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Rack Mount Mixers 101: Here’s 14 Of The Best Mixers – Period!!

What's the best analog mixer for live sound? We reveal the best rack mount mixer...

Tracking down the best rack mount mixer is no easy task!

Go hunting to buy a rack mount mixer & almost instantly you’ll have a ream of questions come to mind. Queries like: which type of mixer best suits my workflow? What makes expensive rack mixers worth the extra £££? Are there any brands that I should look out for? Do all rack mount mixers work in a live setting? Are any compatible with iPads? And while we’re on the subject, what even is rack fitment?

Team all these questions with the fact that today more companies than ever are manufacturing mixers & you can soon see why choosing just 1 is such a task… we seriously struggled to whittle down our top picks to less than 15! Not that you should be worried though, because that’s exactly why we’ve written this blog.

To give you a clear & concise overview of the best rack mount mixers on sale today. Plus, help you decide which rack mixer is best for you & your situation. So buckle up folks – this is not going to be your average review. We’re diving proper deep!!

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Best rack mount mixers @ a glance…

14 of the best rack mount mixers you can buy

1: Alesis MultiMix wireless rack mount mixer

The Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless is a rackmount mixer that redefines the genre. It is lightweight with a full ten-channel mixing system in a 3U box ideal for smaller clubs and events, houses of religion, and portable systems. In addition, the MultiMix 10 Wireless has several readily available front panel jacks that add to the versatility and utility of this well-equipped mixer.

Transmit stereo audio from any Bluetooth device to the MultiMix 10 Wireless Channels 9-10. A channel devoted to accepting stereo playback from any Bluetooth device rounds out the list of features. The simplicity of a single-button coupling is appealing.

You may now effortlessly play music during performances, transmit audio from a computer throughout a multimedia presentation, or even play a song from a patron’s smartphone to fulfil that “specific request.” The adjustable Bluetooth antenna ensures that you get the best reception possible, making this rack mount mixer the best!

2: Behringer XR18 X Air Mixer

The XR18 Digital Mixer from Behringer is the flagship device in the X AIR mixer series. It offers a lot of analogue I/O and a robust DSP engine in a small and portable package at a reasonable price. Instead of hundreds of pricey motorized faders, dials, switches, and Lcd screens, the XR18 is controlled by a simple application that runs on your desktop or phone device. Also compatible are all systems. 

This style not only saves money but also allows you to blend in each room of the house. You can wander around, listen to what your crowd is saying, and make modifications as needed. This smooth and straightforward procedure reduces guesswork and improves sound quality. 

X AIR mixers are designed and made in Germany and are backed by a three-year warranty. Complimentary firmware updates featuring additional effects plug-ins are provided by Behringer. In Expert Mode, you have complete control over all parameters, while in Simple mode, you can choose from four pre-sets or create your templates.

3: Yamaha MG16 mixer

Yamaha’s premium line MG16 rack mount mixer has 16 inputs, four group buses, and an in-built effects generator controlled by a separate channel sent control. There’s also a seven-band visual equalizer, which is useful for adjusting room peculiarities in live circumstances.

The Yamaha MG16 analogue mixer is well-suited for mobile setups or permanent placements since it is feature-rich and delivers excellent sound quality. Your mix will sound clear and articulate, thanks to the high-quality op-amp. With natural-sounding bass and silky highs, the MG16’s clear D-PRE preamps will wring every ounce of tone from your mics.

You don’t have time to fiddle with a huge variety of complex outboard units when you’re in the middle of a live performance. The Yamaha MG Series of analogue mixers includes simple, timesaving one-knob compression to address this issue.

 You can tune in sharper guitars, punchier basses, crisper drums, and well-defined voices by twisting a single rotating control. Furthermore, a high pass filter present in this Yamaha rack mixer eliminates undesired low-frequency noise, allowing you to get rid of any dirt that may be present in your mix.

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4: DA12 DJ sound interface & mixer

This small D.J. mixer will provide absolute dynamic control for the utmost punch and clarity, thanks to enclosed rotary controls that resist dust and filth. The adaptable mixer is ideal for live performances, Karaoke, and high-quality on-stage performances. In addition, you may easily get high-quality, studio-level musical performances with this portable device. 

Because it has 12 channels, each with one XLR microphone and 1/4″ input, the mixer is ideal for connecting several devices. In addition, it’s been given the designation of a delicate LED peak level indication by Depusheng, and it boasts highly musical three-band E.Q. on all channels.

 A +48V Phantom power supply is included with this D.J. mixer for a stable power source. In addition, it comes with a 3-pin power adapter connection and a 10-segment stereo output level meter, ideal for music lovers!

5: Behringer X2222 rack mount mixer

The feature-rich XENYX X2222USB rack mixer enables you to generate premium-quality sound quickly.But the model isn’t only for live performances; it also has the cutting-edge capabilities you’ll need to create amazing, professional-quality recordings. The XENYX X2222USB emerges with all the video editing software necessary to transform your computer system into a comprehensive, high-performance home studio, in addition to its built-in USB and audio connectors.

All Behringer rackmount mixers have the same common thread: great-sounding XENYX mic preamps with plenty of headroom. These state-of-the-art mic preamps are a significant step forward in the development of audio technology – and they can directly compete with the costliest stand-alone mic preamps.

6: Samson SAS M10 rack mount line Mixer

Samson’s SM10 Rackmount 10-Channel Line Mixer is a robust line-level audio mixer that works well on performances and in the studio. The mixer is housed in a 1RU metal frame that will fit into any conventional rack. All ten channels feature 1/4″ stereo inputs with balancing controls, and two of them include XLR mic inputs. In addition, there is a swappable input on each channel.

The mixer’s main outputs are stereo XLR and 1/4″ with signal routing options including main mix, mix B, monitor, and EFX bus outputs. Isolated, low-noise mic preamps support condenser mics with 48V residual power. For easier handling, there are front-panel headphones and monitor outputs with separate volume controls. It’s simple to keep track of volume levels with a 6-segment LED meter.

All in all, the new Samson SM10 line mixer is likely to suit your requirements when you need a multifunctional line mixer at a low price. It is surely one of the finest rack mount mixers that we have on our radar!

7: Behringer X32 rack mount mixer

Behringer is a well-known brand in the audio mixing industry. They provide a rack-mountable digital mixer with several capabilities that both pros and beginners will appreciate with the X32 rack. It’s an automatic mixer with 40 input channels that may be mounted on a rack.

 In 2013, the X32 was released to the public. It is meant for both performance and studio recording and is tailored to accommodate a normal 19-inch audio rack. Since its first introduction, this mixer has had multiple firmware and software upgrades to improve its usefulness and adaptability.

Behringer has added an Auto Mix option to the current upgrades, permitting Dugan-style gain sharing for additional gain from the primary speakers. In addition, the X32-Edit app for mobile phones and tablets has also been upgraded and now features a redesigned U.I. with customizable fader layers.

The X32 Rack or X32 Core features the same ‘system’ as the terminals but in a rackmount configuration and fewer analogue I/O. In addition, you can connect appropriate devices to the Core’s or Rack’s AES50 digital-audio network connectors to increase both as needed.

Although this is a digital audio mixer with many features, the learning curve isn’t too steep. As a result, this mixer will be just as useful to novices as it would be to pros. It does, however, provide sound quality that is comparable to more expensive choices.

8: Numark M6USB mobile DJ rack mount mixer

Today’s modern D.J. uses a wider range of media than before. D.J.s not just mix vinyl, CD, MP3, and hard drive, but they now incorporate singing, speeches, and computerized slide shows, all of which add to the complexity.

M6USB expands on the country’s most successful mobile D.J. mixer design by incorporating USB connectivity for quick, on-the-go audio input and output for publishing to Mac or P.C.

The Numark M6USB 19″ Rack Mountable DJ Mixer offers productivity and reliability in a simplistic design ideal for portable rigs, club installations, and home use.

It has ten-line inputs and other inputs for turntables, CD players, MP3 players, and other devices. Crossfader cutting, replacement main crossfader, thorough LED metering, and other modern conveniences are all included.

You can use the outputs to transfer your mix to a connected computer for recording. M6USB connects to practically any Mac or P.C. without the need for software’s. M6USB has many input and output connectors, as well as a three-band E.Q. on each channel and several other features that will make your gigs more enjoyable.

9: Behringer DDM4000 DJ rack mount mixer

The Behringer Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000 provides excellent sound and is a comprehensive feature required to keep your audiences engaged. Connect your turntables and CD mp3 devices to the four stereo channels, each of which has a fully customizable E.Q. and Kill switch.

With the completely programmable beat-syncable multi-FX units, pair of high-precision BPM counters, and ultra-smooth electronic crossfader with custom curve modification, you’ll have the greatest adaptability at your hands.

Moreover, your audience will go crazy for the super-cool BPM synced sampler with real-time Pitch adjustment, Loop, and Reverse capabilities! A mono-specialized Mic channel with two XLR Mic Inputs is included, as well as a unique Talk feature that reduces the level of the stereo channels, guaranteeing that your statements are heard clearly over the music. The Mic channel includes its own F.X. section, which you may access by pressing a single button.

The DDM4000’s Digital Ultra curve Crossfader, which has Reverse Tap and Hold controls and automated BPM synchronized crossfading, is the device’s heart.

Other notable mentions…

10: PreSonus StudioLive AR12c

11: Art Pro Audio MX622

12: Behringer EURORACK PRO RX1602 V2

Here’s the best cheap rack mount mixer…

13: Behringer Pro VMX1000 USB rack mixer (for DJs)

Finding a rack mount mixer within your budget is not an easy task to perform. Fortunately for you, we have this model from Behringer, which is budget-friendly and quite readily available on the market.

The VMX1000USB DJ Mixer has seven channels and is meant to directly link to your computer, allowing you to move your sound into the digital sphere. In addition, it allows you to record and replay any digital audio file from your P.C. or Mac laptop in seconds, without the need for any setup drivers!

The VCA-controlled faders and crossfader, as well as the double intelligent built-in BPM counters with Sync Lock and Beat Assist, maintain your songs in sync and guarantee a faultless performance. The gadget also has Behringer’s XPQ 3D Surround effect, enabling you to enlarge the stereo image to give your audience an amazing experience.

Here’s the best rack mount mixer for beginners…

14: G-MARK Professional Audio Mixer

Which rack mount mixer is the best? Our editor’s choice

Choosing one model as the best rack mount mixer is not an easy task, but if we must, it would be the Behringer XR18 X Air Mixer owing to its innumerable qualities and reliability.

The XR18 from Behringer is a small but powerful unit. There are 18 inputs, eight outputs, and one headphone connection on this device. Midas mic preamps are used, and inputs 1 and 2 have resistive support as well. 

The unique Ultranet output may carry 16 digital sources for usage in Behringer’s P16 Personal Mixers or Turbosound’s iQ P.A. systems. Furthermore, it utilizes Behringer’s Ultranet protocol, making this the best model on our radar!

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Or, if you’ve still got as burning question about the best rack mount mixer, keep reading to discover even more about why rack mount is such a useful way to mount your studio gear…

The lowdown on everything rack mixers

As you gain experience in music creation, you’ll undoubtedly update your studio equipment. For example, you’ll notice that many professional studio gears, such as preamps, crushers, and equalizers, are rack mountable.

All professional studio gear is intended to fit snugly into 19-inch racks to keep tidy. These racks feature a frame with protruding ears on either side that allow your staff to be screwed to the frame. Rackmount gear saves room in your studio while allowing easy accessibility to your studio gear’s front-panel controls.

A rackmount is a term used to describe a piece of hardware that you can put in a particular rack or the rear rack. Large corporations frequently employ rack mounting to house their network servers, modems, switches, and other network devices.

No, a mixer is not required to record music at home. You’ll need an audio interface preamp, microphone, and DAW, but they won’t cost nearly as much as a full-fledged mixing board. In addition, when you understand what you’ve been doing, mixers can help you make more complex mixing judgments.

Yes, a rack mount fitment is mostly used by professionals because it benefits music enthusiasts. Rackmount gear saves room in your studio while allowing convenient access to your studio gear’s front-panel settings.

Using a mixer in the studio or post-production allows you to have more control over your project’s audio. You’ll notice that handling your soundtrack in the same way you approach your video will result in a significant improvement in the audio quality of your video creations.