guitars of all shapes can be quite particular when it comes to storage. You have to be VERY careful how you do so, as all models (being different weights & dimensions) benefit from different types of storage. Something that if you fail to address, could be the cause of permanent damage!! Hardly the expense you need if you’re a frequent player, learner or a member of a band. But expense is just 1 piece of the puzzle…

A guitar’s condition itself plays a vital role in both how it plays, as well as how it sounds. Let’s just say that tone-woods aren’t just called so for the fun of it. The condition & overall shape of the wood (even moderate damage) can have a noticeable impact on your acoustics. Couple that with how a poorly maintained guitar can make it a whole lot harder for you to play, & if you ask us, a relatively inexpensive precaution like a guitar stand just seems like common sense.

Remember: guitar care works much in the same way as karma. The more you show, the more it comes back around & the easier your journey to becoming a rockstar will be. Question is then, what kind of stand is best for guitar? Is there even such thing as the best guitar stand? We investigate.

After something specific about whether it’s best to hang or stand a guitar? Or just curious what we deem to be the best guitar stands for sale? Use the menu below to get the answers you need at record pace…

guitar stand holding a fender stratocaster

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There’s more than 1 way to stand a guitar.

Guitar stands come in various shapes & sizes, & each have their own purpose behind their design.   Some stand your instrument vertically, other pitch it at an angle & some even suspend your guitar by the neck. Hence why before choosing a guitar stand, you’d be wise to do your research. If that’s something you’re yet to do, then don’t stop here- keep reading.

Because as it just so happens, we’ve done 90% of the work for you & whittled down what we believe to be the best guitar stands for sale today…

1: König & Meyer Heli 2 guitar stand (adjustable/ foldable)

using a guitar stand to keep a guitar safe

2: Hercules GS414B Plus guitar stand

3: Donner DS-1 folding metal guitar stand

4: Hercules GS432B Plus multiple guitar stand

protecting an expensive guitar with a new stand

5: Donner DS-3 wood guitar stand

6: Miwayer guitar stand (made of real bamboo)

7: Keplin universal floor stand for guitars

buy a guitar stand online

8: Cahaya CY0180 wooden guitar stand

9: Ruach GR-2 customisable 5-way multi guitar rack

If you’re on tour, a guitar stand must be compact – there’s no ‘maybe’ about it.

Fact is that life on tour can be tight to say the least, especially when you’re lugging gear around from venue to venue in the back of a tour bus. For this reason alone, touring musicians need a guitar stand that’s both strong & foldable. Fail to get your hands on exactly this & you could have your guitar stand break mid tour. Hardly the extra portion of drama you’re after. 

But no matter. Here’s what we consider to be the best portable guitar stand that can also withstand a beating…

10: Cahaya CY0242 foldable guitar stand

guitar wall hanging stands holding up multiple acoustic & electric guitars

The Fender Stratocaster is one of the most iconic guitars even conceived.

So iconic in fact that without this electric guitar, some of the musical genius’ we know & love today may not have even achieved their legendary status!! Fact remains though that the Strat’s claim to fame doesn’t come cheap. Plus, with all the wacky colour schemes available they’re easily one of the best looking guitars to display in a stand. They just SCREAM “rockstar”

So if you’re here specifically to buy a guitar stand for a Stratocaster, here’s one that in our opinion should automatically make your shortlist…

11: Fender Deluxe hanging guitar stand

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critic reviewing the best guitar stands & comparing their features

Or if you’ve still trying to decide what is best guitar stand for you, keep reading & we’ll answer more of your burning questions…

Guitars can either be supported by a stand or hung on a wall hanger. Let’s look at some facts since both positions have advantages. Wall hangers for guitars are excellent for neat presentation, safety from being knocked over, and space conservation. Contrarily, guitar floor stands are fantastic when space is an issue; they are inexpensive or can be used when hammering into a wall is not an option.

If a wall hanger, floor stand, or wall hanger is preferable for the guitar, it is at the core of this topic. A wall hanger has very little surface area that contacts the guitar. With less surface area, the mass of the guitar is more evenly distributed, which results in higher pressure intensity in some areas of the guitar.

Although you can carry a guitar on a larger surface area with a floor stand, it is unlikely that a guitar will be harmed by hanging from its headstock. Consider implementing a good floor stand if your guitar is delicate, extremely old, or has received a headstock restoration that considers the structural stability.

The neck of a guitar is not harmed in any way when it is hung on a wall by the headstock. In reality, the strain on your strings in the reverse direction is far stronger than the downward pressure caused by the instrument’s weight.

Although hanging the guitar won’t harm the neck, it occasionally can harm the finish. When they touch the rear of the guitar neck, some foam and rubber-based guitar hangers may damage the finish. That is why choosing the finest guitar hanger for your instrument is necessary.

A-frame guitar stands do indeed function very well. A-Frame stands frequently earn a negative reputation because they initially seem unsteady. However, they’re much more stable than they appear, and they’re a terrific method to keep your instrument, particularly in locations with little room.

The biggest benefit of this construction is that they are frequently compact enough to fit within your guitar case when completely collapsed. Additionally, their portability makes them perfect for gigging and other types of travel. Therefore, this guitar stand is perfect for you if you perform on the go!

The industry leader in guitar stands, Hercules has earned an unrivalled reputation for creating tough versions of guitar stands that support today’s artists during demanding concerts. KHS America stated it would take over management of HERCULES Stands’ North American sales in 2015. Hercules has its headquarters in Mt Juliet, Tn.

 As a result, KHS America is the main US distributor for HERCULES Stands, which are exclusively produced in the US. As a multinational corporation, KHS chooses the best materials and oversees every step of production in its cutting-edge, privately owned facilities, ensuring consistent excellent quality and dependability.

Keeping a guitar in its case—ideally a high-quality hard shell case rather than a gig bag or an inconvenient chipboard case—is the safest storage method. However, you can also keep it without a case. It’s appropriate to leave a guitar on a stand rather than keep it in a case while you’re not using it unless you’re humidifying it using a case humidifier or have little children or pets rushing around who could knock it over.

It is much more attractive to hang a guitar on the wall than to use a guitar stand as a technique to display your guitars. However, most individuals are still unsure how high to hang their instrument. Simple wall hangers, locking wall hangers, angled wall mounts, and other options can be used to hang them. Your room is an important consideration to be kept in mind while hanging a guitar.

The instrument should be positioned such that it is within easy reach but not so close to the ground that it will be accidentally bumped upon. Choose whether you wish to hang your guitar horizontally, vertically, or at an inclination. There are hooks and mounts suited for various hanging techniques, so this shouldn’t be a problem whether you are playing an acoustic or electric instrument.

It’s also crucial to provide space in case you decide to hang another guitar on the wall in the future. Depending on the style you want and the kind of wall, the optimum place and height for your guitar will vary.

veryone initially commits the same blunder. You believe that all guitar stands are created equal. Therefore, you choose the first one that you set your eyes on. Or, even worse, you look around and purchase the cheapest item. One of the most beneficial investments you can make is a sturdy guitar stand, as we all eventually realize.

It not only protects your instrument from harm, but it also protects any other adjacent equipment in addition to the costly condenser mic. The main issue is that it’s not always clear how to distinguish between good stands and terrible ones when hunting for one. You may, however, keep a few things in mind to make a secure purchase.

A frame, multi-stands, wall hangers, walk-up stands, guitar racks, and many other options are available. There are primarily two kinds of guitar storage options available here. A guitar stand will sit on the ground, giving your guitar a highly secure foundation. Although it will require more space than a guitar hanger, it is frequently simpler for quick instrument changes. On the other side, a guitar hanger will be attached to your wall, which implies that it will take up less space but won’t be as easily available as a guitar stand.

You should consider if you play the guitar and frequently perform live or in the studio. You’ll need to check at a guitar stand that’s portable and lightweight because a wall hanger won’t do for routine travel. Aesthetics may be something to consider when buying a guitar stand for a home studio. 

Numerous guitar wall hangers have patterns on their mounting points, allowing you to choose something that sticks out a little more or adapt the wooden appearance to that of your home. When searching for guitar stands, you’ll typically discover fewer options available, but if you browse around long enough, you might find some fascinating options!

More flexible and superior to two individual guitar stands are multi-guitar stands. Additionally, a multi-guitar stand takes up less room than two large, heavy guitar stands. With a multi-guitar stand, you don’t need to fuss with getting your guitar to fit perfectly in the holder like you would with other stands. Your guitar will be securely supported if you only lean in and set the movable yoke.