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Best Music Studio Chair For Producers 2024… 13 Of Our Favs!!

What's the most ergonomic music chair? We reveal the best music studio chairs...

Spend most of your time producing music and you’ll need the best music studio chair that you can get your hands on. That’s a chair that not only offers solid lumbar support, but potentially even elbow or neck support too. Heck, for some it may even be as wacky as a bucket seat – one that hugs you like you’re in the driving seat of a race car. Or just an run-of-the-mill office chair. But preferences aside, you’re all seeking the same thing.

A recording studio chair that you enjoy sitting in and doesn’t have you in chronic cramps or wanting to stand up and stretch every 5 minutes. Side affects that are not only an inconvenience, but an absolute nightmare for your workflow. Hardly ideal if you’ve got a No1 artist in the studio. Speaking of which, these chairs also have to fit in. Have a studio that’s littered in neon lights with vivid sound isolation clad over the walls, and chances are a boring office chair just ain’t going to cut it

Why all these other blogs recommend them, we’ll never know. So to ensure you can find a music studio chair that fits your vibe, we’ve split our rundown of the best studio chairs into two groups: office-style (your traditional studio chairs) and ‘gaming-style’ (your more extravagant bucket seat type chairs). Fancy seeing which we’d buy and why? Read on.

Hunting for a specific music producer chair? Or just curious about what we think are the best chairs for a music studio in 2023? Use the menu below to find the answers you need in just 1 click…

chairs for a music studio to improve posture

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When it comes to studio chairs there’s a whole load of variance, even when you narrow them down to gaming style and office chairs. Some boast leather, while other are vegan friendly (use faux leather). Then there’s stark differences in build quality right up from the quality of the casters, all the way to feel of the upholstery and the chair’s overall comfort factor.

So much so that we’ve picked apart each chair on this list, so you can see why it’d made an idea studio chair and hopefully work with your setup. Without further ado then, here’s our rundown…

* The majority of these studio chairs listed below will come in kit form and need to be built. The average time to do so is about 30 minutes.

1: Razer Iskur producer chair

You have to live with a chair for a long time, so going all out and getting something deluxe is usually (in the long term) your best bet. Cue the Razer Iskur – a multi-£100 monster of a gaming chair that’s got music producer written all over it. Now don’t get use wrong, the other gaming-style chairs put up a good fight, but next to the Razer they do look a bit tame!

Aesthetically the Razer manages to achieve a nice balance. The neon green stitching really make the lines of this chair pop, yet against the all-black vegan-friendly leather and splash of carbon affect fabric, it still manages to look subtle. So much so that this chair feels designed, but not overly-designed. A visual contrast that we really dig!

Design aside though, this chair’s no slouch when it comes to posture too. Those who value lumbar support will be pleased to know that this chair does rid with lumbar cushions and in fact has lumbar support built in! Pull a lever on the side of the seat and an in-built piston tilts the base of the backrest outwards. Very clever! What’s more, the armrests are 4D (i.e. super adjustable) and the starfish base is made of metal. To be honest, the whole chair feels incredibly solid. We genuinely struggled to find fault…

Reasons to consider this studio chair…

  • Has built-in lumbar support controlled by a piston!!
  • The stitching, synthetic leather, carbon fibre material – everything feels super plush!
  • Hands down the most solid gaming-style chair we’ve come across – that metal base is super sturdy!
  • Those 4D armrests are adjustable beyond belief.
chairs for music producers

2: CorsairT2 Road Warrior studio chair

Producers who’re fans of a deep comfortable seats will rejoice at the sight of the T2. A sporty gaming-style studio chair that doesn’t scrimp when it comes to comfort. What makes the Corsair such a treat for your behind, is the way its padded. Unlike its cheaper rivals it uses cold foam, which is stiffer, but also more long lasting than your standard high density foam. Not to mention more supportive too.

Another hint at the T2’s focus on quality is its metal base, which boasts rollerblade-style wheels, designed to not only glide, but also to be kind to hand flooring. In addition, the Corsair comes with a class 4 gas lift – the same as you’d find on most office chairs. So as you can imagine, height adjustment is a doddle. In terms of adjustment, the armrests (being 4D) are also flexible too, so if you can’t get comfy in this studio chair there’s definitely something wrong.

As for the actual seat, we’ve got to confess, we really do have a fetish for that honeycomb stitching. Teamed with the carbon affect it reminds us of something you’d find in a top-of-the-line race car. The added texture is a trend that continues onto the lumbar support pillows, that come in a velvet-look material which we cannot resist stroking. All-in-all then, as far as high quality recording studio chairs go, the Corsair could well be the best

Studio chairs don’t get much better than this because…

  • That honeycomb stitching looks very similar to that you find on a Lister Performance Jaguar!
  • The T2 boasts a 3-year warranty!!
  • You’ve multiple colour waves to choose from – we’re fans of the yellow!
  • The armrests are 4D & have a carbon fibre look to them.

3: OFM Racing Style bonded leather chair

Those producers who’re fans of gaming-style chairs, but have a habit for sitting cross legged, will be all over this chair from OFM Racing. Let’s just say that if an office-style seat mated with a gaming chair then this would be their offspring. A comfortable but equally sporty gaming chair, that (crucially) isn’t heavily bolstered or feels overly firm like a racing-style Recaro.

You see, this chair is soft (very soft), thanks to its strong mix of segmented padding, which consists of both leather and mesh. Speaking of which, the mesh on this chair is rather strategically placed. Sit down and you’ll soon realise that mesh has been placed where there’s typically a lot of heat. Up your back and under the fronts of your legs being the most obvious. Therefore, despite the touches of leather, this chair is cool. A perk that makes it ideal for any sweaty studio environment.

What’s more, unlike the majority of gaming chairs out there, the OFM has lumbar support integrated into its design. So as you can imagine, it promotes good posture. However we’d say the stand-out feature for us about this chair is actually the armrests. Aside from being foldable, they’re also thickly padded too. A small detail that we feel really makes a big difference, especially during long sessions. A perk that could for a lot of producers make this the best music studio chair that money can buy.

What’s so good about this music studio chair?

  • That mesh is positioned just right – sweating shouldn’t be an issue with this chair!
  • It’s a gaming-style studio chair which you can cross your legs in (shock horror)!!
  • You feel like you’re sitting in the chair, not on it – we love how it cradles you.
  • Those flip-up armrests (which are heavily padded by the way)!
mix engineer sat at a chair programming his DAW

4: Nitro Concepts S300 chair for music studios

Not a fan of PU or faux leather & want something more breathable? If so, the S300 from Nitro Concepts might be just up your street. A potential studio chair that can be easily spotted by its use of fabric upholstery and colour. Yet unlike some of the options on this list, the S300 is actually quite understated. The branding is low-key and while there is colour, the body of the chair remains a subtle mix of black and carbon affect fabric.

Underneath the chair is equally as impressive. Like most premium gaming-style chairs, it sits on a steel frame and boasts a class 4 gas lift, as well a 3D adjustable armrests. All of which makes both reclining and finding your comfy spot in this chair, actually pretty straight forward. Speaking of comfort, you can tell this is a high-end gaming chair by the way it feels. It’s comfy, but equally firm, and that’s because unlike cheaper chair, it’s made with cold foam. So you could say it’s almost built with comfort in mind.

In fact, the only niggle we could find with the S300 is that if you have pets, you’ll soon realise that the fabric is a magnet to their hairs. Not that we’d expect you to have a cat in a music studio of course, but if you’re a bedroom producer it may be something to bear in mind. But with that being said, we really feel the S300 would be suited to the modern music studio. So much in fact, that we actually bought one ourselves.

Why this is one of the best recording studio chairs?

  • That fabric is super breathable + comes in a whole variety of colours.
  • The adjustability of this chair is sublime – it’s so easy to find that perfect posture!
  • For the price, you’ll find very little that could beat it!
  • We love the feel of that cold foam. This chair is supple!

5: AutoFull Conquer Series music studio chair

Potential music studio chairs don’t get much more supportive than this. An ergonomic gaming chair made by AutoFull – a pro gaming chair manufacturer and official sponsor of various worldwide gaming events. So as you can imagine then, these guys are clued-up on the importance of posture. Something that shows through their products – this chair boasts a substantial amount of lumbar support.

Unlike your conventional office chair, the AutoFull comes with a detachable 11cm thick pillow, specifically for your lumbar region. Being detachable also means you can support your posture in virtually any chair you can lay your hands on. Not that you’ll need one though, because the AutoFull comes with 360 degrees of swivel, as well as 80 degrees of adjustment in the back. Safe to say that getting comfy in this chair is not going to be a problem. And that’s not all – the armrests are height adjustable too.

Although you can’t mention this chair without commenting on design – it’s insane, outrageous in fact (in a good way). This being the Conquer Series (top of the range), you get a super thick bucket seat, as well as nifty footrest. So its’ safe to say that with this chair, long sessions shouldn’t phase you! What’s more, this chair even features carbon affect leather down the sides, which we feel really gives this chair a sporty edge. Then consider the various colour waves, as well as the reasonable retail price and yes, this chair is 100% flamboyant enough for your studio setup. Call it that studio chair you simply ‘must’ consider.

Here’s why you buy this music studio chair…

  • That 3-year warranty with a promise that any damaged parts will be replaced for FREE!
  • The mix of vegan-friendly PU & carbon affect makes this chair super sporty!!
  • It sits at the top of the AutoFull range.
  • This studio gaming chair is firmer than cheaper rivals + more supportive too!
Studio furniture for a music studio

6: Vertagear LED recording studio chair

If you want your producer chair to be the centrepiece of your setup (as well as to match your drum pads), then you can’t get much better than this quirky pick from Vertagear. And that’s because it’s a comfy gaming-style chair… with LED lights. Yep. This chair’s RGB light kit allows you to project a full spectrum of colours smack in-between your headrest.

That’s not all though. The lights themselves are wireless, so can actually be programmed to change colour in relation to the music/ video on your computer; the amount of light modes on this chair in insane! In a dimly lit studio, this chair just looks ‘the business’. Plus, if you’re the type to camp out in the studio overnight, these lights could well double as a night light.

But crazy LEDs aside, sitting in this chair feels pretty good too. Overall, comfort is on par with chairs in its price range, & potentially even some BIG names that come in at slightly more (cough) Nitro Concepts. And that’s despite Vertagear not fitting the SL 5000 with integrated lumbar support. In a chair of this price range, pillows are to be expected.

However a real surprise for us was the base of this chair, which feels incredibly sturdy. Unlike a lot of gaming chairs, it’s made of an aluminium alloy – not plastic! The casters also feel well made & are pretty much silent + as far as we can tell, are kind on laminate floors. Encouraging to know, especially if you don’t have the most ‘slimline’ figure.

However the major highlight of this chair for us, comes back to the design. Specced in a subtle black/ white colour combo, this chair is very low key. So much so that you’re really getting 2 chairs in 1 – a good producer chair that’s comfortable for long stretches in the studio, & a gaming chair that scores just as highly when casually chilling. Does that make it the best music studio chair though? Potentially.

This is the best music studio chair because…

  • C’mon… those LEDs! To have lights in a chair is just insane!!
  • We really dig that white colour, especially the ‘not so in your face’ branding.
  • It’s a studio centrepiece that’s actually a really comfy place to sit!
  • Your kids will love it!

7: GT Force Pro GT reclining studio chair

For those after a studio chair that looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a supercar, then this Pro GT for G Force could well be the answer. To us, its quilted vegan-friendly upholstery really does shout “Fast & Furious”, especially when it’s specced out in the fiery red. We’re particular fans of the side bolstering on this chair, as it works well to hug you and keep your posture in check.

In the usual gaming chair fashion, this seat reclines and adjusts in practically every way you can imagine – going backwards it can touch on 170 degrees! And despite the price, the chair does feel solid. Granted the starfish base is made of plastic (not metal) and the upholstery feels ever so slightly more waxy than you find on £300/£400 gaming chairs, but when you consider that none of this hinders its performance, suddenly it seems incredibly good value for money.

The lumbar pillow for instance, doesn’t feel overly soft. Stand up and you’ll realise that it regains its shape super fast. The chair doesn’t feel hard to sit in either. In some chairs around this price-point, when you sit down, you can feel the frame, but not with the Pro GT. And it’s much the same story with the armrests. Even though at first glance they may look to be solid, get closer and you’ll soon realise just how squishy they are, and adjustable too. All of which means that as far as producer chairs go, this relatively affordable option, could well be all you need.

What’s so special about this engineer chair?

  • That quilted seat (in a stealthy colour) looks like it’s been stolen from a Bentley!!
  • You can even get the Pro GT with a matching footrest!
  • For the price of this studio chair, the comfort is second to none .
  • The pillows are good quality & take good care of your posture – they’re durable too!
artist & producer sat in a music studio

8: Corsair T1 Race Studio Chair

Why producers should cop this chair…

  • Despite the price, it’s pretty much as comfy to sit in as the T2 Road Warrior… it’s bigger brother!
  • The T1 Race comes in a wide variety of colour-waves – it won’t make your studio feel boring.
  • This seat is supportive – it really hugs you tight & supports your back, despite there being no lumbar cushions!
  • We loves those nylon casters! Not only are they kind on floors, but they remind us of roller blades.

9: Razer Iskur Enki studio chair (Bright Pink Available!)

What makes this studio chair so great?

  • It has lumbar support built in – something Razer are calling the ‘lumbar arch’.
  • The cushioning used is proper dense. You won’t be feel like you’re sitting on the frame with this seat!
  • Female prods will be pleased to know this chair comes in bright pink (as above). Although, thankfully for any guys, it also comes in black & green too.
  • It’s a product of Razer – one of the biggest & well known gaming style chair manufacturers worldwide.
close up of the leather on a studio chair

10: SIHOO recording studio chair

Breathable is this studio chair’s middle name. Being virtually all made of mesh, it’s one of the most sweat resistant chairs available. Call it the easy way for a producer to stay cool if there’s an artist laying down some fire in the booth. And yet this chair also promotes good posture, as the mesh practically moulds to the shape of your back. Very clever!

The lumbar support on this chair is really impressive too. Aside from being supportive, it’s also adjustable, which you could say almost allows you to fine tune your posture. Something we really like as let’s face it, not everyone’s figure is the same. A real perk if there’s more than one of you in your studio! And speaking of comfort, the actual cushion puts up a fight too.

Unlike you’ll find with a lot of cheaper office chairs, it’s filled with a high-density sponge, which makes it soft, yet not easily deformed. The waterfall edge on this cushion is an especially nice touch, as it means it doesn’t dig into your legs. We also can’t talk about this chair without mentioning the built-in footrest, which when you’ve got the back tilted, really does make this one of the best music production chairs for relaxing and taking a breather. So in essence it’s 2 chairs in 1.

Why is this the best engineer chair?

  • That 3 year warranty is a nice perk!
  • Being mesh, it’s a studio chair that’s breathable.
  • Had a long day? The footrest is ideal forputting your feet up.
  • The base is super solid & is made of metal!

11: SIHOO modern office style producer chair

If it’s more posture correction that you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with this office-style recording studio chair. With a backrest that mimics the curve of the human spine, it’s safe to say that ergonomically this chair has you covered. It’s certainly a comfortable place to sit to say the least. However, it’s materials where this chair shines.

The backrest for instance is made of a skin friendly mesh, which makes it super breathable. Safe to say if your studio ever gets a bit sweaty, then this is ideal chair to ensure that you don’t end up with a wet back. And as for the cushioning, we’d say it’s just right; this chair is soft, but equally supportive. Not overly cushioned like some office chairs. In fact, you’ll notice the same attention to detail throughout the build.

The casters for instance, are silent when they move (great news for when recording) and the arms themselves fold in towards the backrest, meaning this chair can be easily shunted under your production desk to preserve floor space. All of which combined with the 4 colour combos, come together to really make this chair feel well engineered. Granted, it may not be the most exciting music production chair on the planet, but for those after a practical studio chair that’s manufactured to last, it’s definitely a sound option.

Reasons this music studio chair is worth it…

  • The backrest mimics the human spine – it’s great for posture!
  • Fold-up arms mean it can be quickly shunted under a desk.
  • At 10kg, it’d make a reasonably lightweight producer chair!
  • None of the colour combos look tacky – this chair takes itself quite seriously!
high backed music studio chair

12: Massaging music studio chair (with nap function)

Another studio chair geared towards comfort is this massaging office-style chair, which we’re quite frankly blown away by. And that’s because for a music producer, it’s just such a good fit! We’re huge fans of its massage function. Let’s just say that while it may sound gimmicky, it’s anything but.

The massage you get out of this chair is actually really good – exactly the kind you need after hours of mixing and mastering. What’s more, the upholstery (vegan-friendly PU) is soft to touch, as is the entire seat thanks to its high-density sponge, which gives the chair good elasticity. The last word you’d use to describe this chair is stiff. The legs are solid too. So solid in fact that they can bear a load of up to 150kg!

However the reason we’re so infatuated with this studio chair is a features what we’re calling the nap function. Basically, with the push of a lever, the whole back of chair can tilt backwards to the point at which it sits at 150 degrees – i.e. nearly flat. After which you can then fold out a footstool, and use this chair to catch 40 winks. Ingenious! So if you’re one who’s in the studio virtually 24/7, then you seriously need to consider this massaging masterpiece, as it has virtually all the functions you need to power through.

What makes this one of the best producer seats?

  • The massage feels great – it’s not a gimmick!
  • The fact you can catch 40 winks comfortably in this chair is ideal for anyone who lives & breathes music!!
  • It’sheavy duty – this chair can support up to 150kg.
  • Having padded armrests really does make all the difference!

If you’re on a budget, don’t despiar.

See, while a decent lump of £$€ will help you get the best music producer chair you can, if you’re just after a chair that’ll suffice & isn’t too design-orientated, you still have options. Plenty in fact. Although with more people working from home (i.e. demand rising) you will struggle to find quality studio chairs for under £100.

Saying that though, we think we have. After a lot of long-term testing, we’ve found a cheap studio chair that (for the money) wouldn’t necessarily feel like a compromise. Intrigued? Here’s what we think is the best cheap music studio chair out there today…

13: Noblewell music producer studio chair

If you’re after an office-style chair that gives you a lot of flexibility behind your production desk, yet doesn’t cost the earth, then this adjustable padded chair from Noblewell could well be a smart choice. With a curved backrest that lines up with human body line, it really does promote comfort. Part of the reason being its impressive lumbar support, which resembles a pair of hands pushing up against & supporting your back.

For an office-style chair, it’s also surprisingly padded too, meaning that long studio sessions shouldn’t be an issue. We’re particular fans of the inverted white colour, which just seems a bit more out there than your average black. As for the upholstery itself, it’s breathable and all-in-all the chair is well padded, as well as resistant to sagging. However, our favourite thing about this chair are the arms, which can be folded upwards, either for comfort or so it can be slid neatly under your desk. Nice touch that!

What makes this the best music studio chair?

  • For small studios, those folding arms are ideal!!
  • The ergenernomics of this chair are really well thought out – it supports your back & spine!
  • Costing less than 3 figures, you can’t really go wrong.
  • The wheels & casters feel premium – there’s a good glide to them!
a music studio setup

When it comes to deciding on the best music producer chair out there, we’d instantly have to rule out office chairs. Sounds harsh we know, but hear us out. You see, there’s something about office chairs that just doesn’t shout creativity. If anything we’d say they’re a bit ‘safe’, especially for music producers.

And that’s because music production is meant to be a creative pursuit, not a 9-5 job! Hence why we’d say that for a producer, a conservative office chair doesn’t really cut the mustard. Granted, these chairs are more than capable in terms of functionality and some may even be a tad wacky, but when compared to a gaming chair it’s fair to say that most office-style chairs look tame.

When we see a gaming-style chair, we get excited. Whereas when we see an office chair… we just see a chair. Exactly why we think as studio chairs, gaming-style seats work really well – in particular the

Razer Iskur = Best Producer Chair


Because aside from being one of the few gaming-style chairs out there with built-in lumbar support, it’s one you’ll struggle to beat in terms of quality. Everything on this chair feels super premium and like it’s made to last. All the way from the casters and starfish base, right to the headrest, we were proper impressed by this chair’s build quality and design.

Plus, that green stitching ties in perfectly with our logo and that vegan-friendly PU is really easy to wipe clean . Therefore, if you end up making a No1 hit with this chair, there’s no need to worry about where you spray the champers!

Enjoy this best music studio chair review and eager for more? Don’t miss out on all our Reviews Of Essential Studio Gear, as well as All Things Music Production. Recently we’ve also done a full in-depth guide to the most Popular Studio Monitor Speakers + the Best Headphones For Mixing, which may worth checking out if you’re kitting out your studio!

improving posture as a music producer

However, if right now you’re just after a producer chair, keep reading to discover even more about how investing in the best recording studio chair you can afford, could well be the secret behind you making truly great music…

Yes! Just as with any occupation where you’ll be sat down for long periods of time, investing in a decent studio chair can do wonders for your posture.

Something that as a creative you really need to take care of. Why? Because when it boils down to it, the healthier you are, the more capable you are of coming up with innovative ideas and producing music that ‘wows’ your online audience or any potential clients – i.e artists you’d like to work with.

Let’s face it, the last thing you need is for your creative process to be constantly interrupted by spurts of back pain or neck ache. That’s hands down one of the easiest ways to sap the joy out of you career – an ingredient you need in order to create your best work! So if you’ve skipped to this question and haven’t already checked out our rundown of the best music producer chairs above, do so. You won’t regret it!

Posture is something you cannot afford to neglect as a music producer.

Do so and you risk some of your best ideas may never come to fruition. Let’s just say that back pain or neck ache are easy ways to preoccupy your mind. So much so that a good quality studio chair sits at the heart of any producer’s setup, as when you’re sat down for such long periods of time, you cannot afford to neglect your posture. As for this ‘way of sitting’, here’s 3 tips on how to sit properly in any producer chair…

  1. Keep your head directly over your shoulders and make sure your shoulders are aligned over the pelvis. Reason being that tightens your core abdominal muscles and straightens your spine.
  2. Screens play a major part in determining how you hold and position your neck. So be sure to not have these too low. If you’re working on a laptop invest in a laptop raiser, and if you’re working on good old fashioned monitors, then be sure to position them at eye level. If you’re one for grabbing your computer screens and moving them around, a boom arm for your screen may be the best option.
  3. When sitting in a music producer chair, the positioning of your feet is also incredibly important. Cross your legs and although it may initially feel comfortable, it’ll likely cause you to slouch in the long run.

Yes – pricy recording studio chairs are worth every penny.

And that’s because your posture is worth more than the £100 or so difference between the two. Fact is you only have one spine to last your entire lifetime, so wrecking it for the sake of a bit of petty cash, seems a tad illogical if you ask us. What’s more, it’s not just your physical health where bad posture can cause discomfort. Sit in the studio with a bad back all day and it’s likely your creative process could be interrupted too. Therefore, you could go as far as to say that spending more on a producer chair today, will more than pay itself back in inspiration, ideas and health tomorrow.

MORAL OF THE STORY: When it comes to producer chairs, it doesn’t pay to be tight… literally.

Ask us and we’d say that when it comes to choosing your music studio chair, you should be as ‘out there’ as you can be.

In the end music is all about expression, as is the design of your studio, so while you do have to bear in mind comfort and posture, it’s important that you don’t just pick a studio chair based on that alone. Why do you think we’ve concluded that the Razer gaming chair with it’s wacky design and vibrant green stitching is the best music producer chair you can get your hands on?

Because aside from being well-made, it’s vibrant, unique and expressive. In short, it functions super well, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. And that’s our point here. Your studio is your inspirational hub – that place where all your ideas and sounds come into fruition – so to be original, you yourself need to be a bit lairy and ‘out there’. A conservative-looking music studio does no one any favours! Hence why we’d always recommend music producers go down the route of a gaming chair, opposed to a pretty vanilla-looking office chair, as it makes production feel less like a 9-5 chore and more like a creative pursuit.

REMEMBER: a conventional studio produces conventional music.

While, you can sleep in a music studio chair if you like – there’s nothing to stop you – we wouldn’t recommend that you do so.

Now obviously this does depend on what you mean by sleep. If by that you mean a 20 minute nap, then you’re probably okay to do so. A cat nap every now and then never hurt anyone… the elderly can vouch for that. Although if you mean the full 8 hours then your studio chair may not be enough.

Have you ever wondered why people regularly nap in chairs, but almost 99% of the time can’t do so for the full 8 hours? That’s because in order to enter a deep sleep your body needs to rest… fully. Something it can’t do in a chair, as muscles are still having to function to keep your body upright.

This is only something you can do by sleeping somewhere flat. Exactly why if you’re considering sleeping in your studio, we’d say that aside from your production chair, you should look to get yourself a form of sofa bed or perhaps even a massage chair that can be fully reclined. That way you’re getting a quality 8 hour rest and wake up refreshed with new ideas, in comparison to feeling rough.

And that’s because to a certain extent how long you sleep doesn’t actually matter. It’s the quality of your sleep that makes the real difference.