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So, you want to write 4 us...

That’s Great!

Here @ ML we’re always eager to accommodate guest posts, features, press releases, interviews & more! As you’ll have gathered by our about page, we’re all about helping up & coming talent get the exposure it deserves. If you’re an up & coming artist, we’ve got your back!

However, before we get acquainted, be sure you read our submission guidelines VERY carefully…

Submission guidelines

All content submitted for guest posting should…

  • Be at least 1500 words in length.
  • Mirror the informative (but cheeky) tone of voice used across our site.
  • Be on, or in some way related to, the topic of music. The more directly related, the better.
  • Be 100% unique (this includes press releases/ features)
  • Be grammatically correct, although if it’s to build tone of voice/ be entertaining, we’ll let you off.

Note:  When we say 1500 words, we mean 1500 of valuable content. Not 1500 words of fluff. Any posts that don’t comply with this will be rejected. Linkbuilders you have been warned!

Artist PRs & Labels

If you’re after a press release, feature or interview publishing on behalf of an artist, do let us know. Publish 3 posts with us (within the space of a year) & we’ll give you the 4th for FREE! However before you reach out, we will require…

  • Written proof that the artist/ their manager has approved the content & is happy for it to be posted. We don’t want to be spreading false rumours!!
  • Your post to comply with all of our criteria for guest posting highlighted above (bar the word count). However, press releases with fewer than 500 words will be rejected.
  • Aside from pictures we will also embed 1 video (per post) FREE of charge, providing of course the content isn’t of a violent nature.

Note: We will not upload any large video files directly to our site. If you wish a video to feature as part of your post, it MUST be hosted elsewhere (YouTube/ Vimeo etc.)

FYI: Linkbuilders

We do NOT accept links for any sort of Casino, Gambling or Adult sites. Neither do we link to/ buy links from any sort of PBNs. We have a subscription to SEM Rush & will check out the backlink profiles of any sites you send through. So in short, if they’re not genuine sites, don’t waste your (or our) time. Fail to adhere to this guidance & we will block you from our inbox.

* Any guest posters after a link should let us know before we publish your post.

So, providing you’re happy with the terms above…