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Best Microphone Stand 2024? Our Fav Recording Mic Stands Are…

We dissect studio mic stands, boom arms, tripod mic stands & more

The best microphone stand? Yes, there’s such a thing… thankfully, so don’t be fooled into thinking that mic stands are all the same – some extravagant studio accessory designed to simply make mic a companies a quick buck. They’re not! In fact, to even think such a thing would be a major insult.

And that’s because minor as they may at first appear, mic stands are actually just as important as that shiny new condenser microphone you recently bought, or any length of braided XLR cable. Take the mic stand out of your studio setup and you’ll soon see what we mean.

Your mic stand is everything! It’s what keeps your precious mic in place and out of harms way. It’s also the climbing frame for your XLR cable and even something solid on which to mount your pop filter. Put it this way, without a studio mic stand, what are you left with? Merely a pile of wires, an expensive (and delicate) microphone that’s laid on the floor and a pop filter desperately in need of a mounting point.

Really then, a microphone stand is a whole lot more than just a metal pole that’s made in China. It’s a metal pole that’s made in China for good reason. It’s another pair of hands. One that’s designed to make your life recording vocals (or instruments) a whole lot easier. So with that in mind then, what is the best microphone stand in 2024? Are cheap microphones stands worth it? Read on to find out.

After something specific about the best studio mic stand of 2024? Or just eager to see how some of the best microphone stands can help boost your vocals? Use the menu below to find the answers you need fast…

artists standing behind a mic stand recording music

NOTE: If you’re after more of a flexible arm than a stand, then you should deffo check out our rundown of popular Mic Boom Arms + the Impressive Vocal Mics

As much as you can say that all microphone stands do the same job (which they kinda do), that’s not to say that they’re all the same. And that’s because mic stands themselves aren’t just manufactured to be a mic stand and that’s that.

The vast majority are manufactured with a certain purpose in mind, be that to be portable, the ideal fit for a studio or just to hold a mic in a certain way. So really, when it comes to looking for the best microphone stand, you really need to understand what your needs are first. In other words, what do you require the mic stand to do?

If you’re a touring musician, then portability will likely be high on your agenda, as well as something that’s rugged enough to be flung in the back of a tour van + live to tell the tale. Producers, if you’re kitting out a studio, then you’re most likely after a studio mic stand that’s a good fit for your vocal booth. And for any radio DJ’s, a microphone boom stand is probably the way to go

Exactly why the mic stands listed below aren’t all of one type – there is no ‘one size fits all’ mic stand. They’re a real mix of what we thing are the best shapes, sizes and fitments for 21st Century musicians, producers and DJs. So without further ado, here’s our guide to the best microphone stand of 2024…

1: HerculesMS533B Hideaway mic stand

As you’d expect from a brand called Hercules, this mic stand puts up a strong fight. So strong in fact that we’d be tempted to say that it’s the best microphone stand out there in terms of user-friendliness. And that’s because, thanks to just a few EZ adjustments, it saves you so much time – this stand is no gimmick!

Use this stand for 5 minutes and you’ll see that something called the EZ clutch, is what’s going to save most of your time. Essentially, this is a lever that lets you adjust the height of the stand with a simple click and release… with the Herc, you can kiss goodbye to screwing and tightening! And the good news is, the EZ theme continues. Want to fit a mic, but need an adapter? No problem. The Hercules comes with an EZ adapter too, which much as you’d expect, allows you to adapt your stand using a simple clamp – no screwing involved!

More clever EZ tech comes into play when adjusting the boom too. The Hercules also boasts a 2 in 1 clamp, which allows you to adjust the angle of the boom + the length at the same time! However, what we think is the raddest feature is the boom itself, which by some engineering wizardry manages to slide directly inside the mic stand – great for travel – hence the name, Hideaway. Really then, the Herc is a strong contender for the title of the best microphone stand in 2024!

Why the Hercules could be the best microphone stand…

  • The build quality is there – the Herc weighs in at 2.3kg
  • All the EZ tech is a huge timesaver – great for workflow geeks!
  • The build quality is there – it should outlast the majority of its cheaper rivals!
  • The price is anything but extortionate for what you get.
what to look for in a mic stand

2: On-Stage MS7201B mic stand

Not a fan of complex goosenecks or adjusting boom clamps? If that’s the case, then this upright studio microphone stand may be your best bet. It’s simple, straight to the point and most importantly, very sturdy. But then again, weighing in at a whopping 4kg you’d expect it to be. Although, don’t be tricked into thinking that all this weight is a sign of bad engineering – there’s a good reason for it.

You’ll find the majority lies in the base, so actually the weight is what works to keep the stand upright. In fact, in testing we found this stand to be actually quite hard to knock over, even with a mic attached. So rest assured your beloved (and rather expensive) microphone should be safe. Perhaps the reason it’s one of the most popular mic stands ever produced? The only place we wouldn’t advise using a studio microphone stand like this is outside, as it’s flat base is specifically designed for use on level ground only.

What’s more, unlike virtually all other stands out there, you have the option to switch up the colour scheme – basically ditch the plain black and go custom. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could opt for chrome or a retro white colour. Something that we’d strongly advise you consider, as in many respects it transforms the stand from a practical piece of equipment into a musical piece of furniture. A classy addition to any studio if you ask us!

Why could this be the best microphone stand out there?

  • Weighing in at around 4kg mark, it’s stable to say the least.
  • Not being a tripod means it’s a great fit for tight spaces!
  • The multiple colour waves are a really nice touch!
  • It’s (according to the manufacturer) one of the most popular mic stands ever made

3: Tiger MCA7-BK professional boom stand

Tiger are renowned across the music industry for the quality of their accessories, and thankfully this mic stand is no exception. The metal construction feels solid and at over 2kg in weight, rest assured that it’s rugged enough to deal with most mics, as well as the odd knock here and there.

What’s more, unlike a lot of other microphone stands out there, the Tiger is two-tier height adjustable, which basically means it can get tall… very tall. Fully extended it’ll hit over 230cm and shrink down to 112cm! All of which makes it ideal for everything from recording music and performance, to use in schools, the theatre or even at conferences. And speaking of the construction, we’re particular fans of the boom, that we found to be extremely sturdy, even with a shock mount and weighty condenser mic on the end.

Down below the rubber feet also work really well to keep the stand upright, however with them being new, we had to rub ours down slightly with a bit of fine grit sandpaper to break through their new ‘sheen’. Otherwise on a laminate floor, the stand would slowly slip. The again, it’s much the same with tyres or shoes. They need bedding in before they can work at their best. And despite this slight hiccup, we’d still say that the Tiger is up there with some of the best microphone stands you can buy today.

Here’s why the Tiger could be the best microphone boom stand…

  • It’s versatile – this stand can function in virtually any scenario!
  • That satin black finish feels super nice to the touch
  • The boom arm is no slouch either – it’s strong!
  • Unlike it’s rivals, the Tiger doesn’t feel mass produced
a rapper using a studio mic stand to record a freestyle

4: König & Meyer 27105 mic stand

When searching for the best microphone stand, you have to pay attention to anything designed byKönig & Meyer. Why? Because the company has been producing music kit for over 65 years, so as you can imagine, their microphone stands are often worth shouting about! And the 27105 is no exception.

Comprised of 2mm thick Swiss steel, this microphone arm is certainly dependable. In fact according to K&M those who buy this mic stand can look forward to a “lifetime of dependable use”. In other words, this is a mic stand that shouldn’t let you down. And you can sense that with the way it’s built.

To keep the boom angle from dropping, the stand is built using precision rubber washers. Far more reliable than those which rely on metal-on-metal. Also the base itself is reinforced too. On the surface, it may look like plastic, but according to the company it’s reinforced with fibreglass! So as you’d imagine then, this mic stand has a good weight to it. Overall it clocks in at 2.32kg and is definitely one you shouldn’t cross off in a hurry.

Here’s why König & Meyer could make the best mic stand…

  • This mic stand is made in Germany – not China!
  • The use of plastic is very minimal + the plastic used for the base is reinforced with fibreglass
  • It’s no knock-off mic stand – K&M have been manufacturing kit for music for over 65 years!
  • Built with precision rubber washers, so the boom angle doesn’t flop!

5: Liugast adjustable gooseneck microphone stand

If you’re one who’s always on the hunt for the next ‘big’ thing, or just not a fan of boom arms, then we’d say this gooseneck microphone stand will really tickle your fancy. Thanks to it’s innovative construction, this is a mic stand that screams “flexibility!” As not only is it’s gooseneck adjustable by 360 degrees, but also the absence of a boom makes it the perfect fit for tight spaces, be that a vocal booth, the front of a meeting room or the far corner of your bedroom.

Gooseneck aside, the actual stand is feels well-built and is made of what feels like a decent quality metal. It’s light too, clocking in at less than 1.5kg, which makes it idea for use ‘on the go’. In testing the gooseneck proved to be strong too, taking the weight of a mid-weight mic with ease, although attaching a pop filter, while possible, was a bit of a challenge.

Really then, you could say that with its innovative design that this gooseneck stand has in many respects, set the benchmark for creative mic stands. It takes the traditional formula and mixies it up a little bit. Something music nerds like us, can’t help but admire. But, could this make it the best microphone stand out there? Potentially.

What’s so special about this gooseneck mic stand?

  • It’s the king of tight spaces & awkward angles!
  • It’s super easy to get the mic where you want it
  • By far one of the most creative microphone stands out there!
  • The build quality is there – it doesn’t feel cheap!
a group of singers leaning on their mic stands

6: Tlingt heavy duty mic stand

If heavy duty’s what you’re after then this mic stand from Tlingt may be your best bet. Made of heavy duty steel, opposed to lightweight aluminium, this stand is designed to do two things: not fall over and hold heavy mics. So as you’d expect, the net weight clocks in at over 3kg! But then again, if you’re all about durability and rugged build quality, weight shouldn’t be so much of an issue – if anything, a plus point.

Another reason to opt for the Tlingt would be its all-metal clutch, which not only makes life adjusting the stand a breeze, but is also another sign of that all-important build quality – something we really could sense in testing. However, we feel that the real stand-out feature of this mic stand is the boom itself. Reason?

Unlike the majority of mic stands at this price-point, the Tlingt comes with a counterweight to enable it maximise its mic holding abilities. In other words it can hold very heavy mics! Any mic/ pop filter combo upto 1.9kg should be just fine with this stand. Brownie points for those with a bulky condenser mic, or if you just want assurance that your mic stand is safe.

Reasons to buy this heavy duty mic stand…

  • It can hold mics just shy of 2kg!
  • The build quality is there – you won’t break this stand in a hurry!
  • For what it is, the price is insanely cheap!
  • It’s not just us who’re fans of the Tlingt – read the reviews!

7: Hapilife microphone stand 

For those after a strong and sturdy microphone stand, which doesn’t turn limp as soon as beefy mic is involved, this tripod stand by Hapilife is ideal. The stand itself can confidently hold up to 2.5kg, thanks to the all-metal body and rigid tripod design. Not only that though – it’s multifunctional too.

Any ‘on the go’ musician will be pleased to know that the Hapilife comes with a detachable boom and folds down into a reasonably compact size. Good enough for touring! What’s more, the detachable boom means you’re essentially getting a straight studio mic stand and a boom stand all in one package. Talk about versatile.

And on the subject of versatility, shooting videos outside with this Hapilife mic stand is also a walk in the park. Being a tripod, opposed to a flat bottom stand, means it can be adjusted to suit pretty much any environment – it doesn’t need a level studio floor to remain stable. And even if you do venture into the studio, it’s not like those polished floors should be an issue.

We found the rubber feet of the Hapilife to work really well at stabilising the stand. So much so that we could get it to pull of angles that you perhaps wouldn’t expect from a budget mic stand. Good to know, as the last thing you want is a mic stand that unexpectedly does the splits while holding your favourite mic. That’s could be one expensive fall! However, we must stress that with this being a budget stand, it perhaps isn’t suited for ‘heavy’ use – use it flat out everyday and you’re probably best investing your money elsewhere. However, for the occasional gig or video shoot, you’ll be hard pushed to find better value.

What we like about this adjustable microphone stand…

  • It can hold up to 2.5kg of microphone, so even the heaviest condenser should be no problem!
  • That steel construction is strong, but also lightweight at under 1.5kg!
  • It’s a tripod, so it’s great for outdoor use too!
  • That detachable boom is a nice touch
shop where you can buy mic stands designed for music

8: Inno Gear mic stand set

So while this full-on mic kit is more of a mic boom than a stand, it’s still worth bearing in mind, as Inno Gear are known for their quality but budget-friendly takes on more pricy pro kit. Not often is it you get a mic stand that comes with so many accessories, as well as boasts this many features. The sheer weight that the boom can handle is what really stands out to us.

The boom can handle a pretty decent 1.5kg, which when compared to other mics stands that have floor supports and a far bulkier construction is quite impressive. Saying that, you’d imagine it’d put a lot of stress on the spring system and various clamps. Which (we’ll be honest) it does, but because of the company’s recent upgrade to the stand, it’s now more than equipped to cope.

And there’s no need to worry about the stand’s desk clamp ripping your tabletop to shreds. The heavy duty clamp comes with a soft pad to protect your table top. Although that’s only the start when it comes to accessories. Aside form a desk clamp, the Inno comes with a shock mount and pop filter too, which according to IG support the majority of popular mics, including the Rode NT1-A, NW-800, AT2035 and so on. So while it may be on the more budget side, for any beginner it’s a great condenser mic stand. One that were pleasantly surprised by!

* Prefer a mic boom over a stand? Be sure to check out our rundown of the Best Microphone Boom Arms.

Why is Inno Gear’s desk boom mic stand worth it?

  • Can support a lot of weight for a desk boom mic stand!
  • All those accessories, especially that shock mount & pop filter
  • Being a boom, it’ll take up zero floor space!!
  • It’s extra strong springs, which prevent accidental interference or slippage

Probably one of the largest selling features of a mic stand is just how portable it is.

Can the legs of the tripod fold in? Does the stand fold inside itself? And can it be disassembled? All, questions that if answered with a “yes”, tend to very easily sway which mic stand we choose. But then again, can you blame us – fully erected a mic stand is pretty bulky! So being able to condense it down for portability, or just easy storage, can come as a major plus.

With that in mind, here’s the best portable mic stand we tested…

9: Air Turn goStand

Portable mic stands don’t get much better than the goStand. Mainly because it’s so darn small. This plucky little mic stand can condense itself from 147cm down to just 47cm, all in matter of seconds! If you ask us, that has to be some sort of a record. We’ve never seen a microphone stand that can retract as much as this!

In fact, when full retracted it’s so small that it’ll easily fit inside a backpack or just the front pocket of your instrument bag. And while that’s the Air Turn’s main party piece, there’s also more to this ‘compactness’ than you’d think. Even inside the legs give birth to extra bit of metal that comes out of the end to give the stand a more sturdy stance!

As for the build quality, the stand feel solid. The steel tubing does have a high quality feel, as do the feet and most of the brackets. The only part of this stand that we’d be at all worried about would be the adjustment knobs, which considering the price of the goStand, feel a tad flimsy. And on the subject of price, the goStand also comes with the option of a boom too. Although by ‘the option’ we mean it’s an added extra – one that comes at a cost. But even so, for this level of ‘compactness’ and the amount of engineering that’s gone into it, the goStand really does deliver.

Reasons we’d buy the Air Turn goStand…

  • Fully-collapsed it’s tiny – just 46cm to be exact!
  • The base includes feet extenders, so the tripod gets even wider
  • The additional boom attachment is surprisingly strong!
  • Ideal for backpacks & ‘on the go’ gigging
singers recording their vocals in a studio

While portability is obviously high on the agenda, when it comes to which is the best microphone stand you can buy in 2023, for us there’s a clear winner. And yet, this winner isn’t the most portable. Neither does it comes in various colour waves or take up none of your floor space. But yet as a mic stand, we think it’s the best of the bunch.

Reason being, that it hasn’t tried to reinvent the typical mic stand. Nor has it just copied the usual formula. Instead it’s taken that formula and tweaked it, improving upon a lot of the bug bears that we had with microphone stands in the past. All of which has given birth to what we think is a more or less perfect balance of practicality and portability. The mic stand that not only does the job, but saves you a deal of time in the process.

Yep, that’s right. Ask us and we’d say the best microphone stand you can buy is the…

Hercules MS533B Hideaway = Best Microphone Stand

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band discussing recording equipment

Or if you’re simply here to learn more about microphone stands, keep reading, & we’ll answer evenb more of your burning questions…

Whether you’re a singer, rapper, producer or even a videographer, we’d say that a mic stand is 100% necessary.

Reason we say so is because of the sheer amount of control they give you over what sound your mic picks up. Choose to handhold your mic and you’ll soon see why. The microphone, particularly if it’s a condenser, will pick up every last movement that you make. Then of course, because it’s almost impossible for us to hold a mic and keep it still, they’ll be good amount of background noise too.

Factor in also that your average condenser mic is actually pretty heavy and it won’t be long before you arm gets tired either. Besides, by giving the whole job of holding the mic over the stand, you’re able to focus 100% on what you’re using the mic for. So hopefully your singing/ podcasting/ YouTubing should turn out a whole lot better. Hardly a bad trade off if you ask us, especially when you can pick up a stand for as little as £20!

Although saying that, we wouldn’t’ advise that you cheap out! Instead we’d say that buying the best microphone stand that you can afford, is always the best policy.

How much a mic stand costs really depends on a lot of things: the manufacturer, materials used, functionality, the quantity at which it’s produced – the list goes on.

However when it comes to assessing the rough price, we’d say the average mic stand tends to be somewhere in the region of £20 – £100. Any more than that and the stand really has to be something special. Perhaps a new type of stand or one that’s got an affiliation with a famous person. But other than that, if you find yourself playing upwards of £100, we’d advise you to be cautious!

Not to say that you shouldn’t spend money on a stand – you should. Buy too cheap and unless your mic is extremely light, your boom will (over time) develop a habit of sagging. Or maybe the plastic clips used to alter the tension will snap. Take it from us, some of the best microphone stands out there come in at around £50 – £100. However the difference being that they will be far more dependable and last in the long run.

They keep the mic still.

That’s how mic stands improve sound quality. With mics being so good these days at picking up sound, a mic stand is now more essential for recording than ever before. By keeping the mic still they avoid unwanted interference and allow you to put your everything into what you’re doing behind the mic.

What’s more, mics stands these days also accommodate shock mounts and other devices, all designed to minimise the levels of interference. Ask us and to think you can get better sound quality without a mic stand is actually pretty naive.

Yes, if anything the quality of a mic stand should be the first thing on your agenda.

Reason being, if isn’t then you’re going to pay the price sooner or later. Fact remains that cheap microphones stands are only made for light use, so if you’re a pro who’s gigging every week and mixing with heavy condenser mic in your spare time, then a £20 mic stand that’s mass produced in China, just ain’t going to cut it.

Invest in quality however, and you can expect to run into far less issues! Some of the best brands for build quality we know are Hercules,König & Meyer and Tiger. However, if boom arms are more your thing then you’ve also got dependable manufacturers like Rode, Blue and Elgato to choose from as well.

This is where it gets difficult, because the answer’s no. Not all mic stands work with every mic.

This is because as you’d imagine, factors like the weight and sensitivity of a microphone play a large part in how the stand performs. So for instance a cheap microphone stand teamed with a top of the line condenser mic + a metal shock mount isn’t most likely going to end with a sagging boom. Or worse, a broken mic.

And it’s much the same with sound quality. Team a stand that’s poorly built with a highly sensitive mic and chances are, they’ll be a lot of background interference. Exactly why (yet again) we strongly suggest that you invest in a quality. However, it’s factors like this that make some of the best microphone stands easy to spot.

Find a stand that works with virtually every mic and chances are you’re onto a well-built stand. Whereas if a stand is very specific about which mics it works with, then you may have just found a stand to avoid.

Also, microphones themselves come with two types of attachments. A thread that’s either 5/8″ or 3/8″. So do be wary of which size your mic falls under, so you can make sure you’re buying a stand that fits. Equally though, even if the fitment on the stand is the wrong size, you’ll usually find they’ll be an adapter included.

So really then, the main thing to worry about isn’t how the mic’s attached, but more if the stand’s study enough to deal with your specific mic.

As mentioned above, you attach a mic to its stand via an type of screw. This screw can be one of two diameters – either 5/8″ or 3/8″. Ultimately, which you to look for depends on the types of screw that your mic or shock mount fit is designed to work with.

Although saying, along with the most microphone stands, you’ll find a useful adapter, which should prevent this from being an issue. That was one of the reasons we chose the Hercules as the best microphone stand that you can buy. It’s adapter, unlike the majority isn’t a complex screw, which if gets wedged in the mic can be a chore to remove. Instead the Herc uses a EZ adapter, which simply requires you to clip it to the top of the stand.

Fancy finding out some bonus tips on how to get the best microphone setup & where to position your stand?? Be sure to dive into the video below…

YouTube video

In most cases we’d say no (as you’ve probably already guessed). However, there is one scenario where investing in a cheap microphone stand makes sense.

If you’re novice and never own a mic stand in your life, then investing in the cheapest one you can find can actually be a great way to see if it’d be any use to you. That way if you’re a bit on the fence, you don’t end up splashing close to £50 on something that’s just going to collect dust. Equally, if you’re thinking about a boom arm, then this tactic could also be of use, a booms in particular take a lot fo getting used to!