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Best Tube Preamp 2024? Audiophiles: You HAVE To Try These!!

Do tube preamps make a difference? Which preamp is the best?

Digital sound – it has nothing on the best tube preamp.

Professional music producers know all too well what we’re talking about. That subtle (but all-important) difference in sound that manages to make a recording that bit more ‘plush’. You can tell a tube preamp by effect on your audio; Tube pres are known for their warm & colourful sound. Something you cannot to this day, get from digital equipment… #AnaloguePerks

And that’s because, much as the name suggests, tube preamps make their audio the old fashioned way – within a vacuum tube. Hence why it’s VERY hard to find 2 tube amps that sound the same! Being analogue, each one has its own unique character & thus makes choosing the best tube preamp pretty darn challenging.

Although saying that, we’ve decided to have a go at it anyway. So read on & we’ll reveal what we believe to be the best tube preamps on sale today + outline some pro tips on how to get the amp that’s right for you.

After something specific about tube pres? Or just want to find the best tube preamp for you setup extra fast? Use the menu below to get your answer in 1 click…

review of the best tube preamps

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There’s no shortage of tube pres out there!

In fact, being an aftermarket audio accessory, there’s an abundance. So be you after a fully-blown audio preamp for use with a condenser mic, or just something smaller to give your headphones an analogue edge, we’re confident there’s a tube pre for you

Exactly why we’ve done all the legwork for you & tested in excess of 15, to bring you a rundown of the best tube preamps you can buy today – all you have to do is read on…

1: Fosi Audio T20 Bluetooth tube preamp

a budget tube preamp under the sun on a table

2: Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2

3: Douk Audio 200W tube amp

4: Nobsound NS-10P mini tube preamp

5: Sabaj PHA3 tube preamp

what is a tube preamp?

6: Nobsound Little Bear T7 vacuum mini tube preamp

7: Douk Audio P1 (GE5654) tube preamp

8: Dared MP-5BT tube amplifier

9: Nobsound NS-08E vacuum tube preamp

producer making music with a tube pre

10: Project Tube Box S turntable pre-amplifier

11: Nobsound 6P1 dual tube amplifier

12: Nobsound Little Bear T11 6N2/12AX7 preamp

buy a tube preamp online

Record players & turntables – while some do come with a preamp built in (usually more modern ones), a good portion also do NOT include s a preamp. That’s something that’s you have to factor into your setup. With the majority of record players, you’ll be best off with something called a phono preamp.

We won’t get into the technicalities now, just take it from us – for a record player, a phono pre is the way to go. Here’s the best phono tube preamp that we tested…

13: Doux Audio 5.0 MM Phono 320W Vacuum Tube Amp

Got a power-hungry pair of headphones & want to get the best out of them?

If that’s you, then we’d seriously consider investing in a tube amp for your headphones. That way you can perform any sound-sensitive tasks like mixing, mastering or just be immersed in the atmosphere of a film, without any compromise in audio.

And while these types of preamps tend to focus less on adding colour to your sound (amplification is there main aim), there was 1 amp that (for us) gave the audio a slightly more ‘tubish’ sound. An amp that’s coincidentally our pick for the best tube preamp if you’re a headphone user…

14: Aiyima T8 6N3 Digital Tube Preamplifier

band huddled together in a studio making music

Not a fan of pre-made preamps & fancy creating your own amp that’s bespoke to your setup? If so, then a tube preamp kit like this may well be up your street. All the kit you need, only for a LOT cheaper price.

While we don’t have the guts to give it a go, if you do then this is the way to do so…

15: 6J1 Vacuum Electron Tube Valve Preamp (kit to assemble)

Putting your finger on the best preamp is NOT easy (in a general sense) as really it all depends on what you value in a preamp.

So to just conclude by saying that ‘Preamp X’ is the best you can buy, seems to us, like a bit of a cop out. Besides, all the preamps on this list are good at what they do. That’s why we chose them – from our perspective at least, we haven’t mentioned 1 BAD tube pre. Therefore, instead of picking the ‘best’ tube preamps, here’s 2 that are opinion, tick virtually every box.

To kick us off then, if you’re not after a huge tube preamp & just want a pre for headphones or to improve the quality of your mic recordings, then we’d suggest seriously considering the…

Fosi Audio T20 = Best Tube Preamp (Small Scale)

You see, there’s one VERY good reason this preamp is our ‘Most Popular’ choice… the sound!

Considering its size, this plucky little preamp really does put up a fight. We found the audio to be warm, smooth & pretty darn detailed if we’re honest. You get a lot of depth with this preamp – something we really like, especially when used in tandem with a mic. The Texas Instruments chip you’ll find in the T20 really has done its job. Sounds proper juicy!!

So much so that we wouldn’t shy away from saying that the Fosi pre sounds on par with those you get from the likes of Denon & even some amps by Pro-Ject too! Even at high volumes we witnessed very little distortion & what’s more, the preamp didn’t run all that hot either. Plus, the Bluetooth paired with our Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones, everything ran smooth, despite the Beyers being quite a power-hungry set of cans.

In fact, the only real niggle we have with this (let’s face it) budget preamp is that it does take a couple of minutes for the tubes to warm up. Something that may make you want to (as a lot of owners do) upgrade to a set of GE 5654W tubes. But really, that’s all down to personal preference. And if you’re at all in doubt, take 5 to check out its reviews.

At the time of writing this blog, there’s over 900 & the preamp has an average rating of 4.6/5!!

With that though, not everyone wants a pocket-sized preamp. So in the case you’re huntin g for a more professional-grade piece of gear, we’d say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out the…

 Pro-Ject Tube Box DS2 = Best Tube Preamp (Professional-Grade Phono Stage)

And that’s because as far as tube preamps go, we think is one of the best combos of sound & build quality you can get. This does NOT for 1 minute feel like a cheap tube preamp!!

The tones you get from the DS2 are some of the warmest we came across in testing. Hook this unit up to a HiFi or record player & be prepared for a pleasant surprise – the difference is night & day. We specifically noticed that the bass is somewhere that this pre really excels. If your bass is muddy or a lacking punch, this is the preamp to restore it. Saying that though, the highs were also very crisp & the soundstage on a whole, is nice & wide.

And then of course there’s the fact that this preamp doesn’t look overly space-age. If anything, it’s closer to a high-end piece of furniture, so for audiophiles that don’t want showcase their (slightly geeky) fascination, it’s hands-down the perfect balance. What’s more, the metal case does a great job of protecting all the internals. Something you want when the RRP isn’t exactly pocket change.

But then again, you have to take that with a pinch of salt. Being a full-fat phono preamp, it does sit in a higher bracket than many pres on this list. with that being said, if you judge this tube preamp on value, we think you’ll end up falling head over heals. That’s because the DS2 is testament to one traditional saying…

“you get what you pay for”.

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audiophile using a preamp to boost their audio

Or, if you’ve still got as burning question about the best tube preamps, keep reading to discover even more about why a tube pre can make such a difference…

A vacuum tube preamplifier is a type of preamp that (much as the name suggests) uses a vacuum tube to sculpt & refine its sound.

Most commonly tube preamps are used to power & enhance the audio qualities of the sound in headphones, HiFI systems, general speakers & even add a layer of warmth to the vocals from a mic. And that’s what makes tube preamplifiers SO popular – the sound!

Where you stock solid-state preamps may sound a bit flat or 2D in tone, a tube preamp is virtually the opposite. It’s an easy way to add warmth to a sound, make vocals a bit more airy & to lift certain parts of the frequency. The most notable being the highs & the bass. With a tube pre, the highs will be incredibly crisp & wispy in many respects. As for the bass, that’ll become more rounded, but punchy.

Effects that all stem from the distortion of the tubes. So if you’re suffering from a muddy low end, a quality tube preamp may be all you need. But that’s not all. With most tube preamps you can even switch out the tubes. A common modification for those audiophile that have a slight fetish for certain tones.

Our favourite is the classic GE 5654W tube, which is a common modification for compact pres like the Fosi Audio T20.

In short, a tube preamp is a way of making the sounds of digital equipment more analogue in tone.

In many cases, you’ll find a tube pre used as a bypass for solid-state preamps where an audiophile wants a warmer, more rounded & natural sound. Instances where you might spot a tube preamp include: a HiFi setup, with a record player, to power headphones or even to add that extra bit of warmth to the vocals from a mic.

And while the majority of tube pres are used by audiophiles for playback, there are some instances where they’re used in a professional recording setting. Although these tend to be a lot rarer.

Whether tube preamps re good or not, really comes back to what you’re after from a tube preamp.

If you’re looking to add a warmer & richer tone to your audio, then yes – preamps are definitely good. In fact, they trump anything digital & then some, because of how solid-state preamps don’t contain any moving parts. It’s these moving parts – i.e. the tube – that enables the sound to be so rounded.

What’s more, if you’re after all these perks, but only have a small budget, then preamps are also good in that respect too. You can pick up a portable preamp (non phono) for as little as £50!! Tube pres are also the saving grace of many pairs of studio headphones, which require additional power in order to function at their best. Our Beyerdynamic DT 770s for instance work okay with stock desktop computer, however they really do come alive with a tube amp.

And if that’s not enough, some tube preamplifiers even come with Bluetooth. Something you can use to rid the need for a wire & convert your wired headphones into something wireless. Now if that doesn’t make a tube preamp worth it, then we’re not sure what does!!

Yes & no.

See, while you can leave tube preamps on, we wouldn’t advise it. Because they contain moving parts & are at the core, a piece of analogue equipment we would always switch them off when they’re not in use for piece of mind. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer.

What’s more, by leaving the amp on all the time, the tube (i.e. the active part of the amp) is likely to wear out quicker. So unless you have a good stock of tubes, we wouldn’t advise it. Plus, if you have a Bluetooth preamp, this will also stop the frequencies from circulating around your room. 1 less bit of mild radiation never hurt anyone – right?

With that being said, the majority of tube preamps (especially those expensive options) should have advanced cooling systems already built in.

PRO TIP: If you are going to leave your tube amp on at the mains, be sure to leave a decent amount of space around it for air to circulate. Take note of where the cooling fans are & whatever you do, do NOT block them. Do so & tube pre (just like any electronic accessory) becomes a fire hazard!