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Donner Music Discount Code 2023... Take 8% Off Your Next Order!

Searching for discount code for Donner music?

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Because here at Music Lowdown, we’ve officially partnered with Donner music to make it more affordable than ever for you to make your own music. Follow the steps below, & you can bag yourself 8% off your entire cart!

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Common FAQs we get asked about Donner Music...

Yes – Donner is becoming a serious player in the instrument game, especially when it comes to gear for beginners.

So while they may not be the first musical instrument brand to spring to mind, many music reviewers – us included – have labelled them as the Yamaha of beginner kit. They manufacture a whole host of different instruments (from trumpets to guitars), their quality is consistent & most importantly, their price doesn’t make your eyes water.

Because you see, that’s the real beauty of Donner music gear – you get a solid well-made piece of kit for an extremely reasonable £$€ tag. Really then, Donner are like the good samaritans of the music instrument game. While other companies are striving to outdo each other in terms of new features or how many they can squeeze into a small space, Donner have just 1 mission in mind…

Making music affordable.

And for that – we applaud them. Not to mention, urge you to smash the buttons above & use the Donner Music discount code ML8 @ checkout!!

Interesting one this – see, aside from the main Donner brand, the company also manufactures the instruments sold under the names…

  • Eastar – typically brass/ niche string instruments
  • Moukey – usually audio equipment like studio monitors

As for the Donner brand, that covers virtually every other type of instrument you can think of, right from keyboards & drum sets to guitars & full-size digital pianos.

Press the relevant button (above) & punch in the code ‘ML8‘ @ checkout. Do so & you’ll receive 8% off any order you place through Donner Music’s UK or US Stores!

This offer comes with no usage restrictions – i.e. limits to specific products. Neither are there any limits of its use per customer or any form of minimum spend.