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Best Rack Mount Mixers 2024: 10+ Rack Mixers You NEED To Try!

What's the best analog mixer for live sound? We reveal the best rack mount mixer...

Tracking down the best rack mount mixers is no easy task!

Go hunting to buy a rack mount mixer & almost instantly you’ll have a ream of questions come to mind. Queries like: which type of mixer best suits my workflow? What makes expensive rack mixers worth the extra £££? Are there any brands that I should look out for? Do all rack mount mixers work in a live setting? Are any compatible with iPads? And while we’re on the subject, what even is rack fitment?

Team all these questions with the fact that today more companies than ever are manufacturing mixers & you can soon see why choosing just 1 is such a task… we seriously struggled to whittle down our top picks to less than 15! Not that you should be worried though, because that’s exactly why we’ve written this blog.

To give you a clear & concise overview of the best rack mount mixers on sale today. Plus, help you decide which rack mixer is best for you & your situation. So buckle up folks – this is not going to be your average review. We’re diving proper deep!!

Eager to find the best rack mount mixer extra fast?? Use the menu below to skip to the most relevant part of this mammoth review…

reviews of rack mount mixers

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It seems like every instrument brand under the sun is now manufacturing rack mount gear. So it’s little surprise that putting you finger on the best rack mount mixer is no easy task. In fact, it’s quite the challenge! Or at least it was…

We say ‘was’ because we’ve done 90% of the legwork for you – including reviewing over 10 of the best in detail. So all you have to do is pour yourself a cuppa & take 5 to jump into our rundown of the best rack mount mixers for sale today…

You can thank us later :)

Not all rack mixers are full size.

So while if you’re after something more compact, you may want to checkout tabletop mixers (below), if you’re after a full-fat piece of hardware that can be mounted horizontally as part of a rack, you’re in the right place…

1: Alesis MultiMix 10 wireless rack mount mixer

mix engineer using rack mount gear to tune music

2: Art Pro Audio MX622

3: Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602 V2

4: Samson SAS M10 rack mount line mixer

close up of the buttons & dials on a rack mixer

5: Behringer RX1202FX V2 premium mixer

6: Rolls RM69 MixMate

7: Behringer X32 rack mount mixer

buy a rack mount mixer online

In the case that mounting a full-size mixer to a rack is off the cards, or you just prefer working top down, then you may want to consider a tabletop mixer.

Basically a rack mount mixer that’s been purpose designed to face upwards instead of at a 90 degree angle. If you’re a DJ, then chances are, this is the type of rack mixer for you…

8: Behringer X2222 USB rack mount mixer

9: Yamaha MG10XU rack mixer

YouTube video
is rack mount gear any good?

10: Behringer DDM4000 DJ rack mount mixer

11: G-MARK Professional Audio Mixer

12: Numark M6USB mobile DJ rack mount mixer

13: PreSonus StudioLive AR12c

multiple mixers inside a music studio

If you’re after a rack mixer that’s a bit more advanced in the way of tech, then it’s likely a digital mixer will be more up your street.

Unlike analogue mixers, digital rack mixers allows you to do a great deal more with your audio. In much the same way as a digital recording, digital mixers converts live audio into a digital signal which can be instantly fed into your DAW. Call them the most express mixer that (as you’d expect by the price) gives you a cleaner sound…

14: Zoom LiveTrak L-20R Digital Mixer

15: Behringer XR18 X Air digital mixer

16: Soundcraft Ui16 Remote Digital Mixer

sun shining on a Behringer rack mixer

If you’re a DJ you need 2 things: a topdown mixer & options. A LOT of them!

Because despite the misconception about DJing being easy, it take a great deal of effort to work a room, let alone prevent the vibe from stagnating. Something that a well-suited mixer can help you do pretty much overnight. The more access you have to more sounds/ options, the easier it becomes to perform live with a mixer + integrate it into your live setup.

In which case, if you’re after the best rack mixer for DJs, we’d suggest checking out the…

17: Behringer Pro VMX1000 USB rack mixer (for DJs)

While mixers are known for being feature-packed, not everyone needs 10k options.

If anything, you could even argue too many options serve as a distraction – not to mention one that you have to pay for in the RRP. Cut down on the amount of mixing channels & mixers become cheaper, lighter & all-round easier to use. So if you’re not a pro DJ or don’t have HUGE levels of kit, buying a gigantic rack mixer may just be overkill.

In which case, if you’re after a sized-down mixer that’s good for concentrated control, here’s the mixing console we’d opt for…

18: Mackie Mix8 compact mixer

mixing engineers making music

We’ll be honest – when it comes to narrowing down the best rack mount mixer, we did struggle… quite severely. And that’s because, to say something is the ‘best‘ rack mount mixer, is quite a claim, especially when there’s SO many good mixers on the market.

So instead of culling our picks to just 1, we’ve kept our verdict broad & stuck to 3. The first being the…

Zoom LiveTrak L-20R = Best Digital Rack Mixer

As far as digital mixers go, we really didn’t expect this from Zoom. A sturdy & incredibly compact mixer that could easily rival mixers by the likes of Behringer & Presonus. Combine that with the fact that for a 20 channel mixer, it’s tiny – not to mention, lightweight – & for most ‘prosumers’ it’s pretty much the perfect package.

Then all you have to do is factor int he price & it’s not hard to see why this rack mount mixer is SO popular. At the time of writing this review for instance, you can pick up the L-20R for the same price as Zoom’s smaller L12 mixer! So in effect, you’re getting 8 extra channels for FREE!

Although that’s not to say the L-20R works for everyone. If digital mixers aren’t your thing, then you may want to check out the…

Alesis MultiMix 10 Wireless = Best Analogue Rack Mount Mixer

Reason we say so, is because this rack mixer is incredibly well-rounded. It ticks a LOT of boxes! Aside from boasting virtually every input/ output you can imagine, being a 10 track it’s a good usable size. It’s enough, without being too much – if that makes sense? All of which makes it great for personal use, but also a viable mixer for a commercial setting too, like a club, bar, cinema etc.

But what really clinched it for us was this. See, while (at the core) this is an analogue mixer, it also supports Bluetooth too. So in many respects, it’s more of an analogue/digital hybrid than anything. Great if you want the connectivity, but have an aversion to controlling everything through an iPad. And while (confession) this mixer is nothing ‘fancy’, it isn’t hard to see why it’s so popular.

For what you get, Alesis have priced this to sell.

With that though, if you’re a DJ, you may be after a rack mixer that’s a bit more ‘top down’. In which case, we’d recommend you check out the…

Behringer X2222 USB = Best Tabletop Rack Mount Mixer

That’s because if there was a prize for the best ratio of ‘features: price’, then the X2222 USB would take gold. Call it proof that you don’t need to spend in excess of £500 just to get your hands on a fully-loaded 20+ channel mixer. And yet, it’s not like all this value comes at a technical disadvantage.

With this Behringer rack mount mixer, you get a whopping 8 Xenyx preamps along with another 8 studio-grade compressors. All of which sound super clean, whether they’re recording vocals or guitar audio. Team that with ‘top-down’ design & this mixer is pretty much screams “ENTERTAINER!” We know of wedding DJs, as well as bands/ solo artists, who’re all die-hard fans of this mixer. It just works.

And even though, when compared to more expensive units, the materials do feel a tad cheaper, (there’s a lot more plastic), we actually think that’s a plus. Compared to other mixers of its size, the X222 USB is noticeably lighter. Something that come as good news for any frequent giggers.

But yeah – that’s our verdict. As for which is the best rack mount mixer of the lot. That’s for you to decide.

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Yamaha rack mixer sat on a table

Or, if you’ve still got as burning question about the best rack mount mixers, keep reading to discover even more about why rack mount is such a useful way to mount your studio gear…

Rack fitment sounds complex, but really isn’t.

In layman’s terms, rack fitment is simply a way of mounting your analogue equipment so that it’s secure & all together in one place – i.e. you make a rac of gear. To do so, you’ll need a rack mount kit. Now, if you’re not sure what that is, think of it as a supersized Meccano kit, that comes with all the nuts, bolts & metal plates you need to mount your gear.

An easy way to tell a rack mount kit is the positioning of the screw holes. Every mounting point consists of 3, which are spaced 1.75 inches apart. Don’t forget also that you will need to create a cabinet of sorts, in which to fit your rack mount kit. Making a custom cabinet yourself out of wood is by far the easiest way to ensure your rack fits your space.

PRO TIP: While rack gear is attached with screws, be careful which ones you use. Remember to use either nylon or plastic washers, so that your gear doesn’t get scratched. Also, when mounting your gear, take note of if/ where the cooling vents are. That way you can leave a gap between each peiec of gear to ensure you don’t run into any overheating problems.

As stated above, a rack mount kit is a collection of screws, washers & mounting plates, which are used to suspend gear safely within a music studio, or as part of a mobile rig.

As for where you fix a rack kit, that really depends. If you don’t intend on moving the gear anytime soon, then you might be able to save a bit of £££ & fix it somewhere in your room/ production space. However, if that’s not the case, you will need to build some sort of a cabinet – preferably one with casters if you’re looking to take your gear ‘on the go’.


While even the best rack mount mixers are an impressive piece of kit, it really depends on how you plan on using a mixer as to whether rack fitment is worth your time. If a mixer is the only piece of analogue gear you plan on having, then you could probably get a away without rack fitment.

But if you plan on/ already have a decent amount of analogue gear, then rack fitment is certainly a wise idea. Apart from making you gear more portable, appear more professional & ensuring there’s good air circulation, rack fitment is also relatively cheap to do. So if you ask, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Yes & no.

See, that really all depends what you mean by professional. That’s because while most professional-grade studios will use rack fitment, it’s also a pretty common find in home studios too. So in short: rack fitment does not automatically indicate that you are a professional, but it is a clear sign that you take music seriously.

Hardly a bad thing to suggest.

Rack mixers do not directly have an impact on sound.

Yes, you can find a lot of great preamps in rack mixers & vocal effects too. But that’s also something you can find in an audio interface. However, because of the way they’re designed, rack mixers can indirectly improve your sound. The main way of which comes back to accessibility.

See, that’s most of the reason why you’d buy a rack mixer. All your controls are accessible & easy to reach, which makes fine adjustments a LOT easier to make. A welcome addition, whether you’re mixing in your spare time, or live.

To find the best rack mount mixer for you, you need to know what you’re looking for, otherwise you’re practically looking for a needle in a haystack (pardon the cliche). So here’s just a few things to look out for when choosing a mixer…

  • Amount of features/ channels – A wise man once said “think ahead”, & we’d say the same philosophy applies to rack mount mixers. So when it comes to choosing a rack mount mixer, we’d advise you to consider how many channels you currently use & then going at least 1 size up. We say so because the more music you produce, typically the more gear you get & therefore the more channels you’ll need. #BePrepared
  • Portability – If you’re buying a rack mixer to use on location (perhaps you’re a DJ?), then settling for something portable is a wise idea. The last thing you want is to be breaking your back hauling a huge & heavy mixer out of the back of your van. NOTE: Cheaper mixers made of plastic are usually a pretty good ‘on-the-go’ pick.
  • Width – For those who’re looking to add gear to an existing rack, this is extremely important. Buy a mixer that’s too wide & you risk having to make a new cabinet for your rack mount gear!!

As techy as a digital mixer sounds, the difference isn’t that much.

In fact, for the most part digital & analogue mixers are the same. While digital mixers may give you slightly more options when it comes to effects & storage etc, the core of what they do doesn’t actually change. Regardless of whether a mixer is digital or analogue, it still works to help you mix & process audio.

The main difference with a digital mixer is that most of that mixing is done via software – i.e. on an iPad or computer of sorts. Whereas with an analogue mixer, it’s pretty much all done by hand using physical knobs & switches. So naturally, analogue mixers are likely to be the heavier & bulkier of the two, yet at the same time, offer you more accurate ‘hands-on’ control.