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Best Tenor Ukulele 2024: 12 Tenor Ukes To Get You Jammin’!!

Which is the best tenor ukulele? Is the tenor uke any good?

What’s the best tenor ukulele??

It’s one of those questions that’s often asked, but very rarely answered. Much like: “what is the best action film?” or “who is the best pop-star?”, opinions tend to clash when you pose such a question. All something that can turn the process of tracking down the right uke into nothing more than a wild goose chase (quack quack).

They’ll be some who’ll preach that cheap tenor ukes rule the roost, simply because they’re all you need to get started with solos around the campfire. And yet for others (mostly professional stringed instrument players) sound will be more of a focal point; each uke comes with its own distinct character & depth of tone, which for 99% of music lovers serves as the main selling point.

Team that with the various styles of tenor uke + the assortment of woods used in their construction, & buying a uke without guidance is a bit like trying to buy ‘pick n mix’ while blindfolded. You’re totally reliant on luck. All of which beggars the question: how do you track down the best tenor ukulele?? Is there even such thing? Read on & we’ll reveal all.

After something specific about which tenor ukulele has the best sound? Or just curious what we consider to be the best tenor ukulele, & why? Use the menu below to find all the answers you need, fast…

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Buying a ukulele is no laughing matter (wipe the smirk off your face!)

Because as much as ukes are a lively instrument (especially the tenor), that’s not to say that buying them is a walk in the park. in reality, it’s anything but. Aside from wood & string type, there’s also shape, value, tone & even the brand to take into account. All of which drastically impact (A) your playing experience & (B) your overall satisfaction.

Not that you need to worry though – we’ve done 90% of the legwork for you. All you have to do is read on & jump headfirst into our detailed rundown of the best tenor ukuleles for sale today…


1: Aklot solid bamboo cutaway uke

2: Cordoba 28T (Hawaiian Koa)

3: Kala KA-BMB-T (Bamboo Collection)

4: Ortega Guitars Prism Series

5: Caramel CT904 (Ebony)

6: Enya carbon fibre cutaway uke

7: Kala KA-TEM (mahogany)

8: Cordoba 15TM

9: Kala KA-PWT (Pacific Walnut)

10: Kala LTP-MH (Mahogany & White)

If you intend to play your uke amplified on-stage, then the best ukulele for you is likely going to be electric. Opt for such a uke, & you’ll basically bag yourself the equivalent of an electric guitar – a uke with pickups & an EQ.

Exciting stuff! However, just as with acoustics, there’s not just 1 electric ukulele to choose from. There’s many. So to give you a helping hand, here’s what we believe to be the best electric tenor ukulele you can buy today…

11: Kala KA-20 electric uke

Out of all tenor ukulele brands, Fender (along with Kala & Ortega Guitars) are some of the most highly regarded ukes you can buy. But with that being said, there’s more than 1 Fender uke. In fact, if you want to get really precise, there’s the Fender: Dhani Harrison, Rincon, Avalon.

However, while we do like those ukes, the Montecito is the tenor ukulele by Fender that does it for us. Read on to discover why…

12: Fender Montecito (With Walnut Fingerboard)

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Or, if you’re here purely to learn more about tenor ukuleles, keep reading & we’ll answer even more of your burning questions…

Tenor ukuleles are usually preferred over many other instruments because of how beginner-friendly the construction is. There is space to make a clumsy start and get better with time which is why these ukuleles are mostly accessible to beginners. They have more room on the fretboard, allowing you to move more freely and comfortably. 

Several options are available on the market when looking for the finest tenor ukulele. Some beginners might even confuse the tenor with the concert. Tenors and concert ukeleles have a lot of different characteristics. For example, tenors also have a louder, fuller tone. Starting with the tenor will be your best bet if you’re a beginner. You should be able to easily switch from a Tenor to a Concert ukulele if you are proficient on a Tenor. 

A tenor uke is a model bigger than a concert ukulele but smaller than a baritone. Its scale is roughly two inches bigger, and its body is slightly larger than a concert uke. A tenor uke also weighs more than a concert uke. Professional musicians choose this length of ukulele, although anybody with some knowledge and ability can play it. Tenor ukuleles typically have a scale of 17 inches, while concert ukuleles typically have a size of 15 inches.

Yes, it is an easy instrument to learn, but the question of how fast one can learn it depends on the individual. Due to its four strings, ease of tuning, ease of playing solo or rhythm sections in any composition, and ease of learning, the tenor Uke is an excellent learning instrument. 

This ukulele is easier to play than a guitar since it has fewer chords and a compact body. As a starter instrument, it’s a fantastic choice. Even if there is no degree that measures how long it takes to learn to play an instrument, it is usually understood that a person can play effectively in around 3 to 6 months. Many people are apt to learn faster than others, but it also depends on how dedicated they are to learning Uke.

Although Billie Eilish has a custom concert ukulele made in partnership with Fender, she has also been spotted playing a Boulder Creek Guitars concert RipTide Ukulele. She also plays many unnamed, unbranded concert ukuleles. Many songs are a tribute to Eilish’s modest beginnings in the music industry because her rise to pop prominence began with the Uke, the first device she learned to play and create songs on. 

Seven of Eilish’s tracks (for guitar and Uke alone) have just been added to Fender Play, the comprehensive web-based learning tool for guitar, piano, and Uke, coinciding with the release of her trademark ukulele. For $299, the Billie EilishUke is currently on sale. It is the most recent model to join Fender’s constantly growing lineup of ukuleles.

Nowadays, ukuleles are a common choice among artists. You must first understand which tenor ukulele you want to purchase and why you need one. The biggest instrument manufacturers worldwide are still in operation because they provide high-quality equipment that customers purchase. As more and more people become aware of how excellent and fairly priced those devices are, they purchase more from those manufacturers. Following are the best ukulele brands.

  • Kamaka
  • Kanile’a.
  • Oscar Schmidt.
  • Cordoba.
  • Lanikai Ukuleles.
  • Martin & Co.
  • Ohana Music.

The most common size Uke is the soprano. It is the shortest of the four conventional sizes and is distinguished by the ukulele-like bright, twangy sound it creates. These usually have 12 to 15 frets, and the tune is GCEA. It is the most popular size and produces the typical vintage ukulele sound. 

Our smallest and lightest ukulele, with the smallest scale and closest fret spacing, is the soprano. Soprano ukuleles are frequently the greatest starter for kids since they are perfect for youth guys and those with smaller fingers or hands. The soprano is still appropriate for players of all sizes and ability levels.