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What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Use? Ed’s Guitar Gear REVEALED!

Why does Ed Sheeran use small guitars? Here's how to sound like Ed Sheeran...

With Ed Sheeran being one of the best selling music artists worldwide (sales of 150 million records don’t lie), it’s no surprise that the question of ‘what guitar does Ed Sheeran use?‘ is often on the tip of a guitarist’s tongue. An answer that once revealed, goes onto prompt a ream of other questions like: ‘why does Ed Sheeran use a small guitar?‘ & ‘Are Sheeran guitars any good?

Call us crazy, but it’s almost as if guitarists are out to unearth a secret formula. Like they’re playing some sort of career Cluedo, in which Ed’s Sheeran’s guitar is the prime suspect. Then again, you can understand why. Being up there with the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to music and sales, Ed Sheeran must have some tricks up his sleeve, right? It can’t be all luck!

So naturally, with his guitar being his main companion on stage, it’s almost always the first port of call for anyone trying to suss Ed’s secret formula. Call it fanatical curiosity if you will. So with that in mind, let’s get straight into it – what guitar does Ed Sheeran use? Read on to find out….

Hunting for something specific about what kind of guitar does Ed Sheeran play? Or just after the lowdown on all the Ed Sheeran gear? Use the menu below to track down the answers you need, fast…

Guitar gear being used by someone to sound like Ed Sheeran

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When it comes what guitar Ed Sheeran plays, there’s actually quite a few.

While Ed may have his favourites, it’s clear that he’s not got his heart set on one make or model. In fact, the only similarity between the guitars that Ed Sheeran plays, is their size; Ed usually can usually be found playing a ¾ guitar. Many say that this is just one of the secrets behind his distinctive sound.

However saying that, out of all the guitars Ed uses, there are some that make significantly more appearances than others. The main guitars that Ed’s known for (or at least see with in the spotlight), include the Fender Stratocaster and the Martin LX1 Series – most notably the LX1E.

In fact, Ed’s such a big fan of the Fender that he’s owned two! And these weren’t just any Strats either – both were Eric Clapton editions, with their own unique touches. The first being a green edition, which featured white hand-painted artwork done by the artist, Teddy M, which featured on Ed’s ‘X’ world tour. And the second was actually a replica and used as part of Sheeran’s tribute to Eric Clapton when he performed at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

This tribute guitar was known as the ‘Crash’ edition and came about after Eric Clapton commissioned John Matos (a graffiti-based street artist), to put his own spin on the design of his Fender. This iconic guitar was also dubbed as the ‘over the rainbow’ Stratocaster.

ed sheeran playing his fender stratocaster eric clapton edition
Ed playing his Crash (Over The Rainbow) Replica
What guitar does Ed Sheeran play
Ed’s Custom Fender Stratocaster, personalised by Teddy M

As for the Martin LX1E, this is arguably ‘the’ guitar that Ed Sheeran is known for, and was actually the basis of his collaboration with Lowden guitars in 2015. Through which Ed designed a his very own Limited-Edition Ed Sheeran ‘X’ Signature Guitar, which as you’d expect was a huge hit with fans!

Then come 2017 and Ed finally got to work with Martin themselves on a guitar – a version of the LX1E known as the Divide Edition. As you can probably tell by the name, this was Ed’s secondLimited-Edition signature guitar that was this time modelled around his 2017 album, Divide. An project that we may add, wasn’t just the bestselling album across the UK, but also the biggest selling album of 2017 worldwide!

Although that’s no where Ed’s guitar journey ends – in fact, it’s just the start…

Ed Sheeran on stage

Sheeran By Lowden is Ed’s own brand of guitars, which are manufactured in partnership with family-run guitar manufacturer, Lowden.

The whole brand came about when Ed asked Gary Lightbody (the front man in Snow Patrol) to borrow his Lowden guitar. Of course, Gary agreed and it wasn’t long before Ed was using the guitar to write songs for his then up and coming album ‘X’. 5 of the songs on the album were wrote using the guitar!

Then as a cheeky surprise, Gary asked George Lowden (founder) if he would make a guitar specifically for Ed, as a present for his album’s success – so he did. However, as you probably guessed, this wasn’t no ordinary guitar. Being a ¾ guitar, it was slightly different to the usual guitars Lowden made, yet before long it had wormed its way into the newest model – ‘The Wee Lowden’.

From here Ed went onto work with George Lowden to create his very own line of guitars. A Lowden guitar designed to be affordable and encourage young talent into the music industry. Very inspiring! The venture has been such a success that Lowden have actually built a separate factory just to produce the Sheeran by Lowden range!!

YouTube video
guitars and pedals for sale

Okay, so while you could go full-on budget in your hunt for Ed Sheeran guitars (more on that later), you could also spend that little bit more to bag yourself better build quality and a more accurate sound. Something that if you’re just starting out could be the difference between you throwing in the towel or realising your ability and going on to become a professional guitarist! So let’s just say that if you’re looking to jump on Ed’s vibe, then these 3 guitars are a fantastic place to invest your shoebox money…

1: Sheeran by Lowden W-01 Acoustic Guitar

As you’ve probably guessed by the name, this Sheeran by Lowden guitar (the W-01) is arguably the easiest way to sound like Ed Sheeran. And that’s because it’s designed in collaboration with the man himself and based on a Lowden guitar that was build specially for him. In essence then, this is basically Ed’s fantasy guitar brought to life. So as you’d expect, it’s no slouch.

The top of a Sheeran by Lowden W-01 can be either Cedar or Spruce – a Cedar top being the universal sign of a Lowden. As for the sides, these come in either Rosewood or Walnut and even the bridge can be specced with different woods too, although we’re fans of the Ebony. What’s more, this guitar features a really sturdy set of chrome tuners, which are smooth to operate and offer accurate tuning. In fact, the whole guitar feels solid & well built – the figuring on this guitar is great!

And if that’s not enough, this guitar also comes with Lowden’s A-frame bracing in the upper bout that gives it that signature Lowden sound. As well as a gig bag too, so you can take this little gem on the road. Safe to say if you want to sound like Ed Sheeran, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

What’s good about this Sheeran guitar?

  • Electro acoustic versions are fitted with LR Baggs pickups – the same as that used by Ed!
  • Based on the Wee Lowden, yet it’s a lot cheaper!
  • The sound is sharp but mellow – almost identical to that of Ed Sheeran
  • The throughway bridge means there’s no bridge pins, so changing string is a doddle!
3/4 guitar being strummed by a musician

2: Sheeran by Lowden S-01 Acoustic Guitar

Want to sound like Ed Sheeran, but not too keen on really small guitars? No problem. As this S-01 is actually based on the Lowden S Series guitars, which means that it’s another 5cm longer and ever so slightly wider than the W Series (above). And while this does mean there’s a slight difference in the sound – this guitar’s slightly more bright and treble heavy – it carries much the same warm tone. Safe to say it’s still characterful of Ed Sheeran, especially when finger plucked.

What’s more, this S Series guitar also comes with a cutaway – another reason why the sound slightly differs. However, we feel that for beginners this is actually advantageous, as it greatly improves your acces to the lower frets. Also, just like with the W Series, these Sheeran guitars come in a range of Rosewood, Cedar, Ebony and Walnut designs. All of which ooze quality and really do allow you to latch onto the Sheeran sound for a fraction of the Lowden price.

What’s good about this Sheeran Guitar?

  • Just like the W Series, this S Series guitar has a really warm tone to it.
  • We really like the arm rest bevel, which makes it’s comfy to play for long periods of time!
  • It comes with a gig bag too, so it’s an ideal acoustic for the road.
  • The cutaway on the body is really useful for beginners!

3: Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Electric Guitar

Ask us for a viable and slightly cheaper alternative to Ed’s one-of-a-kind Fender Stratocaster, and we’d say this Squier would be a solid choice. Like Ed’s guitar, it’s an electric Strat made by Fender, which pretty much offers the same vintage aesthetic. The only real difference being the build, with the Squire being made in Indonesia, opposed to the US.

But then again, because the build one one of these isn’t bad at all. And that changes to ruddy marvellous when you take into account the price – let’s just say you won’t be paying 5 figures for one of these bad boys! What’s more, being a classic re-issued guitar, this Strat features vintage tuners that add real character, as well as a mustang-style bridge, which is a vast improvement on those of previous Squier Strats.

Then consider that the entire neck is made of solid maple and suddenly the Squier name doesn’t seem all too bad. Plus, at just 5kg it’s actually quite a lightweight Strat too, which makes it ideal for gigging and life on the road. Therefore, if you want to sound like Ed Sheeran, this is certainly not a bad place to start!

What’s good about this Sheeran-style Strat?

  • One of the cheapest ways to get your hands on a Strat – one of Ed’s fav guitars!!
  • We love the vintage tuners – they give this guitar real character!
  • Those pickups have lots of chirp + bite to them. Sounds really punchy!
  • Overall build quality is superb, especially for this price.
ed sheeran approved guitars for sale

Want to sound like Ed Sheeran, but don’t have the £3k for a top of the range Lowden? You can! Because as crazy as it might seem, there are actually a fair few guitars out there that enable you to somewhat recreate Ed’s lively but mellow sound. The only question is, which is the closest match to Ed Sheeran’s gear? Here’s 4 budget alternatives we’d urge you to consider…

1: Yamaha CS40II Classical Guitar

The Yamaha CS40 is a compact ¾ sized guitar that’s ideal for newbie guitarists, especially those who want to sound like Ed Sheeran. And that’s because, aside from being smaller than your average guitar, it’s also ideal for practicing finger plucking. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by how well this Yamaha coped with our obsessive finger plucking, as well as the actual sound it was able to create.

And on the subject of sound, that’s really why you buy this guitar. It really does sound like a lot more than it costs – warm, balanced and mellow. Perhaps the reason why it was previously voted the best stringed instrument by Classic FM listeners! Something that we think’s down to the Rosewood casing, which has a really nice sheen to it. Then again, it is a Yamaha, so a quality build comes as standard.

The tuning gear in particular feels really solid and accurate too. Tweak it right and you really get a good response through both the highs and lows. All-in-all, if you want to build your skills on the guitar and develop a bit of Sheeran’s twang at the same time, this¾ is a great first step!

Why would Ed Sheeran approve of this Yamaha?

  • Once bedded in, this guitar sounds really warm and balanced!
  • Get finger plucking and you’ll soon sound like Sheeran!
  • Ideal¾ guitar for beginners + really easy to just pick up and play.
  • It’s a Yamaha, so rest assured it’s a quality product!
budget guitar being played by child

2: Carlo Robelli C941N¾ guitar

We’re always fans of guitars that feel solid, hence our love for this ¾ guitar from Carlo Robelli. With its Linden top and Agathis back & sides, you can’t escape the fact that this guitar feels high quality from virtually every direction. Then consider it’s tone and you’ll soon see what we mean.

It’s rich, warm, organic and not too bright, which makes it ideal if you’re looking to jump on Sheeran’s sound. Tribute artists listen up! Something we blame on its maple fingerboard and bridge; the bridge on this guitar has a great relationship with the soundboard! All of which really makes the intonation something to shout about – for a guitar of this price point, it’s impressive.

However, if you were to ask us, this guitar’s real party piece is how well it deals with vigorous strumming and finger plucking. The strings have some real good tension to them, which for virtually any type of player, makes this classic guitar extremely playable and versatile too. Safe to say if you want to sound like Sheeran on a budget, then this Carlo Robelli has you covered.

Why would Ed Sheeran approve of this¾ guitar?

  • It’s the plucky underdog – not the most well known brand, but built really well!
  • Those classical tuners are proper accurate + feel solid.
  • For the money, it’s hard to find a better¾ guitar for finger plucking/ strumming!
  • We really like the mix of wood on this – Linden & Agathis just works!

3: Fender ESC80 Educational ¾ 

As we know, Ed is a fan of Fender guitars, so even if you buy into the brand on a budget, chances are you’re on the right track. And speaking of which, what better place to start than with a Fender that’s made of both Mahogany, Okoume and Spruce! Basically a budget guitar that doesn’t actually feel that ‘budget’.

So as you can imagine, this Fender (unlike a lot of guitars in this price range) sounds like a guitar should. It doesn’t sound false or overly bright. Safe to say, we think Ed would approve! What’s more, tuning this guitar is a walk in the park, thanks to it’s tuning setup that is super easy to operate. If you can’t tune one of these then guitar may not even be for you.

A stand out feature for us was the small neck, which makes this plucky little guitar ideal for strumming and finger plucking. With the strings being nice and close together, you don’t feel likely you’re stretching in order to do so. Then factor in that this Fender also comes with a nifty travel bag and really you can’t go wrong. In fact, we think they should rename this guitar – scrap the ESC80 & call it the Ed Sheeran Starter Kit.

Why would Ed Sheeran approve of this Fender?

  • It does have a somewhat Sheeran-esque tone to it – we think Ed would approve.
  • The mixture of Spruce & Mahogany gives it reall curb appeal!
  • Finger plucking & strumming on this guitar is SO much fun. It really does sing!
  • You’ll struggle to find a better-made acoustic for the money!!
ed sheeran performing on stage, holding his guitar

4: Stretton Payne ¾ Size Acoustic Guitar Pack 

For those looking for a¾ sized guitar to hone their skills, or perhaps try out before they invest in a more pricy Yamaha or Fender model, then this guitar pack from Stretton Payne is ideal. Not only is the guitar made of solid linden & spruce, but one that’s Made In Britain too. Couple that with the gig bag, strap & affordable price & for any beginner this looks appealing.

As for the guitar itself, the neck feels really solid, as does all the tuning gear. This is a proper easy guitar to operate, so as you can imagine, sculpting its sound to one that’s somewhat reminiscent of Ed Sheeran wasn’t actually that tricky. What’s more, it’s ambidextrous too, which means that for virtually anyone it’s ‘pick-up-and-play’.

Arguably the best thing though are the dynamics, which are surprising, especially for a¾ guitar – you get so much range! So not only can you play this guitar super soft, but you can also really add some volume with some slightly more vigorous strumming. All-in-all if you’re after a highly playable guitar that can have you on your way to sounding like Ed, then this guitar pack would be a great place to start.

Why would Ed Sheeran approve of this guitar pack?

  • The all mahogany body feels super nice to touch + reflects sound nice too!
  • It’s ambidextrous, so lefties and righties can both use this guitar!
  • The fretwork on this¾ guitar is second to none – there’s no sharp edges we could find.
  • We love the range on this guitar! You can play super quiet, yet also really loud!!!

5: Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Acoustic-Electric

6: Yamaha JR1 FG 3/4 Acoustic Guitar

musicians performing a song ina  studio space

Well, to be honest we think you knew this was coming, because to write an entire blog around Ed to then conclude that the best way to sound like him is to grab a £50 guitar is kind of an insult.

So while obviously cheaper alternatives do offer a good solution to sounding like Ed if you’re on a budget, when it comes down to the best guitar to sound like Ed Sheeran, you can’t really beat his own guitar – the Sheeran by Lowden. And while of course, compared to the other guitars on this list, it is substantially more pricy, it’s not like a £50 guitar can compare.

For under £1k, you get a hand-crafted guitar that’s been designed by one of the world’s largest pop stars, as well as manufactured by one of the world’s most renowned guitar specialists. On top of that, a good handful of the parts, as well as elements of the design, are taken from Lowdens that retail for twice, maybe even three times the price! The gig bag’s also a nice touch too.

So while Sheeran guitars aren’t one of the cheapest ways to sound like Ed, especially if you go by price – if you go by value, they’re nothing short of a bargain! Reason? Buy one and you’ve essentially got the guitar that was custom made for Sheeran (the W Series), all for a fraction of the cost.

Therefore, if you ask us, for anyone wanting to sound like Ed Sheeran, there’s really isn’t a guitar that can compare.

Sheeran By Lowden W-01 = Best Guitar To Sound Like Ed Sheeran

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ed sheeran's guitar gear being showed off in an interview

Or, if you’ve still got a burning question about Ed Sheeran’s gear, keep reading to discover more about his guitars and how he performs…

Ed doesn’t just play a small guitar for the sake of it – his ¾ guitar does have a reason.

First and foremost, it’s sound. Unlike a traditional full-size guitar, a ¾ guitar has a far more focused sound, which makes it far easier to create the snappy rhythm and pace that you tend to get in an Ed Sheeran song. And it’s because of this ¾ sound, that we think Ed’s managed to master a sound that’s a near perfect balance between lively and relaxed.

But sound aside, with the guitar being substantially smaller, it’s also a good option for Ed when he’s out and about on the road. Let’s just say that hauling a full-size guitar around would be significantly more effort, not just in transit, but also to have around your neck on stage.

In 2024, you’ll usually find Ed strumming away on the Fender Stratocaster, of which he has owned two! Both are Eric Clapton editions.

The first being a Green T Eric Clapton Signature Model that Ed used in his 2015 ‘X’ world tour, and included white hand-painted motifs done by the artist, Teddy M. The guitar was sold that same year for a whopping £12,500!! His other Strat that we believe he still owns is a Crash 1 Stratocaster.

Although Stratocasters aside, Ed can also be found playing the Australian mini Maton, which also appears to be another of his favourites, even in 2024.

Martin guitars are the best for a lot of reasons, but one of the most obvious being their heritage and expertise. The company began making guitars all the way back in 1833 and has since earned itself a reputation as the ‘go-to’ for some of the most well-known music artists around the world. Ed Sheeran being one of these.

Arguably the main reason why Martin guitars are a step above the rest is down to their fanatical build quality. Unlike your average guitar, Martin guitars focus heavily on the type of wood they use, and how that affects their sound. So for instance, if you were to analyse a good handful of Martin’s best guitars you’ll notice they make good use of Spruce, particularly along the top. And that’s because of the way Spruce magnifies the overall sound and makes it crisp.

That being said, Martin also offer entry-level guitars too, plus solid wood guitars and eve those which are full laminated.

Ed Sheeran uses steel guitar strings, and for good reason.

While steel strings can be harder to play than nylon because they have to be pressed down more in order to make a decent sound, they’re also more resistant to heat and require less in the way of tuning. Useful if you’re in a steamy venue on tour. Plus, the sound they create is a slightly more sharp and loud than that you’d get with nylon, so you could even say that steel strings are just one of the secrets behind Ed’s distinctive sound.

An easy way to tell if Ed’s playing with steel strings would be to look at his guitar. If the strings are steel chances are that the neck of the guitar will be quite long. All of which makes it easier to play higher notes

Ed Sheeran does indeed use a guitar pick, although it’s something he only uses partially.

The rest of the time he actually strums with his hands, which as you can imagine, on a guitar with steel strings isn’t the most pleasant. Although with that being said, it’s a technique Ed has managed to perfect after a long stint in his career. Call it the sign of a pro.

The main difference with how Ed Sheeran strums the guitar compared to the majority of guitarists, is how he strums with his finger and thumb separately. The result being a sound that’s less harsh in tone. But while we could pick apart Ed’s strumming technique for ages, we’ll just let you see for yourself.

Click the video below to see how you can adopt Ed’s strumming technique…

YouTube video

No – Ed Sheeran is right-handed.

In the case he was left-handed it’d actually be pretty easy to tell. And that’s because that’d mean he’d have to perform using a left-handed guitar.

An easy way to tell in person is to hold a guitar up in-front of you. If the fattest string on the right-hand side then you’ve found yourself a left-handed guitar. A type of instrument that may we add, costs more than the equivalent right hander, as left-handed guitars are a far rarer specimen.

The most sought after Martin guitar is said to be the 11930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe – a guitar that was sold for a whopping $300,000. Although to Martin that was a bit of a disappointment, as they were expecting it to achieve close to $2million when it was auctioned off in New York!

As an instrument, the OM-45 Deluxe is said to be one of the most iconic out there, and in some respects, even the core fabric behind the music industry that we know and love today. The perceived reason behind its low price is suggested to be the amount of other iconic guitars that were also auctioned off on the same day.

The guitars perceived to have stolen the spotlight from the Martin were a Gibson SJ-200 (1941), which was played by Stephen Stills of Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, as well as the Gibson SJN Country Western (1967), which was known for being played by Mick Jagger!

But back to Ed, some do say that given time, his collaboration with Martin could follow suit. More specifically special editions like the Divide model, which are incredibly rare and therefore expected to appreciate in value. But whether it years to come they’ll be worth as much as the OM-45 Deluxe or even those played by Mick Jagger remains to be seen.