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Best Snare Drum Stand 2024? 12 Ways To Steady Your Snare!!

Do you need a stand for a snare drum? Or are they just overkill?

To invest in the best Snare drum stand isn’t just a good idea, it’s common sense.

Why? Because in order to perform at your best, the one thing you need from your kit (without fail) is control. Control over whereabouts you’re striking each specific drum, as well as control over their angle, height and how they’re positioned in relation to you. As any pro drummer will tell you, have a solid setup and you’re already half way there!

So as you’d expect, your drum stands aren’t something to underestimate. If anything we’d say they’re as important as your drums themselves. Without the correct support, not only is your kit harder to setup, but it’s also less flexible during a performance. We’ve come across drummers that like to adjust their setup mid-show – perhaps a quick change of height or angle depending on the song. All something you can’t pull off if your Snare stand isn’t up-to scratch.

So with that in mind then, which snare drum stand is best in 2024? And how do you choose the right one? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

Searching for something specific about Snare placement? Or just intrigued as to what we regard as the best snare drum stand you can buy? Use the menu below to find the answers you need in one click…

a drummer using a snare drum stand when playing

NOTE: If you’re a beginner who’s yet to buy a snare drum, be sure to also check out our guide to the Best Snare Drums + the rundown of Our Favourite Drumsticks.

Looking for the best Snare stand in 2024? You’ve set yourself quite a task!

Reason being that no two Snare stands are created equal – each one boasts its own set of quirks and features. For some, adjustability is their focus. Whereas for others it’s stability or being more durable and hardwearing. Then of course there’s cheap snare drum stands, as well as those that are designed to be portable and come with a cute carry case for those days the road.

So really, there’s a Snare drum stand for every type of drummer, be you a pro who’s jamming with a pop-star or just started a band last week. In which case congrats – fingers crossed we can help you find all the percussion accessories you need! All there’s left to do now is check out our rundown of the best Snare drum stands that you can buy today…

1: Pearl S-930 Series snare stand

This Snare stand is worth it purely for the way it cradles your drum. In fact, if what you’re after is simply a stand that’ll offer a supreme hold, then you can’t really go wrong with the Pearl. Out of all the Snare stands we tested, it was far one of the most sturdy, and up there with the best when it came to absorbing shocks from live play.

This mostly being down to its 3 arms, which are topped with super large grips that are coated in a rubberised material, and therefore grip your snare really well. This stand definitely offers one of the tightest grip on this list. build quality is also another thing you’ll notice about the Pearl pretty much as soon as you remove it from the box.

Tipping the scales at 3.5kg, this stand even surpasses the weight of those stands made by premium brands like Yamaha! And don’t mistake this extra weight for bad engineering. The tripod is runs rings around a lot of stands, as do its well-braced legs and rubberised feet. You can see why it’s racked up so many 5-star reviews.

Beginner friendliness: 9/10 – For any beginner the Pearl is hands-down exceptional value for money. Essentially it’s the build quality of a high end Yamaha for half the price!

Here’s why Pearl make the best snare stand…

  • It’s build quality could rival the likes of Yamaha, yet it’s nowhere near the same price!
  • Those large grips means your Snare should remain steady – very steady!
  • Its tripod also performed as one of the best on uneven surfaces.
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2: Yamaha SS-850 heavy weight snare stand

For those after a robust and dependable snare stand, look no further than the Yamaha SS-850 (part of the 800 Series). Tipping the scales at 3.1kg, this snare stand is certainly tough enough to keep even the heaviest of snares in check. Something that its increased weight allows it to do, as that is what gives this stand such stability. A vital characteristic, especially if the way you drum is borderline erratic.

What’s more, to aid its stability even further, this 800 Series stand features doubled braced legs as well as rubber feet, which are substantially larger and more grippy than those on other models. Aside from it’s durability, the stand also comes with all the adjustability that you’d expect from a studio-quality stand, including a rather generous 5-year warranty!

Beginner friendliness: 7/10 – this Yamaha snare stand is a great option for any beginner who’s after a solid studio stand that keeps their snare stock still during a recording session.

Why you should choose this Yamaha Snare stand instead…

  • This Snare stand Copes with erratic playing with ease.
  • The fit & finish feels uber premium & shows up most stands on this list!
  • You can’t escape that 5-year warranty!!

3: MAPEX (S800) snare drum stand

Aside from looking the part, this Snare stand from Mapex also feels the part too. Yes, at 3kg, it’s not what you’d call the lightest Snare stand you can buy, but it’s certainly in contention to be the most versatile.

We’re particular fans of its Snare basket, which unlike many of its competitors, is ever so slightly bevelled, with the arms splayed out at a slightly upward angle. Reason? Because the arms aren’t resting on the back of the drum, less vibrations course through the stand giving you what is hopefully a bigger and more punchy sound. Very clever!

Another reason to favour the Mapex is its omniball angle adjustment, which is essentially a fancy way of describing the die-cast metal box, located just below the basket. In essence, a more premium alternative to a plastic tilt adjuster – it’s silky smooth to operate! And speaking of premium, that word pretty much sums up this entire stand. The quality of the materials feel second to none – every fixture is tight, movement is smooth and if we’re honest, we feel it rival the likes of Yamaha and Donner. Don’t believe us? At the time of writing this blog, it’s even got a 5 star rating!

Beginner friendliness: 9.5/10 – While it’s by no means the most portable stand, invest in this stand as a beginner and you’ll likely never need to change it.

Why is this the best snare stand?

  • Hordes of 5 star customer reviews – always a plus!
  • The amount of die-cast metal on this snare stand is insane!
  • Really smooth to operate and super quick setup. Premium & user friendly!
snare drum stand review

4: Gibraltar G4706 lightweight snare stand

Another lightweight Snare stand to consider would be this little gem from Gibraltar, which at 2kg is an ideal piece of kit for going on tour. The main reason being its weight, which at 2kg isn’t all that much for a Snare stand. And yet, while it’s portable it doesn’t fall into the trap of being flimsy and weak. The legs are double braced and the actual arms on the top of the tripod flex nowhere near as much as they do on other portable stands.

So really you could call this stand a balance – the best of both worlds. It’s sturdy enough that it won’t cause your Snare to wobble and have you making schoolboy errors in the middle of your performance. Gotta love those rubber feet. Yet at the same time you don’t need to be on protein powder to lift it. What’s more, unlike some Snare stands, you can even use the Gibraltar to mount Toms! So really it’s little surprise that it’s a pro choice and used often as part of full kits.

Beginner friendliness: 8.5/10 – While it’s no showstopper, as a portable stand it excels. Plus, the fact you can fit Toms onto this stand is a nice bonus!

A few reasons this Gibraltar could be the best snare stand…

  • Portable enough to go on tour, yet not flimsy – good balance of build & practicality!
  • You can use this stand to mount Toms too.
  • Works really well as part of a full kit – good long-term investment!

5: Meinl Sonic Energy handpan drum stand

When it comes to stands, Meinl is one of the ‘go-to’ manufacturers for high quality professional level kit. And in that respect, this stand really does deliver! Designed to be robust, it weighs in at just under 4kg, is made of high grade steel & (of course) is doubled-braced. From a performance perspective then, this stand is no slouch!

Playing on this stand is accurate & intentional – you have those fantastic rubber feet to thank for that, as they even manage to keep the snare stable even on uneven ground! The 3 grips are strong and cushioned to protect your drum. A must for any pro! In fact, we really do struggle top pick fault with this snare stand. Even the colour (which is not your conventional chrome) is a refreshing change & if you ask us, more modern.

If you’re considering a Gibraltar or Yamaha snare stand, do bare this stand in mind. We’d be tempted to say it’s on par.

Beginner friendliness: 7.5/10 – Being made with serious drumming in mind, this is perhaps not the best snare stand for beginners. The price should tell you that.

Here’s why this stand by Meinl is a wise pick…

  • Meinl are known for their high quality music gear – they’re an industry specialist!
  • The metal on this stand feels super premium, as do all the materials used.
  • This stand functions well (& has been designed to work with) steel handpan drums too!!
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6: Percussion Plus 700S Economy Snare Drum Stand

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, this isn’t the most sturdy Snare stand money can buy. But that’s because it’s light – very light! At just 1.34kg the 700s is a true featherweight, so if you’re after a portable stand don’t cross this one off your list just yet.

And that’s because while it’s legs aren’t double braced like the Tiger, and the basket anything particularly revolutionary when compared to the Mapex, it does function well as a stand. In fact, when it came to stability, considering its weight, we were impressed by how much drumming this portable stand could take. It copes with aggressive drumming surprisingly well.

What’s more, despite the slight lack in features, there’s actually little lapse in build quality. You adjust this stand with metal knobs, not flimsy plastic. The basket has a strong grip to it and the whole build just feels solid. So if you’re after a Snare stand that favours function over fancy features, this could well be your best bet.

Beginner friendliness: 7/10 – Granted, this stand isn’t packed with features, but it masters the basics really well. Exactly what makes it a valid pick for beginners.

Why be economical & choose the 700S?

  • At 1.34kg it’s incredibly light – ideal for the road!
  • That price tag isn’t all that steep, yet you get metal adjustment knobs
  • Masters the basics & masters them well!!

7: Yamaha SS-740A Medium Weight Snare Stand

If you’re after a stable balance of robust build quality and practicality, then the Yamaha SS-740A (part of the 700 Series) may be your best bet. As much like the 600 Series stand, the 700 allows you to adjust your Snare stand to practically any angle, thanks to Yamaha’s ingenious ball-clamp design.

This Snare stand also boasts a full-size basket that’s got some good grip to it, and is properly height adjustable thanks to the metal adjustment clamps you’ll find on the side. And while this stand is also single braced (like the 600 Series), where it differs is in weight.

Being a more premium stand aimed more towards professionals, this stand weights in at 2.6kg! So as you’d imagine its rubber feet are a generous size and grippy too. Yet it does fold up into a neat package, so if you’re only occasionally on the road, but want something hardwearing for the studio, then this Yamaha snare stand could well be a good choice! Plus, did we mention… it also comes with a 5-year warranty!

Beginner friendliness: 8/10 – this Yamaha snare stand works well for beginners who aren’t so much geared towards portability and more after performance on stage or in the studio.

Why a Yamaha snare stand is a good choice…

  • That brand – it has heritage & a reputation for quality
  • Can’t escape that 5-year warranty – Like wow!!
  • The ball clamp on this stand is one of the smoothest we tested!
musician hitting a drum really hard

8: Donner large snare drum stand

Need the best snare drum stand, but also somewhere to put your drum sticks? Donner’s got you covered, as with this Snare stand you also get a really nice drum stick holder to protect your drum sticks when they’re not in use. A nice addition that! But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s a way to ‘glam up’ a cheap Snare drum stand, because the stand does have a fair weight to it.

Weighing in at over 3kg, this stand holds its balance rather well, especially when squatted down low. The double bracing on the legs really does make a difference here – a feature you’ll find on some of the best Snare stands. The feet are also a talking point, as unlike those you’ll find on cheaper stands, they have a real good grip to them. Ideal for an slippery stage. In fact, the only real downside we could find to this stand is how the drum stick holder fits onto the stand – it looks a bit aftermarket.

Beginner friendliness: 9/10 – As an all round stand this is great! Buy it as your first stand and it’d likely be a long time before you’d want to upgrade.

What makes Donner’s stand the best?

  • That drum stick holder is a proper nice addition!
  • We liked how grippy the feet were. You Snare will definitely be safe!
  • This stand squats down pretty low, especially when compared to its rivals.

Looking to go into concert drumming?

Then you NEED a snare stand that’s up to the job!! One that doesn’t restrict you in terms of adjustment & allows you (no matter the venue) to achieve perfect snare placement. After all, when performing live, sound is everything! Good concert stands will be double-braced & offer enough flexibility so that you as a drummer can even find comfortable placement if you’re stood up whilst playing.

As far as snare stands go, concert stands are by far some of the most flexible. With that in mind, here’s what we consider to be the best snare stand for concert drumming…

9: Gibraltar 6706 Professional Series Snare Stand

Really tall Snare stands aren’t what you call common – call them niche if you like – but thanks to Gibraltar all you concert drummers can get your hands on one. The 6706 (part of the Expert series) is the best concert drum stand we’ve come across. Take it from us, this stand grows – from 28 to 41 inches in fact! All of which makes it ideal for use while standing, or if you just want a high Tom as part of your kit.

It’s not build bad either weighing in at 3.45kg. Although you’d expect that from a concert stand. Extra height requires a longer tripod and of course, better balance. So as you’d expect, the legs on this stand are also doubled braced, and the centre of the tripod is made of a thick metal. No cut price piping’s used here! The feet also cope with weight really well, and spread nice and wide for extra stability. Ask us and you’ll struggle to find a better concert stand for under £100.

Beginner friendliness: 8/10 – Well, as a concert drummer you’re probably some sort of a pro, but if this is your first stand rest assured that it’s easy to use and setup is pretty much straight-forward.

What makes this the ideal concert drum stand?

  • Despite it’s height, this snare stand is really stable, even when fully extended!
  • The pipe used to create the stand is heavy duty and thicker than your average stand.
  • Works well for concert drummers & as a standard Snare stand!
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If you’re just starting out as a drummer, chances are, spending mega £$€ on a stand just isn’t viable. Let alone sensible.

As a beginner drummer, you’re really just after a stand that’s capable – one that does the job, but isn’t perhaps the ‘best-of-the-best’. Remember: it’s all about getting a feel for drums as a beginner – less so having pro-grade kit. That’s all gear you’ll acquire as your talent grows & you begin to see the need for better quality stands & other drumming accessories.

Starter kit is really just here to (as the name suggests) get you started. So if you’re a beginner who’s expanding their setup, we’d say the best snare stand for you would be…

10: Vangoa Snare Drum Stand

You could say this Snare stand from Vangoa is memorable. That’s because unlike so many Snare stands out there, it actually has a built in memory lock, which helps it remember its previous position! So all you have to do is set it up once and you’re pretty much good to go. Ideal if you’re on tour and don’t have much in the way of time. What’s more, this stand’s a tough brute too.

Thanks to recent upgrade, its pipe is now 2.2cm thick and the legs are also double braced! In addition to all that it also boasts a hefty set of rubber feet and even a cute travel back to protect its chrome finish from any obnoxious scratches. Incase you wondered, this bag is also waterproof. In fact, the only real issue we found is that the knob which is used to tighten the position of the arms is made of plastic, opposed to metal. But that’s just us being picky. The 1 year warranty more than makes up for it!

Beginner friendliness: 9/10 – Would have been an 8, but that warranty budged it up to a 9. We don’t think any beginner would be unhappy with this stand. That memory function is a real timesaver!

Why should you choose this snare stand?

  • This Snare stand’s memory lock is a nice user-friendly touch!
  • The thickness of the stand is better than most in this price range.
  • We liked the carry case – not to mention the 1 year warranty!

As a drum player who’s on the road, portability is key in any drum stand… especially if you’re planning on having more than 1.

Let’s just say that hauling countless heavy stands around a festival when you’re against the clock to setup, is not the best idea. Plus, a bunch of bulky stands can take up a good deal of space in your tour bus too. So really, it’s little wonder why portable snare stands have become SO incredibly popular. You get all the perks & adjustability of a standard snare stand, only it takes up half the footprint.

With that in mind, here’s the 2 best portable snare stands that we could find…

11: Yamaha SS662 Lightweight Snare Stand

Yamaha is renowned for their expertise in percussion, and the SS-662 (part of the beginner-friendly 600 Series) is no exception. As a snare stand it’s arguably one of the most flexible you can find for the money, thanks to its superb adjustability, which is makes it arguably the most flexible at this price-point!

Weighing in at just 520g, it’s also a great portable snare stand that’s ideal for the road. In terms of construction, this stand is also up there with some of the best. Now granted, with it being a portable snare stand that’s single braced and focused on lightness, you do loose some of the stability that you get with Yahama’s 700 and 800 series stands, but considering the fact it’s well over half the weight and significantly less money, we think it’s a solid choice. Definitely a stand that most drummers would be happy to own, especially considering the fact it also comes with a generous Yamaha guarantee!

Beginner friendliness: 7/10 – This Yamaha snare stand is ideal for any beginner who’s after something portable & wanting to buy into a quality brand. However, being so unbelievably light can make it can feel a bit flimsy.

What’s so good about this snare stand?

  • You can buy in confidence – Yamaha is a quality brand!
  • It’s beyond light – at just 520g it’s the lightest on this list!
  • This level of adjustability on a portable stand is rare!
drum stands that fold up for travel

12: KONFA Folding Drum Holder

If you’re all about that compactness, the this may be the best drum stand for you. Unlike the Yamaha (above), this stand is double braced and because of which, can squat slightly lower. And as you’d expect, being a portable stand, it’s compact too. Fully folded it’ll easily fit in most rucksacks or drum bags.

The stand itself can also accommodate Dumb drums too, as well as a Snare. Plus, the majority of the fixing on this stand are made of metal too, which is actually quite rare on a portable stand. And while this stand did take a while to set up, the only real issues we had with it was getting the angle of the Snare drum right – that took some fettling. But once up, the stand remained solid and level, even when exposed to heavy drumming. Kudos for what is one of the most portable Snare stands that you can buy.

Beginner friendliness: 8/10 – While studio nuts may want to look elsewhere, for any drummer who’s ‘on the go’ with lots of baggage it’s ideal!

This is the best portable Snare stand – why?

  • It’s portable, but (crucially) doubled-braced too!
  • Ideal for the road – fits in virtually any backpack.
  • Once up, this stand is surprisingly stable to say that it’s designed to be portable!

Ask us to name the best Snare drum stand and we’d actually say there’s one clear winner.

A stand that in our opinion runs rings around your average Snare stand when it comes to durability. While it’s not light by any means, when compared to the rest of the Snare stands out there, it just feels so solid! What’s more, aside from feeling the part, it also translates that ‘solidness’ into how it functions.

When it came to holding a Snare, this stand was by far the most impressive on this list. We put it down to it’s bevelled arms, which work to cup the drum rather than grabbing it, allowing the majority of vibrations to escape. Therefore as you’d imagine, the stand remained stable and didn’t so much as flinch during a period of heavy drumming.

Stability aside, this stand was also both easy and smooth to operate, thanks to the all-metal construction – we really liked all the die-cast fixtures you get with this stand. Much the same as virtually all it’s previous customers, as at the time of writing this it’s currently a 5-star rated product! So much so that we feel it could well have the legs on the Snare stand you get from the industry titans Yamaha and Donner.

Yep – you guessed it.

Mapex S800 = Best Snare Drum Stand 2023

Enjoyed this review of the best snare drum stands & eager for more? Be sure to check out the rest of our know-how on Musical Instrument Care & Accessories, as well as our latest Reviews Of Percussion Gear. Recently, we also did a rundown on the Best Drum Thrones + another on the Most Insulating Drum Mats, which may also be a good read too!!

drummer on tour with his drumming gear

Or if you’ve still got a burning question about Snare stands, keep reading to discover even more about why Snare drum stands are such a vital part of your drum setup…

When hunting for the best Snare stand, there are a couple of things we advise you take into consideration…

  • Build quality – Determining the weight of the stand is usually an easy way to gauge this. Although with that being said, you could also look out for those stands with metal fixtures or double braced legs too.
  • Stability – Check out the tripod and take a closer look at the feet. What’s the setup like? Does it have a good stance? And what about the basket? Is it flat against the back of your drum or does it leave room for vibrations to escape?
  • Reviews – See what people are saying about the stand and look at what questions they ask/ feedback they give. If the majority is positive then you’ve got a good chance that you’ll be pleased with what you receive.

Snare drum stands are by far the easiest way to ensure your Snare drum remains stable and that (crucially) you can play it to the best of your ability.

And yet Snare drum stands are some of the most underrated piece of the entire drum kit, all despite the fact they largely determine your accuracy and therefore the quality of the final sound! As a drummer it’s important you don’t forget this, as a world-class drum supported by a sub par stand isn’t exactly a recipe for success. You can have the best drums you want, but if you can’t get the most out of them, then you’ve pretty much wasted your money.

Take it from us – invest in the essentials before the extravagancies.

Setting up a Snare drum is actually quite straight forward.

First take the drum stand out of all it’s protective packaging and rest it face up on the floor (so the basket is facing upwards). Then make sure that all the clips/ screws that determine the tension of the basket are fully undone.

Next, take your Snare and place one side of it against the first arm of the Snare drum stand. We always suggest starting with the top. Then once you’ve got it to the point where it’s been gripped by the arm at the top, slowly lift the stand up onto its feet (keeping the drum secured at the top) and then proceed to slowly cinch in the clamps using the adjustment knobs.

Keep going until the other two arms of the snare stand (bottom left and right) are touching the bottom of the drum. Carefully moving the rubber grips of the arms over the edge of the drum, continue to tighten the stand until the drum is secure.

Then once you’re happy with the tightness, make sure the tripod is fully open and stand the drum upright on all 3 legs. Be sure not to overdo it with the tightening, otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll break the Snare, or your new stand.

Now that the Snare is upright, simply adjust the height of the stand to your liking. Much the same with the angle of the drum. And then simply sit back, grab your drum sticks and try it out.

Most Snare stands come with a general size guide.

he most likely Snare drums to fit a stand tend to be those in-between 12 and 14 inches. However, if you own a Snare that’s slightly abnormal in size, then this is really something you should read up on before you buy. Cant be bothered wait for a response? Look in the item FAQs and you’ll usually find that someone has already asked the question for you.

You can lower a Snare drum stand in two ways.

The first and most obvious being via the central stem of the tripod. Usually you’ll find some sort of adjustment clamp, which you can undo to adjust the height. However, a slightly less accurate way would be to use the legs of the tripod itself.

Aside from extending to a reasonable length upright, some of the best Snare stands also extend really far downwards. Although how well they can squat and stay there, will of course depend on the quality of the tripod, it’s feet and also the surface on which your stand is stood.

Really how high your Snare should be all depends on you, how you’re sat and your proportions.

As a guide your Snare drum should be a few inches above the top of your legs, when sat in your playing position. So really the height of your stand depends largely on the size of your drum too, as well as how it sits in relation to the rest of your kit.

When playing snare, your placement & arrangement is hugely important!!

Yes, you can indeed set a Snare drum up with a practice pad.

Simnply set the Snare stand to the height at which you normally have your drum. Then how you’d normally insert your drum, insert your pad, trapping it in-between the 3 arms. Confused? Watch this guy fit a practice pad to his Snare stand below…

YouTube video

A Snare drum is called a Snare drum is because of the internals of the Drum itself. Inside a Snare drum there’s somewhere int he region of 8 and 18 Snares. These are underneath the skin and know as rattles, as they’re what give the Snare it’s distinguished sound.

These Snares are stretched across the Snare head (a part inside the drum) and are made of all sorts of materials, which differ depending on the drum. Some are made of nylon or silk, while others are plastic or metal. Hence the name, Snare Drum.


A Tom can be supported by almost any Snare stand. The way you fit a Tom is also much the same as a Snare. Nothing too complicated, however we would suggest seeking professional advice should it be your first time setting up.